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  1. In my experience Teddy and a couple of Insidious Madnesses are great buys with Pandora. Teddy gives you a hard df hitter in a wp focused crew who synergises very well with Baby Kade and the wp duels with the No Shelter Here crew throws around. The Madnesses are just good all round but even better with Pandora, the can give minuses to enemy wp (duel total not flips) and force the enemy to ditch a card whenever they cheat a wp duel within 4 not to mention being much, much faster then Sorrows. After picking them up you'll have a decent foundation to start a Dreamer crew as well (which is good considering your interest ). There's currently no street date for the Dreamer but the general consensus is some time this year. Hope this helps and welcome to Malifaux
  2. Definitely interested in this, had a great time last time I went. Sign me up if places are still going (Eugene O'Sullivan)
  3. While it was the Dreamer who got me into Malifaux and my first master the moment i read Lynch's fluff I fell in love with the guy. Great background, awesome character and his supporting cast (Graves,Tannen and Hungy) are all great as well. He's also my most used master, the mechanics behind Brilliance and the way he and his crew use it is for me just great.
  4. Raspy is recruited by Ramos part way through book 1 after being attacked by Lilith and follows Ramos (sort of) due to the soulstones he brings to the table. Marcus is less clear but I always pictured him and Ramos being close friends or at least academic equals and so he's tied in that way. It is also worth noting that "Arcanist" does not mean "M&SU" in the fluff. And on the topic of Daw I think he works in Outcasts simply because he doesn't work anywhere else, which is the point of the outcasts is it not?
  5. His push is great for getting a model up the board without using up an action (Tannen, Lynch, Blood Shaman, ect), he's actually fairly tough as long as you don't pit him up against the dedicated melee master or enforcer, acts as a secondary beat stick and tends to attract more attention then he really should all of which leads to 8SS well spent in my book. Also him and a nearby Doppleganger can lead to some serious shenanigans and some unexpected speed on the two.
  6. In no particular order 1) Teddy 2) Doppleganger 3) Beckoner 4) Terror Tot 5) Mr Graves
  7. I'd pick up a couple of Stitched Together and some Insidious Madness(es?). The former and great summons for damage and card control and the latter are great objective runners. I also like to keep the Twins (Lelu and Lilitu) to hand for summons in case I get a really good hand at some point in the game as the two of them can be a game changer due to their great healing potential.
  8. So far as damage dealers which Lucius can give more actions to for me it's split into two camps. The first and one which gets a lot of support on the forums is Dashel and a pair of Guild Riflemen, which together and absolutely wreck face if they can find a good place to set up and have a good Los. Dashel allowing the riflemen to focus for a 0 and then Lucius being able to make them focus before their Issue Command shot they should always be doing a min of 3, 4 if you flip/cheat a Ram. The other and tbh my preferred is a Beckoner and a pair of Illuminated using the Beckoner to add brilliance and lure in key targets for the Illuminates to wreck is a beautiful thing and Lucius being able to move them up quicker or get hem to make more attacks is just icing. It's all up to flavour really and of course Strat and scheme. If you don't need to move a part of your crew much the Dashel combo may be your better choice but where you want to get up into your opponents face the Illuminated have worked wonders for me (and Gulid Lucius doesn't get them )
  9. Sorry to distract from things for something that may seem like another noobish question but I just wanted to check something about the $100 qualification. Does all of the order have to be Gen Con related items or can it be a mix of regular and Gen Con stuff and still get the Miss Ery?
  10. Just a quick question about the Strat and Scheme cards on the list, does anyone know if these are a Gen Con exclusive or if like the wave 2 decks they're just a early release sort of thing?
  11. Thanks for the thoughts guys Tannen is an interesting choice as (for me at least) he is one of the very few non-Nightmare models I'd consider taking with Dreamer (though mainly for the utility of +2 to Masks and Chatty not Teddy specifically) and as such comes with the burden of having to be hired. Ari just about summed up everything I'd originally thought, looks like I over thought the whole thing
  12. Hi all, after both running the numbers and a number of games I have reached a conundrum, namely when using Dreams of Pain Dreamer is it better to initially hire a bunch of cheap minions (Alps, Daydreams, Madnesses, etc.) and then summon in the heavy hitters, or vice versa, start with the enforcer nightmares and then summon in the cheaper guys. For me the question arises as while the more expensive Nightmares obviously require more intensive cards to summon (which you may not have available through the course of the game), they also heal up far quicker (The Twins in particular) and thus stick around longer and you get more SS worth of models for "free" per summon. I was just wondering if anyone else thought about this when forming their crew or if people's decisions where far more based on Strat and Scheme. Thanks in advance for any thoughts
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