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  1. The ability, for reference: It's just one blast marker. The bias in this edition of the rules is that if it's singular ("a marker", "a 50mm Marker", etc.) then it's one per use of the ability. Probably if you could replace multiple Blast markers in a Blast, it would have to be worded something like "When placing Blast Markers for a Blast effect, for each Blast Marker it may ..." to apply the ability at the Blast effect level, not when you're Dropping the Blast marker. Disclaimer: It's Rules English, so it's one of the weird Formal Reasoning constructed dialects of English.
  2. My fear about this sort of situation is that some of the crew boxes are basically unplayable on their own, unless it's a "The winner each week buys drinks" situation. And then there's the models that can summon other models... For instance Hamlin (using the M2E box(es) or the previewed M3E box), or Kirai (using the M2E box) crews. And then there's stuff like the Qi and Gong box that's basically "A great box if you're committed to spending $50 on the crew box and another $50 for the other half of your models". I mean, there are a large number of crew boxes that have straight forward rules, don't summon things, and you can do an incremental league like this for. But there are other boxes like Pandora's box where if you have Baby Kade you need to buy Teddy or you're missing half of a model's rules.
  3. Unfortunately it’s the SKU problem—single model boxes create a situation where a store can’t stock the product line. And “Special Order Only” as a solution doesn’t make anyone happy. (If the store has to special order it and you have to wait to get it, why are ordering it from the store again?)
  4. So you have no idea how the miniature production industry works. Thanks for identifying your problem.
  5. See M2E Rules Manual, page 22, "Multiple Models". If an effect causes anyone to perform duels for multiple models, the person performing the duels chooses the order for their models. The person causing the effect doesn't determine the order. Note that for blasts and such (for M2E), it's completely the opposite--the person resolving the blast chooses the order in which damage is applied.
  6. I have to assume that you don't work for a software company, game company, or company in a similar market. Where, exactly, could you imagine "efficiency" and "economies of scale" exist in an industry that produces wargaming miniatures? There's a reason why you see small game companies run Kickstarters that are essentially "Give us the money to make the plastic injection mold for this model and you can have the models for very small amounts of money." Software (and video games) is the same way. There's this huge initial production cost and then an nominal (and completely unrelated) per-unit reproduction cost. And then continuing costs for product improvement and product support. So how much do you charge for a copy of a game? And what's really, really telling is when you watch someone who's gotten used to consumer software pricing get confronted with the pricing for small-market niche software that costs ten to a hundred times what they're used to paying. Double dare you to try that side of the fence if you think it's greener. 😈
  7. All of the M2E books have essentially pictures of the cards for each year, the front and back side of each card on the same page. Basically you could photocopy cards out of the book or print the pages out of the book PDFs. (You would have to be a maniac to cut the cards out of the books directly.) The last time I saw punch out cards was probably in a Dragon magazine. I can’t imagine anyone ever put that sort of thing in a book.
  8. For the full monkey's paw result of having each box cost represent what the model cost, instead of spreading the development cost of the edition evenly, remember to have the developers figure out how much time they spent on each model and/or crew (especially ones that went through multiple revisions) and add that to cost. (Per project billable hours, go! 😱) "Sorry, Faction X, your masters were more difficult to balance, so you're all going to be spending extra for your new models." 🤬
  9. See the description: Probably won't even have the Effigy upgrades in it. If you look at the Ten Thunders Upgrades PDF, and eliminate all of the summoning upgrades, artifacts, reliquaries, etc., that leaves: Silent Protector (2) Trained Ninja (2) Masked Agent (2) Ressurectionists have a similar The Whisper (2) Grave Spirit's Touch (2) Killer Instinct (2) I don't want to check the other PDFs, but I assume it's similar. Three upgrades for seven factions, two copies of each upgrade, comes out to 42 cards. Plus two reference cards, for the described 44 card contents. All of those other model-specific upgrades (the summoning upgrades, the attached game effects, the effigy upgrade cards) should be in the faction decks.
