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  1. By turn 2 it generally doesn't matter with Reichart and Basse if they ahve dust clouds down as they are in the middle of the mess hopefully tying up 1 or 2 models
  2. The problem with armor piercing triggers is that i"ve learned not to rely on them. Very few are in anyway Guaranteed and in hoffman's case a good use of counterspell from magical training can really hamper you
  3. So I have after several big games with hoffman figured out a better strategy than relying on armor piercing attacks. I think its about quantity of attacks over quality. In general a focused attack vs an armored opponent isn't going to do much vs hitting them with 4 or 5 attacks. This is where you have to options: Chaff models like Bayous shooting them down or blasts and shockwaves knocking them down. We have several options for this: Whiz Bang, Big Hat, Kin all have tons of area attacks and chaff models to pump the number of attacks up.
  4. Its one of the best things about Tri Chi and why I put them in the board control category of the Bayou. They can stand next to a Turf Marker and keep most people from pushing the button just based on Have a Drink.
  5. Mrbedlam

    Zipp Zipp!

    There's a Zipp thread already! Lots of suggestions there
  6. Agree with the above points. Also to point out that he has a 2" melee range with Have a Drink which is really good for Take Prisoner, Hold Up Forces. So he allows you to deny scheme marker shenanigans AND score non scheme shenanigans
  7. It plays really well right out of the box. You probably want Merris and Sammy to go along with it. Emissary is a good staple versatile for the faction as well. If you are into proxies, the Raiders aren't out yet but they are a solid 5 point investment
  8. I've played against Hoff a few times as a Bayou player and he's a tough nut to crack for them.
  9. We need more games. More results to fully determine if it is an issue, I'm just saying that for right now if Zoraida is a possible second master that you will be facing, bring 2 masters to stop her. That's one of the best ways to shut down some of her power.
  10. yeah its tough to say, could be that if the Zoraida nonsense gets tucked in a bit the double masters won't feel so bad. It legit hasn't bothered me much until that combo
  11. I agree. More than likely we will see a no extra master hiring clause and it'd be nice if the schemes were less abusive with Obey models. That being said, I'm not sure I'd cry if they just fixed the rules to say Obey doesn't allow interacts, or A strategy marker can't be interacted with out of activation? I don't know seems like it might just create more rules questions than it answers and we STILL don't have an FAQ for m3e yet
  12. We have some times where we struggle with certain keywords or abilities across the table. Feel free to chime on in this thread with a "HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH..." of your own. Good examples: How do you guys deal with heavy armor or incorp crews? How do you guys deal with blast heavy crews? Mostly when my mind comes to these its after I've already picked my master and they show up with Hoffman, etc. So try to think from a counter pick inside the crew rather than "I just take this keyword"
  13. whats funny is when you realize that Brewie's defensive trigger can push one of his models 10 inches or more
  14. Kill the condition removing models first. If you tie them up or pull them into the intox bubble, they only have 1 AP and a LOT of healing and condition removal are on bonus actions. Knowing your opponent's crew is pretty crucial to proper control play. He is in no way the weakest master in the faction, I don't think he's in Mah, Z or Somer's class but he is very tough and difficult to deal with if your opponent doesn't have a proper plan.
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