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  1. Larsemillarsen

    Monday Preview - Yan Lo

    "Resurrectionist organization"?! It was my understanding, that there really wasn't any organisation of the Ressers - they are mostly individualists with their own motives and perhaps some "understanding" towards the other Resser masters, but no real ties to them... Go figure...
  2. Dear Wyrd I recently started playing Malifaux again after a two-year hiatus. I realised that I needed new stat cards for a lot of my models, which I promptly ordered from Wargame Vault - as far as I know the only place to order new statcards from. The new stat cards arrived some weeks later, but were hold up in costums, where I had to pay more than $ 31 to get them released (the cards only cost $ 15). Thus incl. shipping, I ended up paying more than $ 70 for $ 15 worth of stat cards. I understand that Wyrd is not responsible for EU-customs etc., and I would never raise an eyebrow for having to pay customs fees when buying e.g. a special edition model or the likes that is not essential for playing the game. But I do, however, think that it is quite unreasonable to demand that stat cards be ordered from a US site when it is something you cannot play the game without. All other essentials for playing Malifaux can be bought within EU without paying customs fees. If the stat cards can indeed be ordered from within the EU, I apologise and ask that you point me in that direction. But if not, I would really implore you to find a european partner for printing stat cards as these are completely essential for playing the game, and as it is only files that are printet, Wyrd incurs no product shipping fees. Best regards Lars Emil Avid Malifaux-fan P.s. I have the app, and while it is a fine tool for looking up information, it is not a good tool for keeping track of information during a game.
  3. Larsemillarsen

    23rd February - Monday Preview

    I LOVE Wyrd's miniatures, but I have to admit, I think Colette is a bit less dynamic than I would have liked her to be.
  4. Larsemillarsen

    Frozen Moments Voting - Single Mini

    In my oppinion the two Mr. Graves are the best entries, Extremely evocative and thematic. Though in my oppinion the one in front of the wall edges out over the one with the cool lighting effect. But there are some really good entries.
  5. Larsemillarsen

    Frozen Moments Voting - Diorama

    Hi Also good entries in this category. Though a bit too few I think the best entry is Ama No Zako, but I'm a 10T player myself, so I might be a bit biased . I just like the idea of that huge deamon floating by while the little doll is hiding to sneak into an ancient temple or something, that Ama is guarding. good job.
  6. Larsemillarsen

    Frozen Moments Voting - Crew

    Some really good entries. In my oppinion the top three are: 1. Som'er Teeth's Party Crew (the shading and earth tones are just gorgeus) 2. I Go Walkin Out After (I looks awesome, but it's hard to see the details in the dark Picture) 3. The Forzen Moments Nicodem (I like the pale skin tone) But really great entries. Good job everyone.
  7. Hey I've had a go at my first attempt at a narrative battle report. I can't seem to copy-paste it into the forum topic editor, so here's a link: http://www.powerfist.dk/forum/index.php?topic=80857.0 If you're not a native Danish speaker, please ignore the first paragraphs which basically just say that I wanted to post the battle report in this (Wyrd) forum, but couldn't. Please enjoy and comment if you have constructive criticism. English isn't my first language, so there are probabbly some mistakes. /Lars Emil Denmark
  8. Can't believe nobody's replied to these posts yet! Awesome read. Really well written and a fun story, though Misaki's constant references to herself in third person did start to annoy me in the end I play 10T too, so the story was really enjoyable for me.
  9. Larsemillarsen

    slow and fast

    Ohh it's only right there in the rulebook. Doh!
  10. Larsemillarsen

    slow and fast

    Where do you find this? The rules say conditions last until end of turn.
  11. Larsemillarsen

    10t on the whole.

    Hi I'm a new player (never played M1E). When I decided to start playing Malifaux a couple of months ago, I picked Ten Thunders because of the models. Now I've played them for about 2 months and my initial verdict is: They seem well balanced against the other factions, BUT I totally agree that it "feels" like there is synergy missing in the faction. Of the three masters currently in M2E only Lynch has some synergy with Illuminated and Beckoners (looking af the beta, it seems not even Graves or Tannen will have synergy?! - very strange), Mei Feng only benefit from any synergy in her crew herself (constructs) and Misaki has no synergy whatsoever (Smoke and Shadows can be taken by a henchmen without using Misaki). I still really like Ten Thunders: They have, in my opinion (but I am very new to the game), a much wider range of playstyles than the other factions (though I definitely could be wrong). Sooo long post short, my initial conclusion: very cool and balanced faction, but lacks synergy.
  12. Larsemillarsen

    Viktoria vs Lady Justice, 50 ss

    That was a thoroughly enjoyfull read. Very well written.
  13. Larsemillarsen

    Viktoria vs Lady Justice, 50 ss

    That was a thoroughly enjoyfull read. Very well written.
  14. Larsemillarsen

    Smoke and Shadows upgrade - ker-whut, now?

    Hi Had the same thought. A friend pointed out that perhaps it's because the markers are 3"...otherwise; beats me!
  15. Larsemillarsen

    multiple suit trigger queston

    Also relevant for Misaki who doesn't have any automatic suit on her Bisento attack action, but a trigger which requires to crows (assassinate). She would have to spend a stone and get the suit from a flip/cheat until she runs out of soulstone, at which time she gets the automatic crow in MI.