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  1. Ok, that's what I thought. I've been explaining the scheme as workng like that, but when someone read it maticulously the other way, I couldn't articulate why it was not that way.
  2. On the last sentence of the Public Demonstration, "...the noted models within 4" and LoS of AN enemy Master, Henchman, or Enforcer." Between discussions with my locals and Podcasts I've listened to, my players are interpreting this phrase two different ways. A) "AN" means ONE individual enemy models. Arguement is that if writers meant that the Demo could be made on multiple enemies, AN would be written as "ANY." Also, I know fluffy-visuals should never be used to argue rules, but this "picket in front of A leader" better mimics the sceme title. B ) "AN" does mean ANY legal enemy in range and LoS, so the Demo-ers can picket in front of multiple models. Much easier to pull off, harder to detect/avoid as opponent. If the writers meant one target, they would have forced you to secretly note one preemptively. Thoughts?
  3. Well I think since Monday is a holiday in the States and Wyrd may or may not be in the office on the 30th, they should just do the next preview today instead of being late .
  4. A low priority I know, but are we ever going to see a Colette Wallpaper? I believe she's the only Master not represented in the Master Series of Wallpapers...
  5. I will be at Astral Games on June 18th for this year's Free RPG Day! Unfortunately, my store was not able to order the Free RPG Day Through the Breach adventure, "Sixteen Tons," from its distributor in time, but I will still be running a One-Shot from my own published-One-Shot-collection to observe this gamer holiday! If you are a local and are interested in the system, come on by and check us out! I'm still ironing out details (namely a time on the 18th), but these most up-to-date details will be posted on our Malifaux Facebook Group here as the date approaches. Hope to see you there!
  6. Just completed our second session. We were only able to complete Scene II of Bad Moon Rising, so next week should be the concluding session! Our next meeting will be June 1st at 3:30pm at Nitewolf Games. We still have people cycling in and out... if you're in the area and want to start a character, you're always welcome!
  7. With the school year coming to a close, things have been hectic for me to schedule demos/tournaments for the month of May. The next event scheduled is an Open Table/ Demo Day on June 4th at Astral Games. Follow the link below for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1714547142148197/ Next tournament will most likely be late June, well after Califaux. For the most up-to-date news, follow our stores Malifaux Facebook Group Page here.
  8. Due to player-preferences, we'll be moving sessions to Wednesdays for the foreseeable future. Our first session went well, albeit had to end mid-One Shot due to time constraints and character creation. Our next session will be May 24th at 3:30pm at Nitewolf Games. Well be continuing "Bad Moon Rising." Once summer break starts (early June), we will most likely start a more involved campaign, either Defense of Innocence, Northern Aggression, or A Night in Rottenburg. Again, all are welcome, veteran or newbie. Hope to see you there!
  9. Done with another large-ish update, getting Chronicles up to quality. Only thing lacking now is some of the Story Box encounters. Other then that, if you find any typos, or have any requests, let me know!
  10. For the sake of completeness (as some like crunchy results), here's how the tourney went: While I had 6+ planning for the tourney, only 3 were able to make it, so I had to step in as an noncompetitive fourth player and conduct three rounds. In the end... First place went to Brandon (playing Colette), picking up the Mat by Mars and 3SS Guilder Second went to Jolie (playing Rasputina), picking up a Dayglow Jackob and 1SS Guilder I took third, playing Tara then Von Schill, which I only claimed the 1SS Guilder Fourth was Ron, playing McCabe then Sonnia, picking up a transparent Mindless Zombie and 1SS Guilder With the school year winding down and Califaux looming, I probably wont be planning another tourney until mid-late June. I'll be running TtB sessions here in Northern California throughout the remainder of May. Until then, cheers!
  11. I'm going to be busy the next couple weekends, so I wont be hosting open tables, demos, and/or tournaments at my normal LGS (Astral Games of Medford, OR) for the next month. Instead, I will be revitalizing my weekly sessions of Through the Breach at my more local store, Nitewolf Games of Yreka CA during weekdays. Games have previously been fairly homebrewed, but I will be running published adventures (either from campaign books or One Shots) from here-on-out to keep my Henchman status during this busy month. Sessions run after school (starting around 3:30pm) on Thursdays, and often run til 5:30. New players always welcome. Hope to see some new faces there!
  12. Just did my first update, including some codes for the first two books. Solkan, I totally forgot about your clarifications, I'll get them next time though, hopefully with the Chronicle scenarios too!
  13. After some discussion with my new local players, we might be deciding to reduce the 50 SS crew sizes each round to be more newbie friendly (quite a few newbies only have crew boxes and nothing else). For up-to-date updates, visit the above link to see how things unfold.
