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  1. Mrbedlam

    The One

    That's why I like Brew. He not only slows them down he shuts off most of their cute movement tricks and that damage over time stacks up
  2. Mrbedlam

    The One

    Who is your go to master for the Bayou? The one you feel comfortable playing into most or all pools based on playstyle and strength? Mine is undoubtedly Brewmaster. He offers just the right amounts of control and damage to let me dictate where and when fights happen. The only strategy I balk with him is Cursed Idols and that's mainly because I'm freaking awful at Cursed Idols.
  3. I will say that I very rarely get much chance to use Free Loot in an Infamous crew because my opponents are too saavy to take marker schemes, but that is a huge strength in that I can usually pin down what schemes they did take by process of elmination. As for Toss in the Mud, its a nice gimme. When you get the chance to use it (Like on a Fire Golem) its golden, but its not something you constantly try to set up
  4. you know...that's not a bad idea. Its a start at least
  5. Tides of Fate would be really good if Bayou had any other way to generate Soul Stones. Could you imagine Tides of Fate in a list with Dashel?
  6. For sure, they don't lose the token, they just can't use it unless a crier hits them up. Its a cute denial trick but man Som'er feels very slow into plant explosives.
  7. Agree with some of this here. I would also ask that Drop It be Baked into Queeg and Dash's gun. Though I don't think the rifleman needs a 6 on his attack. WIth Pursue its often there anyway and most snipers are 5 or 6. But Dispatch definitely needs the change. I like the idea of another model doing the draw when discards, but that feels an awful lot like what Sandeep does already, plus that would make the Guild Patrol's Take the Hit maybe too good. Another thought is to change Call In Reinforcements to say Target a Scheme Marker. IF the target of this Action is an enemy scheme marker add a Ram to the Flip. It still requires resources, at least 2 actions to make it happen, but its much less restrictive than how it is currently worded.
  8. He's generally stat 6 as most of the things he's going after are bigger than him
  9. Ophelia can dump out a ton of attacks, and is actually pretty quick thanks to the Young LaCroix. Her damage is surprising thanks to extra attack triggers and discarding upgrades for 1 damage, making her a good take into anyone with high armor. VS Terrifying crews she loves to have Complex on her and probably Rami. Rapheal is an awesome schemer and good vendetta target as he hits well above his point cost and stays alive decently well. He isn't a bad target for Complex too, with agile, if he gets caught up in melee he can just walk out, get focus and shoot back at whatever tied him up. Franc isn't the monster he used to be but he can still bust out some respectable damage. I always find myself wishing he had someway to get fast as I want to use his Gremlin Menace AND attack twice. Pere hasn't done much for me so far but I also haven't given him a fair shake yet. Merris is probably the best scheme runner in the faction at this point as she can easily drop 2 markers a turn if you have a 5tomes+ in your hand. Sammy can use the WIld SHot triggers on a lot of the crew to help draw you cards and has some great anti scheme tech along with reliable injured on her attack. Raiders aren't out yet but for 5 stones they do pretty well. Pair them up with the mandatory 12 cups and they are doing schemes and your opponent has a hard time catching up. As mentioned before, a bokor slop hauler or spit hog are good choices for healing in the crew or just go balls out and kill before you get killed. Gracie is a nice tank to shove into people's faces and drag Kin along and the Emissary with his Fate upgrade allows you a bit more hand control in early rounds.
  10. The only issue with the Emissary is that with boards that are getting more crowded that 12" push is getting harder to fully realize without hitting walls now.
  11. Test Subjects are amazing for their cost. Hands down. The biggest scare is 2 WP, you gotta work quick to get that pumped up against certain crews. However, they do all kinds of work for me even if its just scooting up a flank to drop markers for breakthrough. My OOK picks btw are: 1. Brin (Duh) 2. Trixie (Positioning is everything) 3. Bokor (best Healer in faction, plus shielded, plus Obey) 4. Mancha (Marker removal is so stupid good in this edition. He's a key counterpick to multiple keywords) 5. Sparks (its an investment but bombs are just good. Add in his ability to keep enemies from targetting each other shuts down crews even if he dies hard, thats AP they gotta put into him) Honorable mentions are: SIlurids, Iron Skeeters, Lightning Bugs, and Golem, First Mate, Test Subjects.
  12. oooh boy well first of all I don't wanna give up all my secrets as I'll be discussing Somer on 3rd Floor Wars next month but lets just start off saying that Somer is THE most complex master in the Bayou. He's got a lot going on, which leads to him being incredibly versatile but also hard to get the gears turning properly. So in general what I'm looking for with a somer pool is: Do I need to have a large amount of board control? He's great at Turf War, Reckoning and decent at Plant Explosives if you build him correctly. Scheme wise: Search, Leylines, Hold up Forces, Take Prisoner, Detonate Charges, Claim Jump are all schemes I regularly take with him and the secret to most of it is summon diversity. So the most important model in a Somer crew is the humble Bayou Gremlin These slippery bastards are multiple use 1) They are speed bumps. Drop one in a spot it takes up space and is begging to be killed. 2) After they kill it, you can draw, discard and then shoot whatever killed it with one of your other models. 3) They are a card investment. Say turn 1 you summon 3 Bayous, that's 3 cards you will be getting back in a later turn. Need a card? blow one up with Somer. 1 AP to do 2 damage and draw a card? Thanks. I will almost never summon just 1 model. Its much more efficient to grab a bayou and the model you are summoning in. You are effectlively trading a card for another card. Following that you have Criers. Criers make the crew work. Their built in Bully and only needing a 7 to Obey plus a trigger that lets Bayous interact means that you can summon models into position and have the Crier make a marker or flip a strategy that gets you surprise vectors. Good Ol' Boy: Need a model that won't die easily and hits back fairly hard? Go for a good ol' boy. He's your go to Hold Up their forces on a juicy enforcer or hench. Banjos: Somer crews are slow! Nah just bring 2 Banjos and your whole crew gets 4 extra inches of move per turn. Plus condition removal Lenny: Essential for 2 things. Toss is amazeballs. Need Somer closer? Toss. Need a good ol' boy tying up a beater? Toss. Someone messing up your claim jump? Toss. Georgy and Olaf: Pulse focus, good gun that can shoot out of combat. He's your primary set up for Pig Eatin' Grin. Big Brain Brin: Of all the crews in the Bayou that want to see Brin, Somer is the most Brin loving. Bayou Two Card lets you cycle your deck so hard that it doubles the effectiveness of Calculate. Plus, you always have easy Protect targets for Brin making him extremely tanky. Test Subjects: So they have a dumb ability. It makes it so you have to damage to kill them. No executes. ANNDDD they don't die when you target them with Make Me Proud Boys. They are a node to toss into a group and nuke for 2 unresisted damage in a 2 inch pulse. Pigapult and Sparks: Its ugly, real ugly, but you can load up bayous with Bombs and toss them out with Pigapult, putting a huge drain on your opponent and punishing anyone who bunches up. Added in Make Me Proud if they survive the initial punch and well its a bit dumb. TLDR: Somer has an amazing tool box and is a very board control master. Try to force your opponent to kill your models, especially Bayous, or just kill them yourself and enjoy cycling cards like no one's business.
  13. Nah I'm predicting middle of the pack Gonna shoot for the win of course, but we'll see. NC meta has some really good players and we have some good players coming from out of town too
  14. I'm gonna give it a shot at the GT. I don't feel 100% confident yet though as I don't have a lot of experience with Guild so I might end up defaulting back to Bayou for this one
  15. which is another way of saying they aren't gonna see much play. The best use I've found for them is sniping important totems
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