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  1. jediguru

    Through the Never: Malifaux Painting Log

    The Dr. is in.
  2. jediguru

    Primordial Magic Conversions?

    Just sent you a PM, Fortune.
  3. jediguru

    Through the Never: Malifaux Painting Log

    Found a group recently that's about a 45-60 minute drive but it's something. I won't get in a ton of games but I'll occasionally make the drive. Got in my first game last week in over a year so it inspired me to put some paint to my Malifaux models again. Got some stalkers finished up in short order.
  4. jediguru

    Through the Never: Malifaux Painting Log

    I painted up Raspy's box last year as well so I could run demos with these two crews. Unfortunately had issues stirring up a meta in my area.
  5. jediguru

    Through the Never: Malifaux Painting Log

    Been a long time since I posted here but finding my way back into the game lately so I guess I'll dig this thread out of the grave. Took me a long time to come back and finish my Guild's Judgement box but it's all done.
  6. jediguru

    Primordial Magic Conversions?

    Nice idea, Fortune. Looks good. I'll post back here once I get my conversion all sorted out.
  7. jediguru

    Primordial Magic Conversions?

    That's not a terrible idea and I have the means to cast bits easily enough. Hmmm Kind of like the idea though of a more grotesque solution sort of like Yin in Ten Thunders
  8. jediguru

    Primordial Magic Conversions?

    Hmm, would love to see that. Anyone got any pics? I thought about cutting off the magic pukey bits and incorporating a skull or mangled face onto the worm in that location. Sort of making it look like it's protruding from the inside of the worm. Might work, might look ridiculous.
  9. jediguru

    Primordial Magic Conversions?

    Anyone done any interesting conversions for Primordial Magic? I really find the model uninspiring but would want to keep it GG legal. Trying to think of things I could do to make it look cooler while still keeping it legal and clear enough to my opponent.
  10. jediguru

    Demo Nights at Clockwork Comics in Orange, CT

    For anyone who was thinking of coming out tonight 2/27 for Malifaux, have to cancel since the store will not be opening today. Should be back for next week 3/6.
  11. In an effort to try and churn up interest in the game in southern CT I will be running weekly demos every Monday at Clockwork Comics 512 Boston Post Rd. Orange, CT. 5pm-9pm Starting February 27th Come on and check it out.
  12. Yeah, situation was I charged Barb nearly in base contact with target, hit first attack, pushed target to within 1 of Lilith but not out of Barbs reach. Lilith takes attack. 2nd charge attack hit and pushed target a little closer to Lilith. Lilith takes another attack.
  13. That's freaking awesome! That's how I played it but wanted to be sure. Almost seemed too good to be true but based on the way it was worded it seemed right to me. Thanks for the prompt response!
  14. Want to make sure about this interaction. Say Barbaros charges a model engaged with Lilith, hits his target with Macuahuitl and pushes it within 1 inch of Lilith. Lilith then uses her thirsty mandrake ability and and uses Alraune to attack the target. Barbaros then makes his second charge attack, hitting and pushing his target, again ending within 1 inch of Lilith. First question: Does Lilith get to hit the target again since the model did end a push within 1 inch? Second question: Does she still get the positive twist on the attack and damage flip with Alraune and can she declare the Bloody Fate trigger as well? Thanks!
  15. jediguru

    Through the Never: Malifaux Painting Log

    Felt like making some terrain one night. A little foamcore, hot glue, and 2 or 3 hours....done.