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  1. That “immense cost” is a relative thing, comparing the cost of a metal mold to the relatively low cost of producing a mold for metal spin casting. But consider how many plastic figures Wyrd produces each year, and ask yourself how immense, relatively speaking, one more is. Because what you really have to keep in mind that this was announced as the prize for a player involvement campaign. So it seems to me that accounting said it was in the budget, and that the cost of the mold could be written off as promotional costs, and any sales or new interest generated would be profit. The particular design chosen may have been influenced by whim, but the decision to spend the money on a nightmare edition figure wasn’t. Although I don’t think it’s possible to underestimate “What’s the point of owning a miniature company if you can’t make what you want, or what strikes your interest?” as a motivation. Disclaimer: I have no idea what Wyrd’s finances look like.
  2. FAQ entry 17 doesn’t apply to following the instructions in an effect (if you prevent damage that an effect says you have to take, you have followed the instructions properly), it refers to triggering effects based on suffering damage. Otherwise, you have the argument: - You’re getting attacked and have to suffer X damage. - You spend a Soulstone, flip well, and prevent all of it. - Someone pulls out FAQ 17 and tries to claim that the game just broke, you need to suffer that damage anyway, or something else. So if the soulstone miner performs Mine Soulstone, spends a Soulstone for a prevention flip and flips well, if someone else nearby had an effect triggered by “when an X model suffers damage” that effect wouldn’t go off. Luckily, for Mine Soulstone, the next sentence just cares whether the model still exists, not whether it suffered damage. “If it is still in play after suffering this damage, ...”. Did you do the “Suffer 2 Damage” Step? If so, it is “after suffering this damage”, whether it prevented it or not.
  3. solkan

    Multiple Strike Markers

    If the model pushes through and hits the two markers at different times, then the Killed model never makes it to contact the second marker—the Killed model was removed from the table and didn’t actually reach the second marker. If you somehow manage to contact the two markers simultaneously, I think both would cause damage even though only one would cause wounds to be reduced. Constructing the necessary tangent lines and such is left as a geometry problem for the reader.
  4. solkan

    Lure and Bound & Rooted

    As far as I can tell, the model will have to stop moving if it enters the aura. Depending on the distances involved, that might be “as close as possible”. If it isn’t, then the lured model will have to go around the aura, acting like it’s impassible terrain.
  5. solkan

    Jackalopes and shapeshifting

    Here’s the good news: You’re acknowledging that the description of the jackalope ability leaves out the explanation of how it works. Here’s the bad news: The jackalope regeneration ability works however the Fatemaster wants it to work. For example, consider that the descriptions in the bestiary are third person accounts and descriptions. Jackalopes can’t talk, so if jackalopes went through Dr. Who style personality death and personality reincarnation when they regenerate, no one would know. So if you shapeshifted into a jackalope, and got killed, what would happen to your character? That’s entirely up to the Fatemaster.
  6. solkan

    Failing the Seize Prey attack

    This is how an Action is written if there are things that happen if it fails: Or Note the words saying explicitly that something happens if the action fails. Otherwise, you follow the instructions in “Perform Duels”: If the target of Seize Prey wins the duel, then none of the results specified in Seize Prey happen.
  7. solkan

    Hazardous Terrain Questions

    The hazardous terrain rules aren’t supposed to be devastatingly lethal, especially since some models can create hazardous terrain auras. It’s a pragmatic limit, otherwise it’d overpower actually attacking people. :j When you pick up the model physically to move it through space, the game doesn’t care. As far as the game is concerned, at one moment it was located in the origin point and the next it’s at the destination, without occupying any of the intervening points. If both points are in the hazardous terrain, that’s called “it remained in the hazardous terrain without leaving it.” And as such, did not enter the terrain so doesn’t trigger the damage.
  8. solkan

    Swine Cursed "Not Too Close": Push Self?

    Agreed. There’s no direction that the model can push that will be directly away from itself, so the action won’t do anything.
  9. solkan

    Ability with multiple phrases

    The difficulty is that Burial effects, such as Pine Box, are typically written as ‘Bury such-and-such model’ followed by some sentences that explain how the model gets out of being buried or that happen while the model is buried. So that leads to the conclusion that the Scion’s ability burying it will kill it if it is still buried.
  10. solkan

    Projectiles and Paralyzed

    The thing about being “engaged” is that it’s caused by “engaging” (having a model in your melee range) or “being engaged” (being in someone else’s melee range). So the models surrounding the Paralyzed model can still engage it (and thus become engaged) whether or not the Paralyzed model has a melee range. And that causes all of the consequences you’re probably trying to avoid: No attacks while standing nearby, and randomized shooting if you try to shoot the Paralyzed model while surrounding it.
  11. solkan

    Welcoming Our Newest Game Designer!

    What Abilities did Kai gain getting promoted from Henchman to Master?
  12. When you have all fifty four cards in your hand, and you have to flip a card, you win the “Break the game” competition. Because the flip mechanic stops working, you’re done. Then you have to buy everyone present a round of drinks, and post pictures on the internet.
  13. solkan

    Can Levi hire Hoffman?

    Look at the rules and ask yourself “What prevents Leveticus from hiring Jack Daw and every other Outcast master in a 50 SS game?” There are two mechanical features which prevent you doing so: 1. Masters don’t have a soulstone cost, so it’s not possible to hire them for soulstones. 2. The way a Master is included in a crew is to select it as your leader. Point #1 is why Pariah of Iron and all of the other out-of-Faction hiring rules don’t bother to specify “non-Master.”
  14. solkan

    Help finding Malifaux illustrations

    Some of those pictures appear in the books, and some of the appear in the Chronicles magazines. I don't know for sure whether the overlapping images are cropped in the PDFs, though. And some have appeared as preview images on the website. In other cases, the uncropped images may never have appeared publicly outside of short lived appearances in event forums, or as rewards for fans in various circumstances.
  15. solkan

    Rules for Placements

    Not really, because pushes are clarified by the FAQ (particularly the question about when a pushed model falls) to be subject to that particular movement rule. I'll admit that the movement rules have the same sort of phrasing issues that much of the rest of the rules do, but it comes down to a partial list of the ways for a model to change physical location on the table: Move - Movement. Can fall. Push - Movement subject to different rules, and not a "Move". Can fall. Place - Not movement. Cannot fall.