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  1. For Deafening Silence, if you don't have any cards to discard, you can't target friendly (relative to the Archivist) Cadmus models in the 4. For Corrupted Innocence, the "must discard a card" is skipped and you continue to the next effect (the "gain Stunned" effect. Because the two principles involve are: For the results part of an effect, if you can't do something, but have to try anyway, just skip it. For the condition part of an effect, if a rule or reality prevents you satisfying the condition, then you can't satisfy that condition. Edit: In other words...
  2. I really, really hope they asked for permission before doing that, especially with the Patreon funding.
  3. And it's still the same problem as with the M2E upgrade system. The other player looks at the table, sees Misaki's model, and has to ask" That's Misaki over there, but which Misaki card is it?" For aesthetic reasons (no one wants to have three completely identical minion models) and practical reasons (the metal model era and then the plastic model era, and Wyrd's numerous popular alt sculpts) people are used to the idea that there are multiple different sculpts. But "What model is that?" "Oh, that's Misaki." is a lot less burden than "Which card is she using?"
  4. And, for reference, the distinction between “within” and “completely within” is in the Measuring rules (page 49 of softcover, don’t have the PDF handy at the moment), the third and fourth paragraphs.
  5. It’s a “would” effect that ends up doing something completely different. In the single case, you discarded a marker instead of a card, so you didn’t discard any cards. Just like a model with Nihilm which discards a card won’t set off Misery. Edit: And, yeah, it does create a situation where you resolve a “discard a card to ....” effect but won’t resolve and passive abilities triggered by discarding a card.
  6. Let’s be honest and frank about it: Anyone posting a blanket change on summoning is wasting everone’s time. Because either you’ve already thought out a list of models that you want changed (and should be sharing that list and discussing the changes to those models), or you haven’t even done that much and you should start there. That’s going to be true whether you’re talking about 50 SS, or a some future version of Henchman Hardcore that isn’t just a half-page hack job.
  7. It depends on the -effect-. A model doesn’t stop being leader when it’s killed. And a passive ability that’s gone off (it’s condition to do something was satisfied) is still going to resolve. But a lot of effects become meaningless when the model for the effect isn’t on the table.
  8. See the summary for The Event. The Red Cage spiking into the ground didn’t set off the event because it got destroyed, it set off The Event because Plague had rigged it up as part of an ascension mechanism and that energy got released when the mechanism got trashed. The same sort of thing happens to the Governor’s ascension mechanism at the end of the 2nd edition story line (when the governor loses control due to sabotage)—among other results, the Effigies break free of Zoraida’s control. In other words, the spike from the Red Cage wasn’t the result of just destroying an ancient art
  9. There isn't any requirement specified that each of the models has to reduce Burning by the same amount. Note that the "(to a maximum of 3)" is on the Healing, not the Burning reduction, if you for some reason have too much Burning on the wrong models.
  10. Why is there no “shakes fist at effects that weren’t around during that model’s development” emoji? 🤨
  11. It’s a design space matter. The point of arranging the summoning attachments as a keyword is that they can just make up new ones if they want without redoing the summoning card. And having a range on the summoning action allows for a future upgrade that doesn’t bury the summoned model. And note that the M2E version of Dreamer summoned Alps and Daydreams directly onto the table. It’d be really easy to imagine an Alp or Daydream specific upgrade (or clause errata’d onto the upgrade) that allowed that again.
  12. Note that whit the Red Joker, the official result of the damage flip is Severe (see pages 8 and 24 of the PDF, where 14 is the numeric value of the Red Joker) So, addressing the proposed possibilities in order: No. The Red Joker's "Severe+1" isn't an additional flip category. No. If you're attempting to read the Red Joker's "Severe +1" as a damage modifier, it can't apply because of the last paragraph of the Blasts rules--it's a damage modifier applying to the main target of the attack. This is the correct result. The Red Joker's Severe category is reduced to
  13. It’s an effect that references (“targeted or chose”) the replaced model just as much as “Leader” does. It would work the same way even if you were resolving an action that said “Target suffers x/y/z and gains Poisoned +1” or something else. If the damage triggered the demise, after the damage is done you finish resolving the rest of the action as if it had targeted the replacement model.
  14. You can stop arguing about "comes up" if you turn to the damage flip rules (pdf page 24): Note "is flipped or Cheated".
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