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  1. More important for the question, Walk and Charge are two named Actions. An effect that says “Move this model up to its Mv stat” isn’t a Walk, even though it has the same result. Not even adding the same limitations as Walk would make the effect Walk. An effect would essentially have to say “This counts as performing Walk” or something, and at that point the designers would probably just throw up their hands and put “Take the Walk Action” with extra text instead.
  2. No, because they wrote the rules priority rules (in Breaking the Rules, page 3) to have prohibitions win versus permissions that do not explicitly contradict them. Does paragraph one apply? No, because the effect isn’t referencing when summoned. “This model can Interact when Summoned” is an explicit contradiction of “Summoned models cannot take the Interact Action during the Turn they were Summoned.“ So that means paragraph three applies, and the prevention rule wins. “This model can Interact while engaged” is just directly contradicting the rule “Summoned models cannot take the Interact Action during the Turn they were Summoned.“ Edit: Or, the issue is that the rule in question doesn’t constitute an explicit contradiction of the core rule. So the expectation is that either Paragraph three or its logical extrapolation applies. If there are one or more rules prohibiting an action, each of those rules has to be countered, not just one of them. For instance, if you’re summoned, are Engaged, and took a Disengage Action that Activation, that’s three separate prohibitions you need rules contradicting.
  3. Changelog summaries aren’t rules. The actual rules text uses the words “Cost is treated as 0 when hiring,” just like all of the other discount-during-hiring rules.
  4. Impassible terrain already sets up the necessary distinction. A model isn’t allowed to be placed in, or move through, Impassible terrain. Yet you’re allowed to place Impassible terrain markers in base contact with models. The issue in this thread is that it’s possible to move a hazardous terrain marker so that it affects a model during the movement but then doesn’t affect that model when the model activates. Among the possible ways to resolve this would be rules statements like: A model within 0” of non-Impassible or non-Climbable terrain is considered in that terrain.
  5. Do you want to explain why you think the effect doesn’t happen when the effect specifies it happens?
  6. Nope. In order to apply to both damage flips and healing flips, the rule would either have to name both or say just flip/flips. Opening the card files, I don’t see anything in Arcanists (as a random choice) where a model gets a modifier to flips, and ten references to “damage flips. Edit: A “healing flip” is just a Healing effect with a Variable Profile. No other special consideration in the rules.
  7. No one is going to tell you that an effect that needs to be errata'd doesn't need to be errata'd. ✋ Report it so it can be fixed before publication, or suffer waiting for the errata.
  8. The parenthetical "(Active player first)" probably needs to be replaced with a cross reference to the Modify the Duel rules (currently page 10) because it's not an adequate summary any more. Especially since the rules on page 10 are where the rules text implements the change. On a related note, the substeps for Duels on page 35 (5 steps) don't match the substeps on page 10 (six steps). And the steps to perform an action on page 35 (six steps) don't match the steps on page 23. Requested changes: Add an "After Action Effects" step to the list on page 23, elaborating on the timing chart text (and take advantage of the extra room). Remove C.2.d.II.i "Both players flip cards then choose a card (Active player first)." from the timing chart on page 35. Add "Determine Final Duel Total" to the duel steps on page 35. Change "V. Determine Success" to "V. Determine Outcome" on the timing chart on page 35 to match the steps from page 10.
  9. Counter proposal: Ask to get the summoning effects that you think are unfairly not being treated as summoning to be changed. Let's go down the factions: Arcanists: Sandeep summoning uses an upgrade Oxfordian Mage summoning uses an upgrade Colette's summoning of doves doesn't use an upgrade Bayou Som'er's summoning uses an upgrade and has a trigger to remove it (to bypass the limit) Demise (I'm Done With This): Summoning without upgrade Georgy and Olaf Spit Hog Gremlin Crier Banjonista Sammy LaCroix summons ____ piglets without an upgrade Sow's Demise summons a piglet without an upgrade Hog Whisperer summons piglets without an upgrade Slop Hauler summons piglets without an upgrade Spawn Mother summons Gupps without an upgrade Cooper Jones summons Whiskey Gamin without an upgrade (using four lines of text) Taxidermists summon ____ Piglets without an upgrade Pigapults summon stuffed piglets after deployment without an upgrade Swine-Cursed summon a Bayou Gremlin or Piglet without upgrade upon demise DMH: Collodi summons Marrionettes without an upgrade Nicodem uses an upgrade Ramos Summons Electrical Creation without upgrade Summons Machina Construct minions with an upgrade Guild Trained Raptors summon Trained Raptors without upgrades Dashel Barker summons with an upgrade Sonnia Criid summons Witchling models with an upgrade Ressers Carrion Emissary summons mindless zombies without an upgrade McMourning summons Flesh Construct without upgrade Sebastian summons Canine Remains without upgrade Philip and Nanny summons mindless zombies without upgrade Forgotten Marshal summons Forgotten Minion without upgrade Dead Rider summons mindless zombies without upgrade Mortimer summons mindless zombies without upgrade Toshiro summons Ashigaru without upgrade Reva sumons Corpse Candles without upgrades Asura Roten summons mindless zombies without upgrades Kirai Ankoku Summons Gaki without upgrade Summons Unami models with upgrade Datsu Ba summons Onryou without upgrade Grave Golem summons mindless zombies without upgrade Outcasts: Abominations get summoned without upgrades Tara Blake summons using upgrades Ashes and Dust's Demise summons Dust Storm without an upgrade Malifaux Rats get summoned without upgrades Big Jake summons himself without an upgrade Guilty's Demise summons Guilty without an upgrade Neverborn and Ten Thunders left as exercise for someone who's eaten lunch. Looking at that partial list (someone else can do the other two factions), I think it's pretty deliberate about where summoning upgrades are and aren't being used. Most of the cases where summoning doesn't attach an upgrade are either because they're "stock" low level minions for the faction, or because they're not thematically "summoned" but the game mechanics use Summoning. For the most part, if you have a choice in what's being summoned, that's when you attach an upgrade. As far as I can tell, that's why Exorcism targets that. Is there a mechanical issue with Demise(I'm Done With This) for why it's using Summon instead of Replace?
  10. It’s irrelevant whether it’s a new model or not. Why are resolving the same Burning Condition twice? Step 3 isn’t creating new Conditions, tokens, and Summoning upgrades.
  11. The only definition for a model’s Cost is the one on page 4 (explaining the stat card). Looking at the rulebook, What would lead you to think that upgrades added to the model’s cost?
  12. Right. And that sentence needs to say “object” where it says “model” to apply to marker placement.
  13. No cover preview for the mysterious 8th faction that Bass is in?
  14. Do keep in mind that the GAMA trade show is listed as My emphasis added. These presentations are probably mostly for convincing distributors and such that the various game companies are doing things that people are going to want to buy. I think that's pretty much why all the pictures out of the presentation that have been circulated are boxes.
  15. From the FAQ thread: I think it comes down to this: 1. It's a talent slot and spending points in Literacy. 2. In order to do this thing, a player has to give up their current grimoire and do without it for a time period. The biggest limitation you can put on this is to have adventures happen during that time period. 3. Like it says in the entry, "Malifaux is a magical place, and most Grimoires "want" to become more powerful". It's totally something that should draw unwanted attention to the players based on how much they take advantage of the ability. Or, for that matter, the character with Inscription gets to find out what it's like to be the goose that laid the golden eggs, and what it's like to be on the receiving end of one of those "an offer that you can't refuse" offers.
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