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  1. Hallo! We have no any new figures and games to show, but I have new artwork to look. Not the last, I have some ideas to make. I'll find this printed version of Taelor and have some free time in the evening and new box of Derwent pastel pencils to try. PS: Then I'll show my version of Dora and Candy, and some sketch for bigger art.
  2. Hey! I am painting my miniatures again after my daughter get well after hard illness. First of all I finished this base for Malifaux Raptor (1 of 3) and started the female Guild Guard. It was hard to start this base because of it's size and different details which I don't know how to paint. Then I decided to make one base from this and one ready more easier miniature from my main fractions.
  3. victoriangirl

    LowRes Paint

    I'll put here a lowres photo of my painted miniatures
  4. About two month ago was my last note about lowrez painting, and now I have some more better photos of my Malifaux miniatures. I'm not painting as fast as I'm translating for Russian MalifauxWiki. however I have some new in this gallery - footed McCabe, Master Queeg, Malifaux Child. Also I was taking part in coloring competition of Taelor. and made my first digital art with graphic tablet.
  5. My first only digital painting with Huion Pen Tablet and Gimp2 redactor.

    © Ask Your Fox

  6. Thank you. I'm working on painting some pice of terrane for home play now. Some wips are coming too.
  7. Whant to see it all )))
  8. Oh my! It is splendid and cute. I'll see it again when start mine one.
  9. Hi! I spent some time in painting from may 2016. It is important for me because it was my first good paint untill I became a mother of some wonderful daughter. She is elleven month now, and I have some free time at night to my hobby. This is my new album here The LowRes Paint where I and my husband wont to represent our processes in painting minitures, making terrane, and many other things we want to do. I'a a main correrctor of russian language Malifaux Wikia, and I want to make it a strong platform of Malifaux not only in Russia, but all over the world. Thank you. Special thanks to Wyrd for Malifaux!
  10. Oh, I think that in figure she is better than in art because of my vision of her is different with artist may be. Good work!!!
  11. Read another fractions too. Very interesting
  12. Have one this today and open my own box. I like it very much. I'v paint my Black Sheep box (except dismounted McCabe) and will paint them both at the same time may be.
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