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  1. Mrbedlam

    Slow Bayou Forum

    So during Beta I pretty much only played Bayou and I think they are in a fantastic place right now. The randomness of 2e was interesting but it often wasn't fun and was too easy to manipulate to remove the bad aspects and make them predictably strong (Ie: reckless and Dumb Luck). Now I think we have some solid masters, some fun masters and a few that could use some tweaks but ultimately we are in pretty good shape. If I had any suggestions I would say that Brewie, Ophelia and Zoraida need the most testing as they have received probably the least attention over all, especially Z in Bayou
  2. Mrbedlam


    Honestly now a days I think the band plays best together
  3. I've tried Ototo with McCabe and he seems like he should work but in the end, even with the pushes he just doesn't do anything another 9ss model couldn't do better. Overall I would rather he be a joro in a MCCabe list because I can reactivate the joro and have a consisten min 3
  4. I will be bringing Shen to a tournament this weekend. Plan on playing him into Public Executions and Extraction. The round I played last I'm going McCabe as I think the pool is tailored for him. Not that Shen didn't do well but McCabe is just perfect for it and you don't see that often. As far as HRM vs Wandering River. The HRM dropped a marker and tangled up some models for a few turns and killed a monster hunter. Something I don't know that the Wanderer would have pulled off and for 2 more stones than the HRM. At 5ss these guys are really turning into MVPS. That said, I might have done better with a Yokai instead though I think the difference between df5 and df6 would have left the Yokai in worse shape overall. (also I don't own wandering yet, after Stake a Claim left Gaining Grounds didn't see a need for them)
  5. Game 5 vs Guild! Standard Supply Wagons Guarded Treasure, Dig Graves, Search Ruins, Undercover Entourage, and Hold Up Their Forces He played Dita, Enslaved, Brutal Effigy, Peacekeeper, Abuela, Investigator, Monster Hunter and Queller. I played Shen (Yang, Recalled, Wandering), Yu (Promising), Peasant, Emissary (Dawn), Crime Boss (smoke grenades), HRM and Charm Warder So there was a large piece of severe terrain in the middle of the board, leaving only a few lanes open. He deployed his wagon first, so I put mine in the same line seeing that he really only had the peacekeeper to push with I was about 90% sure I could beat him to the center line and stop him from scoring. First turn everyone just kinda dicked around, pushed up their markers. Hunter stalked Emissary but wasn't able to land a shot. I dropped enough markers for Search and sent them up the board with Mighty Gust. Turn 2, a fast Shen rocketted up the board charging Abuela and tying up her, the investigator and the peacekeeper. He didn't kill anyone but put dita on half wounds, abuela on 1, investigator on 1 and managed to get in such a way that the peacekeeper couldn't attack back but was in his 3" engagement, also he was in front of the Wagon marker. Turn 3, Dita does end up killing Shen but the damage is done. My Wagon is over the line and blocking his along with Crime boss. Yu is in position to easily score entourage and I have all my markers in place for Search the Ruins. He can only damage control Search. Turn 4, Dita misses some shots, Peacekeeper fails to kill Yu. HRM has been tying up Abuela, Brutal, and Queller. He kills Monster hunter and the Emissary kills Brutal and Investigator. Queller ends up killing the HRM. Turn 5, Yu moves to score 2 from Entourage, DIta has to fly across the board to score his 3 from entourage, I fail to get to his markers thanks to dumb terrain on the board (but he only has 1 on my side) and his Wagon never gets across the center line. We end up with a 8-5 victory for Shenlong. Take Aways: the board did him 0 favors in that game and he put so many points into a peacekeeper that did nothing but push the marker around and get stuck thanks to its base size. Sensei continues to do work in my crew and Shen is so versatile that I can shift what I"m doing mid game. He gave himself up early but Dita got some damn good flips despite Recalled Training and High River Style. I got lucky that he didn't suss out Sensei as my Entourage or I would have lost him.
  6. We've talked about it since. He knows how to get it done, I think he was more frustrated with not landing any attacks in turn 2 or 3 that mattered. There was a turn where he attempted to lure Shen in the warder's bubble. He could have cheated to win it but decided to use her next AP isntead, giving me another chance to flip high with the Aura whereas if he'd cheated the first one, he would have been able to lure Shen away from the bubble and easier to lure him again.
  7. I've had success with a core of McCabe (Promises, Loot Bag, and Cloak/Shirt), Luna, 2-3 Hounds, Emissary (Exploration to get Badge). From there you need a beater. Dawn Serpent or Joro works really well if you want to reactivate. Yasunori can work at the expense of other activations. Then I will often try to fit in a charm warder, High River monk or Low River Monk depending on the schemes. I really wanna try a Guild Investigator with him but haven't gotten around to it yet as I"m focusing on learning Shenlong. Mostly I take McCabe into Symbols of Authority or any pool that has schemes which play into the opponent's back field as he has access to so many pushes and fast in his crew that they can often get across the board in no time.
  8. I do I think he's just frustrated because our last few games have turned into a rout. He was my opponent in the first 2 games and hasn't had a good record vs Shenlong in general.
  9. So I got game number 4 in yesterday. It was vs a Neverborn player bringing Titania Corner: Public Executions, Eliminate, Dig Graves, Show of Force, Set Up, and Recover Evidence I brought Shen (Yang, Wandering, Recalled) Peasant Sensei (Promising) Izamu (Smoke Grenades) Crime Boss (Servant) Charm Warder Sniper He brought; Titania, McTavish, Dopple, Lilitu, Primordial, Emissary and Changeling. Turn 1 was a bit of a range testing phase. Where I kept things outside of McTavish's 14 inches and the sniper picked off a summoned Changeling. Sensei and Shen pushed people into position and gave out fast where needed. Turn 2 he hadnt advanced enough for me to kill him. So I brought everyone up to the right spot for turn 3 to go off, dragging enough markers to Set Up McTavish. He attempted to Lure Shen, but the Charm Warder's aura flipped me some tasty 13s while he wasted high cards on Vanishing. Dopple grabbed Ret's Eye and McTavish's shot on Izamu but Smoke Grenades prevailed. As Turn 3 loomed, my partner realized he was about to get fully blitzed and called the game. So Sadly I didn't get to finish but I'm pretty confident it would have gone my way very quickly. He had most of his models in a pretty tight ball perfect for shen to blast through like butter and Izamu and Crime Boss were in position to charge a juicy target and take them down. I didn't take Emissary or Low River and I don't know that i missed it too much. Knowing he might pick Titania skewed me into thinking that Crime Boss + Yu might draw me enough cards once we got close enough to brawl,. Unfortunately didn't get to see it play out. Opponent's response was: Let me know when you are done playing Shen.
  10. I've played Ototo a few times with McCabe and he just doesn't ever do as well as I want him to. For the same price I can take a Crime boss, get some card draw and drop Fragile on models or take a Dawn Serpent that can't be Lured.
  11. basically, if its good in Thunders any crew will probably play it. There's a lot of overlap in our crews good models
  12. No new games this week due to work being ridiculous. More to come next week though.
  13. Mrbedlam

