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  1. I'm certainly excited for the changes, the keyword interaction sounds really intriguing.
  2. Thank you sir for all you've done, you will be missed but wishing you the best in all your endeavors!
  3. As a Gremlins player, all I have to say is "Thank you!". I am even more excited for Zipp and his fellow now (and possibly frightened by the prospect of assembling the Iron Skeeters)
  4. Disregard, missed the message about Hamelin,
  5. For me, they usually default to healing the wounds I've self-inflicted from either reckless or summoning.
  6. Apologies if this is the wrong forum to ask this, but is the November promotion Red Bete Noire the transparent red or a different solid red?
  7. I can't speak from experience against Pandora, having never played her, but for my Brewmaster force, I use Trixiebelle over any other Henchman. The ability to cheat fate on the initiative flip is important to ensure Ol' Brewy gets the initiative. Plus, she brings scheme running shenanigans with her "Presents? For Me?" as well as another way to apply poison with "Buy You a Drink?".
  8. I had the exact same experience very recently, I finally got around to putting together my Zoraida box that I had purchased at the Gencon they were initially released (yea, I'm slow) and realized I was missing her left arm. They responded within 24 hours and had a new one on the way, it was incredibly impressive and very much appreciated.
  9. Judging from my plastic hog whisperer, I would say you were shorted
  10. I just opened mine recently, I had a card for each and a 30mm base for each.
  11. Our order just shipped without Hamelin from thewarstore, so not sure what happened
  12. If I sense a WP attacking force coming, I usually throw in Liquid Bravery.
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