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  1. Yeah, all I've had is deafening silence. Order #3307. I got the order confirmation and nothing else yet. Maybe something will show up this week...
  2. I felt the same way about a lot of these points. That's a bunch of negative space in the mecha-suit. What's keeping her the armature aside from good intentions? I was worried less about control since I figure her arcane ability allows the mecha-suit to mimic her actions which is why it's in the same pose she is. With these questions in mind I began converting her. I'm pretty happy with the results so far. To deal with the extra space in the body/boiler I add a few gribbly bitz and some tubing: The front view: and to keep Hannah from going flying out of the suit I added harness straps from pinstriping tape and anchor points from HO scale rail bolt heads: And now she's all ready to ride into battle safely!
  3. Theres some overpainting on it. I've got to cover the Vallejo Tinny Tin with a flat black. And you can see under it a bit, so i'll add some sand and some flock just for a bit more realism and to tie it together with the basing in the rest of the crew.
  4. Here are a couple pics of my Steam Trunk: Note: The base isn't finalized yet, because I'll base my entire crew at the same time. Comments, questions and critiques are welcome!
  5. I'm just perplexed as to why it took this long to determine this shortage. I can't imagine that the Widow Weaver wasn't ordered by about a bazillion Neverborn players considering how good she is. What the real reason here? Did the Guild seal the warehouse for an inspection? Did a real Widow Weaver take up residence and make a dozen Teddys from the warehouse worker's corpses and shelving? We demand to know!
  6. Looking for the new plastic Taelor & SoC, unassembled and unpainted. PM me.
  7. I'll be tripping down from Chicago and looking for some pick up games of Malifaux here and there. Feel free to PM me your contact info and maybe we can set up a game or two. The advice above is really sound, but I'd go the other way with regard to the amount of money you bring to spend. Set yourself a budget and stick to it. It's way to easy to wind up with waaaaay too much stuff to try to get home. I know that I've had trips to Gen Con where I was wondering how the hell I was going to get all my swag back to Chicago, and it's only about a 2 hour drive north! Now try to figure out how your going to repack your bags for the flight back down under. Of course, you could always do the underwear trick...
  8. And here is a WIP shot of Ramos' first effort... Sorry for it being so dark. I'll post up some more as it nears completion
  9. I've been playing with a Rail Crew (an Arcanist Mei Feng) and Ramos lately, and I've been thinking about adding Willie The Demolitionist as a support model for either crew. Any thoughts out there concerning Willie post Wave 2 beta?
  10. Thanks for the compliment! And I think that I figured out why there's such a scale problem. Much like the Gen Con, supertall, Viks/Student of Conflict, the Brass Arachnid was scanned/cut/cast to a different scale. It's 1:1 scale.
  11. It'll fit. You've just got to do a LOT of planning, pinning, and tweaks to the back legs.
  12. Hell, I'm surprised that I'm the first to mention Drawing Dead. It's a great insight into Justin's creative process behind the game.
  13. Oh yeah! I forgot about Briscoe County Jr. That show was awesome. And Bruglyother has the measure of it with "Bunraku" which to me seems to be more roaring 20's than western, but the gunslinging feeling is there, so it works.
  14. Here's my Ramos crew with Miss Step instead of Howard Langston. Getting the Brass Arachnid to fit was a bit of a bitch and required repositioning the legs, but it WILL fit on a 30mil.
  15. Gallowwalkers It's full blown spaghetti western style and moderately entertaining. Has a nice undead storyline, Wesley "Always bet on black" Snipes, a saloon dancing girl, and seems to be very much in the flavor of Malifaux (less any soulstone references.) Been painting my new Ramos crew while it plays in the background. What other movies make you guys and gals think of Malifaux? Maybe The Warrior's Way? Any others? Moderators: If this fits somewhere else, please feel free to move it, move it.
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