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  1. My photography skills still need improving unfortunately.
  2. Belathane

    The Automaton

    well done! Looks like a cool old science fiction movie.
  3. what´s not to like about bionic monkeys. I tlove how colourfull your piece is. The strong primary colours work really well.
  4. Belathane


    Nice! I considered doing a Rail Golem myself.
  5. I decided to have some fun with spare parts and see if I could make something interesting.
  6. Thanks. It's intended more as a visual gag than tell a story. In hindsight I could have made it clearer that they're test subjects of some kind but for a first attempt at a diorama I'm quite happy with it.
  7. Nice work! Poor gremlin. Stuck between a croc and a hard place.
  8. kjhsgalkajnbvajmm j. Oops! My jaw dropped and hit the keyboard because of how absolutely amazing your piece is.
  9. Pink yet undeniably Nurgle in nature. It's a great contrast with the normal sea of green. Well done!
  10. Belathane

    The Eye

    Hilarious! Great idea. I love the pose on the orc, very well done!
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