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  1. Thank you! Page 50 of the printed rules, I see it now. It would have been handy if falling had appeared in the index.
  2. Apologies if I've missed something obvious, but I can't find falling damage in the 3E rule book. How has falling damage changed from 2E? Thanks
  3. It helps if I check the Announcements section of the Forum! To the latter points - it would be nice if there was a little bit more information about what Wyrd wants us to do with the playtest model stats. If it's just to drum up interest before the next release, then it has definitely worked for me! However, Puppet Wars Unstitched is aimed more at casual gamers than die-hard miniature gamers (hence the multiple requests for house-ruling the new models to fit the V1.0 rule-set in this thread), so as a marketing exercise the audience saturation of the pre-release model art/ stats will be pretty limited. Perhaps it's just to make sure that there are no broken combo's which the dev's haven't discovered yet? I just think that it would be great if PW:U could get a little of the geek-media input that the Wyrd team has put into M2E, particularly if they want us to beta pre-release model stats.
  4. Was there an official announcement associated with the release of the playtest model stats and Vassal module, or was this new content put out surreptitiously? I would like to hear what the plans for the game are - is this a beta of sorts? Are they gauging opinion before committing to a production run, will the production run size or format depend on the response to the released material?
  5. +2 points for 2x painted Guild Guard please! (Couldn't upload these to Westgamer)
  6. Thanks Rathnard and Rik(?) for the games against Feugan and I last night (both new to Outpost 6030). The Achievement League format is great and I got to try out a new M2E Story Encounter, which was a blast. My opponent was maximising his achievement points and took a fully painted, henchman-led Taelor list with Freikrops and Convict Gunslinger minion support. LJ, the Judge, Guild Guard, Austringer and Guild Hounds proved too strong for the Outkasts on the night though. I fear Feugan recieved a less 'relaxed' intro to the Outpost meta, with a spanking at the hands of Rathnard! At least we had some basic rules-interpretation errors soundly corrected :1_Happy_Puppet2: Looking forward to my next visit, as circumstances allow!
  7. Two relative noobs coming to Outpost tonight for the 1st time and we'd both be interested in your achievement league, Rathnard!
  8. I was sure I had read that in the v1.5 manual - but apparently not! That's months of not being able to effectively block enemy models, or getting away with poor positioning of our own models, for nought. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. Apologies if this is covered in the M2E rulebook and I have just missed it. In v1.5, if you had to move your model through a narrow opening the base "shrunk" to fit through the gap and then "re-expanded" to 30mm/ 40mm or 50mm. Has this dynamic approach to base width been retained in M2E?
  10. Thanks to all for clearing up those questions. Am I correct in saying that you could walk off of the side of the board in v1.5 to 'kamikaze' the DM and it's Pine Boxed victim? I obviously need to use different tokens for the Strategies and the general Scheme markers to differentiate the two and avoid token clutter confusion. So, to clarify, if you have both 'end of turn' and 'end of game' Scheme options available in the Scheme pool, declaring that a Scheme marker has been used for an 'end of turn' - type Scheme would therefore negate it's use in an 'end of game' Scheme as well?
  11. I thought that you couldn't place a Scheme marker within 4" of another Scheme marker - but perhaps that's within 4" of a friendly Scheme marker? Can a particular Scheme marker only have one use (ie only count toward one Strategy or Scheme), or can you use it to complete as many Strat's and Schemes as you like.
  12. Apologies if these are covered in the M2E rule book: mine doesn't arrive until after Sept 25th (the joys of living in Australia!): Played LJ vs McMourning (Resser list) last night and a few issues cropped up- 1. How many models can one DM bury? (My DM was walking around the board Pine Boxing every Flesh Construct that got within 1" of it, which seemed a little broken!) 2. If I walk my DM + Pine Boxed victim off of the edge of the board, does the Pine Boxed model die as well as the DM, or just Unbury in the controlling player's deployment zone (or none of the above)? 3. We had Squatters' Rights strat and opponent took Line in the Sand as a Scheme. Our interpretation of scheme marker dropping was that they couldn't be dropped on the centre line for Line, as they would be within 4" of the Squatters' scheme markers that were placed at the start of the game. The Squatters' scheme markers could be claimed by a crew, used to get Squatters' VP's at the end of every round and then the same scheme marker could count toward both Squatters' and Line VP's at the end of turn 5 (rather than having to chose either the Strat or Scheme to which the scheme marker could exclusively apply). Is this interpretation correct? Many thanks.
  13. Further discussion with the non-Malifaux players at BGG has revealed a fatal flaw in my understanding (or lack thereof) of the Puppet Wars Unstitched rules. I have confused the Malifaux concept of AP with the Puppet Wars concept of Action Value. Each model may only perform 1 Action per turn (possibly with one or two exceptions). The number in parenthases is the Action Value, the number required with a card flip (+- suit requirement) in order to successfully perform said Action. So, Standard Actions with a (0) after the Action title are merely automatic successes, not (0)AP or 'Free' actions. It follows also that the old concept of the 'Free' Action, as alluded to in Omenbringer's previous post, has been abandoned in the current rules incarnation.
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