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  1. Interesting game last week againt Anya. My well read opponent stated that when declaring to use of Price of Progress to add suit of his choice, he did not have to declare WHAT suit until after the final duel total is determined. I thought that was damned good and have finally gotten back to a rulebook and noticed naming does not specifically call out when the suit is named [soulstone or otherwise]. Question: When is the soulstone added [modified] suit have to be named? Main Rulebook,Duels [pg10] Step A: Modify the Duel Step D: Determine Final Duel Total Sometime else?
  2. Ive playtested and it will be a refreshing option for those that dont want to buy full factions or just really love their favorite masters. I am very excited about the option with only minor reservations. Fun speculations: Collodi, The Rebuilt- he becomes playable non-DMH, but has to hire Lucius as second master. Lilith, Usurper - she led the rebellion against Tatta and is the younger of Nekima so the title fits. She goes back to summoning trees and is able to teleoprt minions through them. Eurepidies, Gentle Gigant - his dmg track goes down to 1/2/6, and he becomes terrified of insignificant models [i.e. rats].
  3. Nope. If she was 10 stones, her playability would be way down. Serena as or more costly as CANDY OOK? There would be the new problem. The through nightmares attack is quite good for Vendetta, and the demise gives her a chance to survive through T5. Example: send Teddy/Chompy/Carver/Copellious go into a big beater, Serena does one attck through them, and heals them up, all from a safe distance. I would have preffered just one wound less, but she still sees good play even if her only "defensive" tech is now her demise.
  4. Carver is absolutely brutal into a Apex crew. He has Terrifying to force additional cheats, Ruthless to deal with Rex, strips off Focus using Misery which the dogs handout and other models like Cooper really want/need, and the stunned for 1ping of dmg or the push is pretty awesome to get models out of position. He was a very successful in-keyword add to Dreamer & Pandora into Apex.
  5. Has anyone found good use of Maurice or Tuco with Lucius? They provide some good ranged options which can be copied with 'Just Like You' on the changling making them a 2 model team to deny/protect a flank. Since Lucius cant obey Tuco or Maurice, his option would be to setup the Changeling so it can take 2 pot shots which have blasts.
  6. Using Pandora's shockwave attack to cause a large quantity of duels, resulting cheats, has been key to draining my opponent's hand and letting me control the remainder of the turn. I'll also suggest more Sorrows instead of Aversions if they are typically hiring a gunline. The bonus to apply stunned, if within 6 of another Woe, use Misery push them 2" into your threat range is not to be overlooked. Aversions are good for anti-melee and pushing your crew forward. Sounds like you have the opposite problem; draw them closer with Kade's stat 7 lure or misery 2" pushes. Isolate and decimate the opposite crew. Ran Hinamatsu last night with Pandora instead of Teddy. The +2" on the change, onslaught trigger, and flurry and another lure were brutal.
  7. Also listed here on Wyrd Trades and Off-topic Help me clean up the minis that are no longer on the project list. Will try to keep this posting updated as items are claimed. Shipping $5 to US; combining shipping of course. Condition: N = New, A=Assembled, P=Painted WTS: Dashel [m2e], A - $8 (2) Guard Patrol [m2e], A - $12 (2) Beckoners, P - $14 Alt Bishop, N- $15 Perdita Crew [Family], A - $25 Perdita, Enslaved Neph., Fanscisco, Santiago, Papa, Nino (2) Austringers, A – $14 Lucius Crew [Elite/Mimic], N - $32 Lucius w/M3E card [M3E] Scribe w/M3E card [m2e] (2) Lawyers [m2e] (1) Lawyer [M3E] (2) Investigators w/M3E cards, N - $14 (3) Insidious Madness w/M3E cards,[SOLD] (2) Stitched Together [m1e], P - $12 Cypher, N - $20 Shadowseer, N - $16 Intercessors NIB, N - $42 Daemon Prince NIB, N - $28 Space Marine Brother Vanial, N - $5 Space Marine Brother Gaiun, N - $5 Mini Rulebook (2014), N - $5 Chaos Space Marine Codex (2012), N - $10 Cryx Scrap Thrall, N - $7 Would trade for: Mature Nephilim Bandersnatch Mindless Zombies Molly crew [Forgotten] Karai crew [Urami] Jack Daw crew [Tormented] Parker crew [Bandit] Leveticus crew [Amalgam]
  8. Went to the kiddo marker box since my patience learing digital art was lacking during plague '20.
  9. M2E - Lilith v. Seamus Seamus back alley tricks across the board and tried to .50cal Lilith off the board turn 1. I used Graves to Show Ya the Door to Lilith and triggered to Fence post Seamus for disrespecting his lady. Lilith then proceeded to Greatsword (since she didn't charge, + flips) and cleave Seamus to death. End turn 1.
  10. Ouch! How did I miss that?! He's such a good boy too! I still stand by that 3/51 masters (~6%) not coming with a henchman is a pretty low selection of the total Malifaux range.
  11. This will be interesting because I haven't played half of the NB masters in 3rd; only 1 brand new Euripides player I've seen play, complete lack of Neverborn Marcus here too. Khyodee, how do you suggest I order those to give you "clean" results?
  12. When I saw the update, very shocked that Nekima would not have a henchman in the box. Browsed through every available crew box to see if no henchman in the box was unique... Tara box - no henchman Hamelin - no henchman Viktorias - no henchman, but two masters so... Dreamer - Chompy is the henchman & totem Since BBS are with Hayreddin, Lilu+Lilutu is already announced. I think we see the Mature + 2 Young box return as previously with 3E cards. Which leaves the following: Nekima's box is Nekima, Bloodhunter, (3) Tots, (2) Young, (1) Mature [new sculpt as depicted on card]. You want to max out youngs & mature? Just one additional box.
  13. I am trying to single master Pandora to better understand her and focus my M3E play right now. So what are the suggestions when the matchup is Woe v Family?
  14. Add in an Eldrich Magic upgrade and Final Veil for more Twinned Soul healing! These two are about punishing your opponent who failed to put them conpletely down in a turn. Lilitu was down to 2 health and healed up conpletely while bringing Lelu back up at the same time. My Basse opponent just sighed because all his activations were negated.
  15. I could use one; however, UK --> USA small parcel rates mean I can't offer much without going over local prices. Have fun spreading the madness in the UK!
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