  14. I will be at Astral Games again next Saturday (4/30) for more open tables and demos! Follow the link below for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1763966360490154/
  15. I know it's late notice, but come on over to Astral Games of Medford, OR for my first official tourney! My group here is a relatively new meta, but if you want the Strat/Scheme practice before Califaux a month later, we'd love to have you! For details, visit tinyurl.com/m2edevilsdeal
  16. We are still a go for this Sunday! I'll be bringing my own Mats by Mars, and as many of my crews as I can carry! Come down for either demos or open tables!
  17. My Round 2 Submission. A couple notes: I know my color choices on each animal is a little... vivid... but here was my reasoning. I tried to convince myself each animal was a representation of each Wyrd suit/color (Rams Red, Crows Green, Tomes Blue, Masks Purple). Picking out the Raven with blacks/greens and the Ram as browns and reds was easy, but the last two colors was puzzling. I did electric blues for the Rattler, figuring it IS a beast the Arcanists can hire, leaving the Lion (now no longer a saber tooth cerberus like in 1.5 metal) as Mask/Neverborn purple. I got some feedback on my hair treatment of Teddy (Round 1 submission). I'm still thinking it was my inept photography that washed out some of my layers in Round 1 (and is again this round, particularly in the flayed muscle detail...), but I still took the feedback to heart and pick out a more contrast-y mane for the Lion. Thoughts, comments, critique, and questions appreciated!
  18. As a call-out to the community, I need some help with the Adventure Box Encounters. I only have University of Transmortis (whose book I can't find after a move), and Brotherhood of the Rat (whose book I keep forgetting to pick off the shelf when I'm home). If anyone can fill me in on the Boxes I don't have listed, it would be greatly appreciated!
  19. After exploring all the existing Story Encounters that Wyrd has published to date, I decided it would be a good idea to organize all these Scenarios in one location (a la TtB Index). I've only listed them with titles and "fluff" descriptions for now, but I can add additional info if needed (ie # players, neutral model requirements, needed terrain, etc.)(currently in progress): Key: # Players- number of players needed for encounter. If not listed, assume 2 players #SS- approximate crew sizes. If not listed, assume 50 SS, or players' choice Models- specific neutral models under no one's control are needed. If specific models are summoned during the Strategy under a player's control, they are included here too Sethires- specific models must be hired by at least one player Terrain- specific type of terrain is needed Markers- specific markers are used that might be atypical to current Gaining Grounds (ie need something other than Scheme, Squat, Stash, etc.) Upgrade- special upgrade is needed Special Rules- special environmental or unconventional terrain additions are needed. Most of these are outlined in the Core Rulebook, p. 78-79 Scheme- a mandatory or optional Scheme is included with the Scenario Underlined- descriptions that are underlined are either shortened paraphrases of encounter's fluff description, or a community reader's summary of set-up My intention is this to become a one-stop-shop for community leaders and Henchmen to look up existing Story Encounters to craft their own Story Tournaments, Campaign, or demo games based on fluff-feel or asymmetric play. If there are fan-made Story Encounters that you'd like to contribute (Story Encounters from Adepticon, Califaux, NOVA, etc.), especially if you have a link, I'll include it! There's quite a bit of formatting and editing I need to do to keep this document fresh. It is a living document. If you have additional information or suggestions for this post, please let me know! Thanks, Updated 2/7/17 (Added Divergent Paths) Story Encounters M2E1: Core Rulebook M2E2: Crossroads M2E4: Ripples of Fate Chronicles Worldwide Events Adventure Boxes Through the Breach One Shots
  20. I'll still announce future tournaments and such in it's own topic, but for the most current, up-to-date information of events I hope to run at Astral, visit/join our Facebook Group if you live in the Jefferson State area!
  21. Come join us for some open M2E and/or demos at Astral Games in Medford, OR! We're looking to bulk up our Wyrd community in Southern Oregon and Northern California, and hopefully begin running tournaments (I recently sent in my Henchman application, fingers crossed!), once we establish ourselves! First demo day will be April 17th at 1pm... be there if you can!
  22. Round 1 done! Ready for Round 2!
  23. Salutations Wyrdos! I'm a high school teacher, and I advise for a gaming club on our campus, and am pleased to announce our third annual Extra Life event! If you're a regular listener to Mali-podcasts, I know some hosts (like the gang at Critical Condition, Cheated Fates, Lost Boys Radio, and Faux-hio) are very passionate about this charity event. For us, even though we've only done this event for two years in a SUPER rural area, my high schoolers and I have made $3500+ in donations to the Children's Miracle Network. Which brings me to you, the Wyrdos! I doubt anyone can join me, my wife, and my small Mali-meta to play any Nythera games or Through the Breach with us during the 25 hours in Yreka CA during Halloween 2015 (all are welcome if you can!), but if you'd like to donate to our cause, we'd really appreciate the help! Sponsor me or, even better, one of my gamer kids at our Roster Page, and we will be eternally grateful! #ForTheKids Thanks!
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