    Asami help

    Another box doesn't hurt. probably never get 6 but I've seen @InvokeChaos with 4 or 5 out at a time
  14. SO Toshiro. His (0) is ok but limited to minions and needs an 8 to go off. HIs other 0 gives out focus but also needs an 8 to go off. His summons need a 9 and a suit to go off, meaning you either have the suited high card or you spend a soul stone. And the models you get for that 9 are not amazing. Komainu aren't quite trash but they also aren't amazing either. Ashigaru are....real meh for a 9 out of your hand. Especially when Mei needs 7+ to keep her rail walk combos going. His + aura to minions is pretty good if you fill your crew with good minions (hint not either of the ones he summons) and 10 SS is pretty meh when you more than likely have a 10SS support model (Emissary) in your crew already. He also has almost 0 defense these days. Hard to Wound is pretty unimpressive in a world of min 3 damage. Hard to Wound 2 just means he won't be sniped off the board. For what you get out of Toshiro I think you are better of taking Rail Lines so you can tote along one of our slower beaters like Izamu and punch people in the face while Mei takes out scheme runners or does her own scheme running. Also for what its worth, taking a TC Warrior with Mei and Kamiatachi gets you some ok card draw in a list that really needs it.
  15. Mrbedlam

    Asami help

    My only problem with Bettari is that she competes with Asami for cards.
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