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  1. I know you're wanting specific models but the Nightmare Crew's Lucid Dream ability is bonkers good! Maybe even too good??? I've played several games and I have ended with between 8-10 weaks been removed from my deck which has had a massive difference to the game. With alot of my actions I didnt really care if i was in - flips because the majority of the time I was getting moderate damage (even with some - - - flips. Insidious madness are great! A tactical action (meaning no resist) that can give out distracted to enemies within 3" is great! The synergy between Widow Weaver & the
  2. It is with regret that we are having to cancel Vappafaux 2019. This has not come as an easy decision but has been influenced by the lack of ticket sales. Due to the nature of the venue, we have to book an amount of tables that we would need to hold the event. Because of this, we feel we would not be able to fund the event to ensure that it would be successful and enjoyable for everyone. This lack of interest we feel is also due to the current lull for malifaux since the announcement of 3rd edition. Everyone who has already bought tickets will be given full refunds.
  3. Hey Wyrdos, So far we have sold a few tickets which is great to see. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the venue, we need to confirm how many tables we will be using by the end of the year, based on the current tickets sold. Because of this, if you really are coming but havnt yet bought a ticket I really urge you to buy a ticket. Once we have confirmed with the venue how many tables we need, it may be difficult to increase the size of the tournament. It would be great to see all the familiar faces come to Vappafaux and make it a send off to m2e at Vappafaux.
  4. Hey bud, sorry for the slow reply. Swear I responded to this. It's to accommodate for the longer lunch so everyone gets the opportunity to look around the show It was ran as this last year and the person running it said it was really successful.
  5. Fantastic. Tickets available through the link above See you there
  6. York Garrison and I are pleased to be running Vappafaux 2019 on Sunday 3rd February and I aim to make it one of the best ones yet! Vappnartak is the annual wargame show hosted by York Wargames Society and held at the York Racecourse. Tickets include entry into the show and be purchased at http://yorkgarrison.co.uk/product/vappafaux-2019-feb-3rd-2019/ The cake sale at Wickerfaux was quite popular so we will be doing this again. This will be a 50ss 3 round event with an extended lunch for you to be able to look around the show. There will be space for 32 players and will us
  7. Hi Folks! Just under a week to go till Wickerfaux and looking forward to seeing you all there. There are still a few tickets available if you still want to come. I can now also confirm that there will be a raffle aswell, which will include a variety of prizes from widgets, brushes, and more. Tickets for this will be available on the day. Not to mention there will also be cake on sale aswell! See you all there!!!!
  8. Radek Bry, we will see you there!
  9. Just a few weeks left and there are still a few tickets available. Looking forward to hopefully seeing more of you there
  10. I'm pleased to announce that the kind folks at Gadzooks Gaming have sent over some goodies as prizes!
  11. Hi all, Im pleased to announce that all Tickets can now be purchased through the York Garrison War games website. I have posted this in the original post. For those who have already paid, don't worry. Your tickets are still valid.
  12. We all know what the original card was meant to say but did anyone actually try it? I keep looking at it and don't think it's very good at all
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