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  1. Just an FYI, but sadly there never was a Kaeris avatar mini.
  2. Hi archivista, please check your PMs.
  3. Hey, please check your PMs.
  4. I hope it’s ok if I also post an Avatar swap request ... Specifically, I’m looking for Avatar McMourning (Athanasia) and Avatar Sonnia (Conflagration). I have Avatars from the sale, and other possible items to swap. Drop me a PM if you wanna discuss further.
  5. Hey there! I'm looking for these LE minis: Gremlinette Egg Hauler War Rooster I'd be willing to purchase these, or consider a trade (I have a selection of WM-H, WH, WH40K, and Infinity stuff)—just tell me what you're thinking. Thanks! -J
  6. I just saw this. I'm guessing I'm a day late (still got the dollar, though). What special edition models were on sale? Thanks!
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