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  1. I 2nd Abominations and Winged Plague need some love.
  2. Sounds like you are being purposefully obtuse. You and Saduhem have done this since Closed beta since you didn't get what you wanted. I'm convinced you both won't be happy until Seamus is nigh indestructible. You are both ALREADY arguing for more condition changes BEFORE the new changes are even tested. That right there tells me enough.
  3. You keep spouting this, but none of his creations have been, and I'll wager will ever be, as popular or successful. You keep saying the same 3 things, 20 hours a day, in every thread you can. Its so very tiresome.
  4. You choose schemes AFTER crews are revealed. Why on earth would you choose dig their graves in a situation like that?
  5. I agree Draugr are easy to kill. Mine didn't even get a chance to use his self heal as he died in one round. (It was against McTavish though) I don't think Def 5 would be bad on them. Lampads are ok at 4. Since you can get 2 pyres out of killing your own corpse candles, if you play it right you can make those guys really hard to remove. I wasn't even cheating fate to protect them. I didn't play against a gun line, but I managed to keep Reva back behind a wall of Pyres and some minions. I think Shieldbears are there with take the hit, access to stones, and she can heal with feed on grief. I'm ok with her being somewhat fragile, in some circumstances.
  6. I ran two lampads. They were amazing, and if you keep your pyres close they are really hard to kill. Hovering flames make them good schemers too.
  7. I played against Zorida swampfiends and I didn't get stunned once. Anecdotal, yes, and it was only one battle, but there you go. Swampfiends looks scary because of big scary models, but they honestly felt like they were made of paper (aside from Mctavish) I was playing Reva and burning, Lampads and shield bearers chewed though it ok. I lost a lampad, dragur (who didn't do anything but die), and a shield bearer. Pandora's box opens is a 6" pulse? on a very squishy caster if you've got any sort of ruthless. (which you should have hired because you knew Pandora was hitting the table.)
  8. Bloated stench needs to be an aura like they did with scarlet temptation, so it doesn't stack. Opportunist needs to be negative effect only, and only one instance. For instance burning 2 goes to burning 1.
  9. I would be fine with stun being assisted away on a moderate or severe flip. If for the only reason I feel there are a lot of tokens being counted right now and can bog the game down, I would be ok with distracted being "Target cannot engage, target can also NOT take the interact action." Doesn't stack, assisted away on moderate and severe as well.
  10. I'm not saying there isn't room for improvement, or better balance can't be had. I do think the either/or decision is a bad way to go. I don't think a player should be able to flood the board with injured +6 on every model. (Although I don't see how that can happen) I could see how Pandora might be able to put stunned on every model, but I would have some serious questions about each player's model placement and crew hiring ability. Stun does NOT = I took someone's toys away. I have played with and against stunned. Models still hit hard, move, interact, assist. I don't find it to be that bad. If someone had put their expensive, trigger dependent model in a place to be continually stunned (That they decided to buy after Pandora was declared btw), then like chess they've failed to protect their king and that is part of the game. They failed to protect their king they didn't have to buy in the first place. Stunned isn't bad. Denegra on feat turn was bad.(Warmachine) THAT was taking your toys away. Stunned is nothing.
  11. To use a MtG analogy, blue and white decks exist. Playing against them can be frustrating, but it is part of the game and I think the game would be worse without those colors. A blue or white player spent part of their deck space, as much as a player has spent SS on army composition, to ensure they can pacify/counter to protect themselves and hopefully for them... win the game. Negative conditions exist. I think it adds an element of danger that having everything be a buff would make the game feel "lukewarm". Sorrows cost 5ss and do not hit hard. That player put resources in during crew hiring specifically for their debuff capability (and incorporeal for scheme running most likely). As an opposing player, you know if Pandora hits the table not to hire a crew that's trigger dependent. (i.e. I probably woundn't hire Bete since she has 6 health and her defense revolves around a trigger now) I've played against Colette, the duet was annoying but distracted did NOT stack like what was described. I don't know how Seamus got hit so hard with debuffs against Titania when the other thread you are arguing that he is impossible to pin down. I am not trying to be confrontational. Nor am I trying (I really am not) to point fingers. I just feel that this thread is going to get looked at and want to voice my opinion. I do NOT want some of the heart and soul of this game ripped out.
  12. I played against zorida earlier and I very much agree, the whole crew felt awesome. That puts revenant, red chapel and experimental all in good places. (All the rezzer masters I own) I am definitely happy with the game right now compared to closed beta.
  13. While I agree that stunned is powerful, I've yet to have a bad experience with conditions. I'll admit I haven't played as many games as the OP, but I've been playing since CB, with several other people. We agree distracted needs to be buffed to it's CB state where it affected the damage flip as well. Burn an AP with focus and eliminate all the hoops I had to go through to put distracted out in the first plays feels lame. I've played red chapel a lot, which on paper looks like it puts a lot of distracted out.....but it doesn't. Not in my experience. I rarely see injured OR distracted stack to 2, I've never seen it stack more. I cant get behind any of these ideas. I hope conditions stay as is. The game would be boring if the OP had their way.
  14. My bad! I stand corrected. Six boxes still too feels too little. (Even in your report she barely lived with a bit of luck) but I will test (correctly this time) more.
  15. I read your report. You have been holding tomes for her to bury all game. I did not have such luck in my game.
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