  10. The reason to buy the faction packs is if you want physical replacement cards in bulk. (Such as if you either own most of a faction, or figure you can trade with others.) If you just want to print out/photocopy cards, the PDFs for those are going to get made available for free.
  11. ... which are unfortunately going to have jokers that have rules printed on them that are going to be wrong in 3rd edition. If the M2E starter box's contents are an indication, the models could be repacked into two separate boxes easily enough. But the introductory booklet needs to be almost completely rewritten, and the scenarios redone.
  12. Yeah, they were made Versatile. Not quite as flexible as being M2E Mercenary, but I'm not sure how much cross faction use those models really saw... Dual faction is still a thing that exists in 3rd edition. There was some shuffling of allegiances (most of which the late 2nd edition books were telegraphing). There have been a few threads discussing how to adapt the starter booklet for 3rd edition, and a few threads discussing what changes to make for henchman hardcore as well. After the announcement that there's going to be henchman hardcore events at GenCon, I've been waiting to see what Wyrd's ideas for it are.
  13. Basically, yeah. At the moment there is exactly one model for each of those factions, and the Envoy card lets you hire it. The existing Guild Envoy allows an Earth side allegiance (Abyssinia and King's Empire are two existing Earth Side Allegiances) to hire Guild units. The Court Envoy card allows Malifaux side allegiances (Gibbering Hordes and Cult of the Burning Man) to hire Court units. We have seen pictures of the box art for the two player starter set of Court of Two vs. Guild. And there's the nice teaser pictures on the last pages of the rulebook. That two player box will have to include Allegiance cards for Guild and Court of Two, and cards for the units in the box. The contents of those cards is matter of speculation at this point. It would be inconsistent with what we know at the moment to plan on Abyssinia being able to take Court of Two models. Many things are possible, if you're willing to consider sufficiently small probability levels approaching zero, but it is improbable that the Earth side and Malifaux side lines will be crossed. As far as "Will these syndicates have enough future releases that make them enough to become standalone factions?" Give Nathan Caroland a million dollars (or even just a few hundred thousand) and you can have any faction you want. Otherwise, promises and plans have to be subject to change based on sales. (You would, of course, be obligated to pester them about Puppet Wars if you were strong arming them into funding factions. )
  14. Emilia "Black Joker" Bathory* reclining on a beach chair. A refreshing beverage rests on the tombstone that somehow manages to fit on the base. The umbrella must, due to base size constraints and Wyrd finally acknowledging base overhang**, is on the totem's base. * I have no idea how to spell this name properly. ** The beach chair, of course, extends past the edge of the base. 😎
  15. I really wanted to agree with you in the feeling that this wasn't supposed to be able to damage the thrown model, but the trigger on that action says otherwise: The only way the "Loaded" Ammo trigger makes any sense is if the thrown model takes damage. The only thing* in that action which causes damage is the Shockwave. [* No, I'm not going to argue here about throwing stuffed piglets into hazardous terrain. Attribution of damage caused by a Place effect into hazardous terrain can be its thread. ] I think there are still some action that end up making things act like Shockwave markers (instead of placing Shockwaves where they are located), but this can't be one of them. So the result seems to be: Full Load produces Shockwave 2, Mv 15, Damage 2 centered on the model. If Full Load places and kills a Stuffed Piglet, that sets off Demise(Volatile Pig), 2 must each pass a TN 11 Mv duels or suffer 2 damage and gain Injured +2. If Full Load places and then doesn't kill a Stuffed Piglet, the built-in trigger on Full Load lets the Stuffed Piglet take Bacon Bomb, 2 TN 11 Mv duel or suffer 3 damage and gain Injured +1 and the stuffed piglet dies without setting off its Demise. So it's going to be two pulses off of a Stuffed Piglet most of the time, if the Bayou player wants it.
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