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  1. I would absolutely encourage as many Gremlin players as possible to sign up for the M3E Beta. We can totally use your feedback in helping to ensure that the Bayou models on on par with the models in the other factions.
  2. That's actually a , which is the symbol for Bonus Actions (essentially, your M2E (0) Actions). And yes, Paralyze is gone.
  3. Just because you asked for it, I will make it happen.
  4. In general, there will be fewer but more meaningful upgrades.
  5. Mercenaries in the M2E sense of the word are going away. They were very much a "feast or famine" issue in M2E, where they were either an option that was never considered (Hog Whisperer, Freikorpsmann, Torakage) or were in every list due to their strength (Burn, McTavish, Freikorps Trapper). Instead, Mercenary is the name of the Viktorias' keyword (just like December is the name of Raspy's).
  6. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with allowing players to use apps to make lists in whatever fashion works best for them. I just don't like the idea of making the app mandatory. Some people out there don't have smart phones, after all.
  7. I am, personally, very much against the idea of "need an app to play."
  8. We likely won't be doing much with the Beta until after Gencon.
  9. Larger cards mean that we can use larger font sizes, which will in turn make them easier to read, especially for people with poor eyesight.
  10. I actually said, "Collodi will still be playable in casual play, as well as in tournaments that allow the "Dead Man's Hand" models." Just clarifying since you used quotation marks but then paraphrased me.
  11. I doubt that Kaeris is going to start working with undead. She's got principles!
  12. We went through the model lists and divided things up in ways that made sense and would give each keyword enough models to flesh out their options. I can't really speak to this at the moment, as we want to save some surprises for GenCon. However, I will note that we do have a plan in place with regards to further expansion. We're keeping it in mind, but game balance and fun are the most important things atm.
  13. Most models will have keywords, but every faction also has some 'Versatile" models, such as the various Effigies and Emissaries. Versatile models can be hired within their faction without penalty.
  14. It's the Neverborn story in Broken Promises.
  15. There are! Item one on the checklist, that was.
  16. There are currently no plans to carry Avatars forward into 3rd edition. That doesn't mean that it won't (or will) happen in the future, just that at the moment, we're focusing on getting the core rules and models updated and balanced.
  17. Not everyone, but we're casting a wide net.
  18. The Judge was totally killed.
  19. They will be balanced for competitive play.
  20. We're not announcing a public date at this time, as we want to ensure that we have the option of extending playtest if needed. Our first priority is to ensure that M3E is fun and balanced, and some wiggle room will help us in that regard. So apologies that I can't give you a fixed date at this time!
  21. M3E still has Upgrades, though we're dialing them back somewhat from where M2E is.
  22. I think that we'll have a good complement of units and playstyles available for people who want to experiment, while also making it easier for new players to figure out what sort of models will work best with the Master they just picked up.
  23. Without going into too much detail just yet, hiring within a Master's keyword will be affordable and will provide options that reinforce that Master's central theme. If you want to go outside a Master's keyword, you'll be able to do so within your faction, albeit at a minor penalty. All in all, we're reinforcing thematic crews while still allowing people to explore other options within their faction.
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