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  1. Ok thanks guys i will try a lot of the stuff you told me and the main problem is that i dont go for schemes and stuff...
  2. Someone available tomorrow from 12am -2am (GMT:+1) ?
  3. Hello fellow ResserĀ“s, i just came back to Malifaux because i finally found someone to play against and well he has Lady J(and only Lady J at the moment he wants sonia but she is not ava t the moment).... I played Yan Lo against him 2 times and got butchered... iam simply unabled to get 2 rounds of shooting in against her and when i got her down she heals back up and i cant kill her or the Judge... The Judge runs around with the Upgrade that makes Death Marshalls immune to Horror Duels and yeah Lady J kills stuff.... we ran the following: His List: Guild Crew - 35 - Dustup Lady Justice -- 5 Pool +Justice Unleashed [1] +Last Stand [1] Scales of Justice [3] Death Marshal [6] Death Marshal [6] Death Marshal [6] The Judge [9] +Flames of the Pit [2] My List: Resurrectionists Crew - 35 - Dustup Yan Lo -- 7 Pool +Fortify The Spirit [1] +Reliquary [1] Soul Porter [3] Ashigaru [5] Ashigaru [5] Chiaki the Niece [6] Izamu the Armor [10] What can i do against Lady J how to stop her? Should i even try to kill her or Judge? We had Turf War and i went for Bodyguard on Izamu and the Scheme where you have to kill the most expensive modell of the enemy. I made some positioning errors with Yan Lo which Killed him in turn 3 but man Pine Box is madeness against Izamu.... I just got Turf War VP until Turn Three and he got a line in the sand and turf war in turn three and i had only Chiaki an Ashigaru the Porter and a buried Izamu left any one any tipps on how o defeat Lady J? Thanks Not a Guild Bulldog
  4. Good that was a lot of input thank you all next thursay i will have my first game iam very much looking forward to it. I hope i stand a chance against Lady Justice and her starter. Any tips on schemes and how to come around Lady J and her imense meele threat range and the Judges massive hitting power? Taking both out with Seamus and Corpycat seems to be hard or am i wrong?
  5. Ok that was kinda obvious by looking at her stat card but anything her starter crew can do that xould get me on the wrong foot?
  6. Ok so much trial and error with Seamus and figuring out how to play him my way. Thats fantastic i like that kind of growth and how it makes you think a lot. Any tips against Lady J? She will be my main opponent for the most time so any tips?
  7. Hello my fellow Ressurectionists, i just restarted Malifaux again because of some changes that happened in my life i had to stop(starting at the University and moving to another place and so on.....) playing. So as i stoped the test rules for M2E where slowly coming around the corner. Now i have the new Rulebook read from front to back(almost) and bought myself a Seamus crew and a Fate Deck (and Bete Noir and some Undead Dogs). I didnt played yet but iam about to get my first games in with the new rules. When i came back to the Forums i was a bit confused because i saw a thread about Yan Lo and in my Core Rulebook there is no Stat Card for him so are they in the Faction Pack or in his Crew Box? How does the crew building work for those double faction models? When i decide to take Yan Lo as Resser am i limited to resser modells and as Ten Thunder to ten Thunder modells? Where to get the beta cards for wave two the link doesnt seem to work... New Crew related stuff(caise Hobby ADD does its work): 1. Yan Lo or Nicodem as second crew? 2. And why? 3.Could someone give me some advice on there general playstyle (both seem to have a Caster/Summoner thing going on) Seamus relatet stuff: 1. Is he more meele or ranged focused? 2. Is Back Aley my breed and butter positioning Tool? 3. Is Madamm Sybell more of a Beatstick and a bit support or.more support with some meele stuff going on? 4.Which Upgrades are considerable? 5. How to play the Crew: Meele Focused/Midrangy? A lot of questions i hope you can help me with my questions. I just want some brief overviews the rest will be figured out by reading tacticas and expirience with my crew and by playing. Thank you Guild Bulldog
  8. Hell there is a scene in my Mind going on......... I have an additional Question when i hire him not as Leader of my Crew then i pay his cost and dont get his cache right?
  9. Hi there, i have played the first game of Malifaux with the Judge(the Beta Rules used) and happened to Trigger his Blades and Bullets Trigger on his gun and it felt wrong that i got an Long Arm Blade attack with 10 inches of Range and we where a bit puzzeled about this fact or did we got something wrong or did they just got the triggers of the Blade and the Gun accedentially swaped? So can some one help me? Thanks Guild Bulldog
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