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  1. Hello I would like to invite you all to last part of Stitched in Time Campaign. When: 07.05.2015 at 17.00 to 22 Where: In Druga Era Headquater ul. Słowackiego 13 Pre-generated characters (there is pool to choose from), 3 slots left. Sent me a message or write here if you would like to come ! Best Regards
  2. Hello I would like to invite you all to our demo table at Pyrkon 2017 in Poznań (29-30.04) Demos will be run on Saturday (from 8.00 do 16.00) and on Saturady (from 8.00 to 12.00) Specific localization of table will be known at the convention. More information about Pyrkon - here: http://pyrkon.pl/2017/ See you there !
  3. Hello. I will be running Act 3 of Stitched in Time Campaign. There are free slots for next session - Saturaday (08.04.2017) from 16 till 22 in Druga Era Headquarter at u. Słowackiego 13. Pregenerated characters. Please contact me if you are interested in playing ! Best Reagards
  4. Hello I'm running next act of great Malifaux Worldwide campaign. If you want to join there is still one slot available. We will be palying at 10 to 17 on 26.03.2017 in Druga Era HQ. Characters are pre generated. PM me if you are interested
  5. Hello I would like you invite you all to our next tournament When: 25.03.2017 Where: Cube Centum Gier, Grochowe Łąki 5 Enrty: 15 PLN, 20 PLN on day of Tournament FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1291925937553754/ Format: 50SS No. of games: 3 Time per round: 2h 15min Additonl information: Tournament is fixed fraction and 3 fixed rosters (need to be printed). Rosters can have duplicating masters, minions etc. Schemes and strategy on location To join write me pm or on fb event page. Bests
  6. Hello Dear RPG Players ! This Saturday you all have unique opportunity to play splendid rpg game run at: ul. Słowackiego 15 in Druga Era HQ at 16.00 o clock. All characters are pre-generated. Outcome of sessions will shape fate of Malifaux (maniacal laugh). Please PM me if you are interested in joining. Best Regards
  7. After short break we are back in February !
  8. Hello I would like to invite all of you to next fee session of Malifaux RPG. I'm running adventure from Night in Rottenburg. Characters are pre-generated but no problem in bringing your own. We play next Sunday at 17.00 in Druga Era Club at ul Słowackiego 15. PM If you would like to join ! Best
  9. Hello I Would like to invite you all to Henchman Hardocore tournament on 21.01.2017 Location: Cube, Grochowe Łąki 5, Poznań Time: 10.00 (opening) - 10.30 first game Rounds: 4 (1h15m for each) Additional information and ways of register on fb event https://www.facebook.com/events/188502684958127/ Bests
  10. Hello I would like to invite every one intrested in TTB session on 12.12.2016. Game will be palyed since 17.00 till 22.00 at Słowackiego 10 in Second Era Club. Characters are pregenerated , but if have concept you would like to run send me pm. 2 slots left. Players age 16 and higher. Scenario will be first Act of Night in Rottenburg. Best contact me via forum. Stor might me continued but now I cannot promise that, we will se how it goes. Bests
  11. Hello 2 days of Malifaux fun on 19-20.11.2016. Rules of GG 2016 - 50SS - Fixed fraction All info and sign can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/124160374716938/ Bests
  12. Hello This Saturday (22.101.2016) you can meet us and lear Malifaux at Targi Hobby 2016 (at Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie)! More info (and tickets) available here: http://hobby.mtp.pl/pl/bilety/ our fb event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/649094608587877/ Look for us near Cube store stands. Demos will be run from 10.00 to 18.00 Bests
  13. Hello I would like to invite to horror one shot session in Malifaux RPG. We play on 12.10.2016 from 18.30 at Słowackiego 15, Poznań in Druga Era club. All characters will be pre generated. Experience in rpgs welcome (because horror is rather tricky) Contact me by forum or on facebook on Malifaux group https://www.facebook.com/groups/376813522487825/
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