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  1. Hey guys! I am rather new to the game - I bought the Misaki-Box right before the first Wave of beta rules was released. So I didn't really have a chance to learn how to use the single units. Same for the archers: I bought them without knowing anything about the new rules. My reason to buy these units: I really like their look and the theme... The first thing I learned so far: Torakage lost a lot of their mobility (what hurts the most imo: arachnid!) + their smoke & bury-upgrade. They are still rather fast but they are neither good in melee nor in ranged combat. Their durability is missing something... and well, I really do not know what to do with them, but I still love the models. How do you use them? Do you use them at all or are the TT brothers the better Toras now? Second: archers. They are seriously too expensive for what I get in reverse. 12" range with a long bow? Really? SH6 is ok, but 5 wounds and a def of 4 lets them die like flies... so again the question: do you use them? How? My standard crew fields Miskai, Shang, Ototo and Yamaziko + "x" where the "x" is more or less irrelevant because I do not know any synergies with other models - and I tried a lot of combinations. Most of the times one or two monks of the low river are added but they seem not really to fit into the blossom theme... Any hints from the TT pros out there?
  2. Hey there, just want to say "hi, I'm new!". ...waiting for the final M2E release. I started a few months ago and took part in the beta. So I decided not to buy 1.5 since a full set of new rules is arriving.
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