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  1. mrjasonguy

    printer friendly files please

    I cut and paste in Photoshop. That way I can add my own health bubbles.
  2. mrjasonguy

    Jack Daw Typo?

    Thanks! I will hold off printing that crew then. 😀
  3. mrjasonguy

    Jack Daw Typo?

    Injustice contains the same wording in part of Undying. Was this intentional? Is this a typo, or a way for Jack to heal twice from card draws?
  4. mrjasonguy

    My Hamelin Crew

    I agree darkhoras. I used an "eldritch green/blue" in the effort to make the waters look magical, but after thinning and placing over white....it just ended up looking like clean water. I do like the contrast between the water and the rest of the base, but I agree it doesn't look like sewer water. This is by far the largest crew I've painted. It reminded me of painting my old warmachine armies. I was burnt out by the end. Perhaps in the future I will go back and "sewer them up". Thanks all.
  5. mrjasonguy

    My Hamelin Crew

    This was a bear to all paint, but I'm happy with the results. I am a very big fan of the Wyrd inserts as you can tell.
  6. mrjasonguy

    Malifaux sculpts

    I am really loving the new sculpts. Very dynamic, excellent posing for the most part. Looking at the renders of the sculpts on the back of the starter boxes I am wondering if they use Zbrush to do the sculpting. As a person who does some Zbrushing, it looks very similar to the Matcaps that are available. Is there any info on who does the sculpting and what their process is? They obviously have some talented sculptors and I am always looking for more inspiration. If this has been covered before, I apologize, I couldn't find it. Thanks all.
  7. I was recently at Gencon and managed to make it over to the Malifaux area and played a demo and really liked it. I didn't, however, make it over before the rules were sold out. I was talking to the Wyrd employee who demoed the game for me and he told me that Wyrd usually makes the rules available online and sells the books for the fluff. Is this true? Malifaux seems to be dried up where I live and even the LGS has stopped carrying the product. I would like to get my friends interested in playing and would even go so far as to buy two starter boxes and decks to get them hooked. I love the models and think they would too and the balance of 2.0 might be a turning point here for reviving the game (I hope) Any suggestions on how to go about it?