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  1. I prefer Scout the Field, as letting him get further up right at the start of the game mitigates my biggest problem with him, which is his slow speed and tendency to lag behind a little bit. Getting a "shoot anything" shot with his boosted pistols is particularly nice.
  2. Sue is definitely a staple in my Outcast lists. Dude is solid.
  3. Don't worry, Chompy is still around.
  4. * Nope. * Nope. * Per the Core Rules, you can use Artefacting to repair them, but they do not heal naturally over time like Living characters. Other effects may also allow Construct characters to heal, as determined by their text.
  5. The actual beta playtest starts after next week.
  6. The playtest isn't beginning until after next week.
  7. Hinamatsu is still kickin' it with the Neverborn in M3E (though it has also been seen loitering around the Qi and Gong in recent weeks).
  8. It should be noted that it's not impossible to go back to Earth; plenty of people do it every day. For a lot of the poorer people in the world, however, buying that ticket is a big deal... and even then, they need to purchase passage from Santa Fe back to wherever their home is, and feed themselves along the way, which all adds up pretty quickly. If you're someone who is taking dangerous jobs, getting into shootouts, looting the dead, and stealing Soulstones, that ticket isn't going to be too big of a deal (especially if you're a Fated character who doesn't pay rent or purchase food ). If you're one of the working poor... you might as well be trying to save up for a ticket to the moon.
  9. In M3E, Misery procs on the opponent cheating cards, not failing Wp duels.
  10. The Tyrants more or less hate each other and have actively set their own plans back in order to hinder others multiple times. There can be only one.
  11. Hiring a model that does not share a keyword with your leader is at +1 Cost. Cache is no longer a thing; you start with Soulstones equal to the amount you did not spend during hiring.
  12. I assure you, I am way too focused on M3E to even consider the possibility of a 4th edition, let alone to start planning model lists for it.
  13. Just remember, a writer having subtext in the mind when they write a story doesn't necessarily make that subtext canon.
  14. I think we were pretty clear about the Dead Man's Hand when it was brought up on the first page:
  15. Same Mason! [L5R Stuff] Without going into too much of a tangent, I think that the focus on themed decks was the right away for AEG to go. L5R was a complex and complicated game, and the theme, story, and clan loyalty kept them afloat even through particularly bad arcs. As far as being annoying, I'm afraid that I have to disagree. I played Shadowlands/Spider for years, and most of the time prior to Celestial, we were at the bottom of the pack because we just got a random collection of cards, of which a handful were "okay-ish," instead of anything that meshed into any sort of well-thought-out theme. Once Celestial rolled around and the design team started paying more attention to keywords and themes, Spider was finally able to run decks that weren't just a handful of unrelated cards tossed into a deck. Fields of the Dead and Shadowed Dojo were super fun, and they both received enough support to make them viable. Compared to previous arcs, where Ruined City and Spider's Lair received barely any support and our tournament wins were few and far between... well, I'm on the side of Celestial Edition's themed decks. [/L5R stuff]
  16. Absolutely, though it doesn't happen all that often.
  17. Elevation rules will indeed work differently than in M2E. We are definitely still a skirmish game... and we've put some limits in place to stop runaway summoning and excessive spamming, so I'd expect average model counts to come down slightly.
  18. Fine with me! You won't be restricted to playing just one faction. The question is more just for the sake of our own edification than to put people in tiny little faction-shaped boxes.
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