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  1. SmoothWD40

    An add-on I'd love to see..

  2. SmoothWD40

    Gib-ering / Jib-ering

    Just use the silent G method.... AYE-BBERING
  3. SmoothWD40

    May 23 - Reva

    I don't think he can call HR for abusing himself
  4. SmoothWD40

    Wyrd Changes

    Aaron's mind "IT"S HAPPENING"
  5. SmoothWD40

    February 15 - Hodgepodge Emissary

    /biased hat off I love this emissary, it has a ton of character, it looks fun as hell to paint, kind of oregon trail vibe-ish. “You Have Died of Dysentery”
  6. SmoothWD40

    Create Your Fate

    Getting a 404 on that. Sorry, fixed. Here's the link: http://images.wyrd-games.net/2.5x3.5_Card_Template/2.5x3.5_Card_Template.zip
  7. SmoothWD40

    Create Your Fate

    Here's a template for you guys. (posting here while aaron wakes up from nappy time and puts it on main post) http://images.wyrd-games.net/2.5x3.5_Card_Template/2.5x3.5_Card_Template.zip
  8. SmoothWD40

    Wallpapers - YAY!

    Last week and tomorrow will be group wallpapers before finishing up the master ones.
  9. SmoothWD40

    Wallpapers - YAY!

    Ulix and Wong are up. And SOMEONE (me) misspelled Som'er, but he should be back up early tomorrow with a few more.
  10. SmoothWD40

    Wallpapers - YAY!

    Viktorias | Hamelin | Leviticus | Von Schill Are up
  11. SmoothWD40

    How did you pick your first master?

    Witchling stalkers looked cool.
  12. SmoothWD40

    New Website Launched

  13. SmoothWD40

    Wallpapers - YAY!

    All guild masters are up
  14. SmoothWD40

    Wallpapers - YAY!

    Chompy and Dreamer are up. Added a couple Nythera ones. Will do a few of these once I get through the masters