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  1. All of my schemes fit on a single two-page spread, so I think they're definitely a few steps in the right direction in terms of less "legalese" getting between players and the game.
  2. Does she have a bow on the front? I don't see a bow at all. EDIT: Asami, not Youko. Got it!
  3. The starter models have their own Keywords. Plus, they're Versatile.
  4. We just announced a new wing of beta opening.
  5. ...no? Ten Thunders already have a dual Resser in Yan Lo.
  6. So, it's worth noting that the GG (and the Guild in general) doesn't hate magic or magic-users. They have a bunch of both! The issue is with people who are using forms of magic that they don't endorse. Which, sure, appears to be controlling, but remember that one of those forms of magic is literally a death god whispering in peoples' ears and driving them insane. They're definitely controlling, but you can sort of see the reasonable foundation of their argument in there. The story of the Guild is really one of corruption. Sure, you have the obvious corruption of the Guild Guard being the ones who are supposed to enforce the law but instead enforce a very biased version of it, but every branch has some corruption. The Public Relations Bureau is more or less there to push out lies and propaganda, and you can see how easily it corrupted Nellie from a champion of truth to a champion of truthiness. The Death Marshals, tasked with fighting against undead and necromancy, employ both of those things to do so, and the Neverborn Hunters are led by a woman with questionable parentage and a softness for Neverborn (she keeps one enslaved and has been seen riding one around from time to time). The Witch Hunters are intended to keep a lid on unlawful magic, but most of that unlawful magic goes directly into Sonnia's personal libraries, a woman who uses forbidden magic to burn out peoples' souls and turn them into monsters. The Amalgamation Office was created to crack down on the process of Amalgamation, but its leader both kept an amalgamation on his staff and melded with machines in his avatar form. Lucius runs the judicial branch (and secretly, the Elite Division), both of which have been subverted for his own reasons. Also, I like this thread! But let's try to avoid bringing up a bunch of real world political stuff, alright?
  7. Seamus is a terrible person, and he sort of enjoys that. Leveticus is a terrible person and just doesn't care what you think.
  8. At the moment there is not.
  9. Arcane Reservoir is still in the game. On a few Masters, even. 10 Soulstones max.
  10. The Guild made an expedition early on, found the ocean to the east of the Bayou, and then just sort of shrugged their shoulders and went back to Malifaux City.
  11. I would definitely like to do so.
  12. The books you mentioned all had their spells updated where necessary before being added to the deck, so they're all good to go for 2E. The only thing missing are the ones from Above the Law, as that book was printed after the Spell Deck.
  13. The Judge you know and love is dead. The Guild's HR department filled the position shortly after his death, and Lady Justice decided to keep his name for the position as a way to honor him, cause feelings and stuff.
  14. I wouldn't worry too much, frankly. Leveticus' expanded hiring is no more. It broke the design process about thirty times too many.
  15. Nythera is not a portal to Earth.
  16. All of Hamelin's rat engine models will be around in M3E.
  17. We have no intention of changing how Jokers function at this point.
  18. One Keyword per Master. Though some Henchman have two Keyword and lend themselves to some odd hiring pools.
  19. Most models only have one Keyword, and nothing has more than two Keywords.
  20. We reduced the impact of Jokers, as people have seen from the lower damage caused by a Red Joker on a damage flip. That's about as far down that particular road as we're gonna go; for every person that wants the Jokers pulled out of the deck entirely (and yes, there were proponents for this in testing), there's someone who believes that the Joker randomness is what keeps the game exciting and interesting. At the moment, I think we're in a good spot with M3E. The Jokers are important and can interrupt plans, but you'll have less "Cheat Red Joker on a blast attack, win the game" moments.
  21. The fluff from Above the Law spells out pretty clearly where Executioners are going to wind up. ^__^
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