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  1. So in that regard, Wong WANTS to shoot his own guys to make them fast and give them glowy. Somer summons with upgrades that make his bayous drunk. Mah still yells at people and her kids have reckless. Zipp still drops pianos. Ulix pigs still have mandatory triggers. Brewie is still both getting drunk and getting people drunk. Its still there in the context of the abilities. What isn't there is Dumb Luck. That mechanic is completely gone and rightly so as it was the most abusive thing in the faction, especially on models like Francois. Gremlins are still a wonky faction with small access to defensive techniques that hurt themselves and blow shit up, but the lost the more risk big win big mechanics from last edition that could often be gamed so that the risk didn't matter.
  2. I think the constant attention to Somer has helped him from being too excessive. A lot of his card draw potential is keyed back a bit and he can now be more toolbox summoner with a decent gun than the bayou spam card drawing killing machine he was early on. A good player is gonna capitalize on his strengths but the need to be close to Bayous for buffs now is probably going to be prohibitive to a certain degree.
  3. For Zipp I would recommend Mancha and Wrasslers vs literally anyone that relies on markers, they disrupt the plan so hard
  4. ^^^^^ This. Somer isnt the same. His best 2e comparison is pre uber Nicodem honestly. Brewie plays more like 2e McM. Zip plays about the same. Ulix is way more aggro. Mah is more movement shenanigans and versatility. Ophelia crew is mostly the same. Z is the same but that's ok cause she might as well be new considering how few people played Grem Z
  5. So I have played a LOT of Bayou in the beta closed and open. I've played every master but Zoraida (as a primary master at least) multiple games now. I've tested the faction against every other faction out there and I have yet to find us lacking in power levels comparatively with any of the other factions barring maybe Guild but that's cause Guild is a bit busted in 3e so far. As a matter of fact I feel like I have to actively TRY to build crews that don't do their job well in this edition. I've played in Keyword and I've played outside keyword grabs (whiskey golem and brin stand out), I've played multi master and single master. Overall I think the faction is full of strong options for the game as it stands coming out of m3e and that's despite the fact that once again, we didn't see enough people play testing Bayou in the betas. The only master at this point (and its Master, not keyword) I have a quibble with is Wong and that's because I'm not a fan of the shockwave mechanic as is and he still has a place. Many of our options have changed and honestly HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME has changed the most. Its not a game of score big early and coast out the win, or flood the board and win through activation superiority. You fight tooth and nail for every point you get in 3e and most of your points have to be scored across the turns instead of all at once. Most models don't drop out massive damage all at once anymore either. They CAN for sure, I laid waste to models with Mancha the other night like it was nothing, but he doesn't consistently spike big damage. Same for Franc, Whiskey Golem, Emissary and Alphonse. They hit hard when they can but often they aren't taking any model that isn't a minion out in a single turn. Here's my biggest take away in these games though, outside of an early stupid Marcus game that doesn't matter anymore, I have never played a game of m3e with Bayou and thought "I'm not gonna win" from the get go. The depowering that you feel from 2nd ed. Everyone feels it. No one is out there rolling every table based on Master strength alone. 3e is a game of synergies which is why its hard to look at a master specifically without considering their keyword models as well. Games tend to build upon multiple activations of models working together. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 models to achieve scoring a single point, that's our new reality. To sum up (too late): Bayou is fine. There's some little points that will come out as we go into live that need to be adjusted but on the whole they are as good as everyone else, barring cheaty guild players. (seriously Lucius can suck it)
  6. Crap you are correct. They are Souey and Beast but not Pigs. I'm good at reading, really. BUT they do turn into piglets when they die and can be turned into Warpigs!
  7. No they don't get Fast from Rage Machine sadly but you still have 2 very angry swine cursed with lots of obey potentials and some heal ups from Ulix crew. Add in Brin or Z for card draw, then when the swine cursed get low on health, Ulix swaps them out for Warpigs. Sometimes you can summon the voodoo doll and have it smack the pigs with frantic flailing to give them fast as well.
  8. So i've played going on 12 games with Ulix between closed and open beta. Here's my breakdown: 1. Whisperers are good. Bring at least 1. 2. Slops are meh. Maybe bring 1. 3. Mecha Porkchop cranks your pigs to 11. 4. The sow is very meh. 5. Zoraida brings card draw you really want, alternative would be BBB 6. Warpigs are guided missles. Don't expect them to live. 7. Turning enemy scheme markers into Piglets is very strong. 8. Old Major is solid enough, but he's not essential. 9. Play 2 Swine Cursed and a Porkchop with Zoraida or Brin. Go ahead. Then Come back and comment. I'll wait
  9. Alright, so you have access to the entire faction. Every model. What situations call for which masters or models in particular? What are our counter picks and what are our specialties? By specialties I mean the crews that just take a scheme pool and make it theirs. This isn't really looking for a tier list but just curious to see where your mind goes with the faction atm.
  10. I think Mah has plenty of things going on with her card already, her bonus action is the least thing on her card and that's fine considering she's got all her other shenanigans going on. Is it always useful? Nope but she has something on her card that will be used. I'm ok with that flexibility.
  11. Mrbedlam

    Anti armor

    There is very little in the game that the proper application of a Ballastic Bacon Missle (aka Warpig) doesn't fix.
  12. Put a trenchcoat on a Skeeter and haul his ass around. Easy enough.
  13. Pigapult has a trigger to discard a glowy token, but the only way it has to get one is to pass a simple duel from Wong's Shockwave. * edit: and Olivia can give it glowy and burning
  14. Mrbedlam

    Slow Bayou Forum

    So during Beta I pretty much only played Bayou and I think they are in a fantastic place right now. The randomness of 2e was interesting but it often wasn't fun and was too easy to manipulate to remove the bad aspects and make them predictably strong (Ie: reckless and Dumb Luck). Now I think we have some solid masters, some fun masters and a few that could use some tweaks but ultimately we are in pretty good shape. If I had any suggestions I would say that Brewie, Ophelia and Zoraida need the most testing as they have received probably the least attention over all, especially Z in Bayou
  15. Mrbedlam


    Honestly now a days I think the band plays best together
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