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  1. Gluttony is one of my favs. Been singing his praises since 3e hit.
  2. I have a dumb Luci list I've played twice now. The Audacity Lucius Mattheson 4 SS The Scribe Wicked Doll Wicked Doll 2 Doppleganger Vasilisa Investigator Guild Lawyer (AP) Agent 46 The idea is to manipulate staggered as much as possible Plus Vas is a real monster and can summon in Stitched for you. Agent 46 or Dopple can be swapped out for Hina as well when the need arises.
  3. Titania, Gorar, Marcus, Rex (Reflexes) and 2 Rougarou. Its called winning. Tiger Blood.
  4. Indeed it doesn't mention it, so you do indeed get both. Which is pretty good value. If you charge and kill the corpse candle with a Draugr you can get 2 Pyres and a corpse
  5. As far as OOK I think Ana Lovelace is amazing in a Reva crew. She can explode Corpse Candles to get Pyres and corpses at range.
  6. late to this one again, but here's my 2 cents. Ulix is a tough master if you aren't good at positioning and hand management. Every card in your hand is pretty much ear marked for something when you start your turn. He has some pretty tough match ups especially into NVB, but he does have some play. The best advice is just to put it on the table and try it out. See what you can come up with. I'm fond of Squealer/Piglet spam. Piglets are the secret sauce of the keyword. Super fast with reckless and penelope and if they die they still get your markers where you want them to be. I think GG1 doesn't help Ulix though, not as many spam marker schemes so that you can manipulate with Delicious Bacon. However, he is still in a better space than Wong.
  7. Hi, cutting in here pretty late as I took a sabbatical from the forums but good job on the tactica. A couple things to consider. 1) Always try to summon a bayou gremlin along with whatever else you are summoning. It pretty much makes the summon free when that BG eventually dies. Its like banking a card for a later turn. 2) Shouting Order is absolutely the biggest reason Cranky makes it in the crew. G&O are at their best with Focus. I will often take IC on them and first turn walk get a focus, concentrate, then next turn should be in place to shouting orders after using both focus for shots. When it comes to Pig Eating Grin no one does more work that Georgy and Olaf. 2) don't be afraid to splat your own BGs if you need cards. Use them in the most annoying ways possible. Stick them in the way of things. Force your opponent to do the work for you, or just have Som'er squish them later. The best thing about Som'er is that everything but the main 3, Somer, Lenny and G&O are expendable. 3) It also can't be overstated how good Crier + Skeeter is for getting schemes done. Turn 1 is almost always a summoning a Crier in unless I've started with one. Never forget Skeeters are summonable too 4) The combination of Gremlin General and B2C makes the crew a lot more resilient than they look. You can win a lot of duels on the strength of General alone, especially with G&O who are Df7 thanks to Lenny. I almost always set them up for some sort of cover too. If you think they are gonna be threatened drop a spit hog in front of them and don't forget that they can shoot things even if in melee. Opponents will often be surprised when G&O still get PEG shots off even while tied up. 5) Brin. So Brin is really good a lot of the time, especially if you are going to be very aggressive with the crew. The combo of B2C and Calculate means its not unusual to run through your deck 2 or even 3 times a turn. I've hit the RJ 3 times in a single turn, made the opponent nearly rage quit. Brin is also incredibly hard to kill with Bayou Gremlin bodyguards around. Also, catch opponents off guard when you pull the strings on a BG and you get a PEG shot at the end of the turn. 6) In regards to PEG and Make Me Proud, say you set it up where you have 3 BG around a model and Make Me Proud one of them, killing the lot. You get to go in any order of Draw, discard, then you get to make 3 shots on that model. Its very very possible to kill 2 or 3 models this way if you have the Masks for Ricochet triggers too.
  8. Lucky Emissary is a full on baller in Leylines. he can easily get to the enemy side turn 2 and be at the other enemy side turn 3, and if he does die, it will just get punted back to the center and you can work backwards from there.
  9. 11 points for a model that has 0 defense tech seems like a big gamble.
  10. Ruthless is your friend. Pale Rider, 46 are both good choices. Sonnia is a good choice cause the crew in general hates blasts. Understand that both Daw and the Hanged have the On Your Heels trigger. they can get to you from an absurd amount of distance. Don't really go after Daw unless you can hit him with a quantity of attacks and watch out for Executes. Keep cards in your hand. Alternately getting cards out of his hand helps you too so Grimwell is a good tech piece and the Drain Magic trigger inherent in the Witchling Keyword.
  11. Cute trick of the week: Corrupted Leylines, put the lodestone on a Good Ol Boy or something that can get up the board relatively easy and not just die, then have Somer blow it up on turn 2 with Make Me Proud to pop the Lodestone to the next Marker.
  12. Tri Chi is really good for Let Them Bleed as well
  13. I think that the keyword you take will be heavily influenced by the schemes in the pool this time around. There's a wider spread of each type of scheme so there probably won't be 3 kill schemes, or 3 marker drop schemes, etc. That being said Big Hat can easily handle most of these. Tricksy is going to be good at Symbols partially thanks to how easily they can defend the markers. Tri Chi can do Recover, Symbols and Leylines pretty easily with disruption. Infamous can do well in all of them but Leylines.
  14. The new schemes I think take this list apart. You are gonna have a much harder time killing everything and then scheming later.
  15. Played this list a lot more than I should have. I usually did it once a turn, but it was still really good, especially when they had bombs in their bellies
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