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  1. @Icarius, that red and black is great for the Freikorpsmen. I enjoy it a lot. I did something similar with the bases of my Super Dungeon Explore minis - there's a mechanic in the game where each model has a color affinity, and it matters for placement, so most of them have their affinity on their base. Does make it handy for organization, except when there's a dual affinity - "Do I put the yellow/red between the yellow and red? There are far too many of them to fit; where should I overlap them..?"

    Anyway, @Franchute, here's my pledge from (last) month: the Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits for 28ss. Funny story, they were finished March 4th, but I started working and then I lost my camera and spent a week looking for it before giving up and using the cell phone. Ugh.


    I swear, he's blonde. I did a stippling across LCB's body that came out really well, but after a day of trying and failing to get any good pictures with the damn phone I give up. Here's the proof they're painted.

    Maybe next month I'll find the camera.

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  2. So my Cassandra fell to the hardwood floor and then was kicked by my wife across the floor, where the sword broke apart. We spent three hours scouring the room and found NOTHING.

    Now, I'm looking for a replacement. A plastic Cass from the boxed set, a metal one that you don't want because you bought the plastic set, or even the bit by itself. I'm not picky.

  3. On 3/20/2018 at 8:31 AM, Nathan Caroland said:

    Because I like getting my toes dipped back in the early days to play around.

    Because I could.

    Because I was curious again about metal and some other things I'm messing with.

    And because even more bluntly, I've got my plastic people up to their eyeballs between finishing up TOS, continuing with Malifaux, knocking out the new Wyrdscape - and I don't need to add on top of it at the moment. 

    It was a bit nostalgic to go through the process of cuts and having metal in hand again - and the damn slivers of little metal everywhere. :)


    I just have one question:

    Iron Wind Metals for the manufacturer?

    Because I still remember almost a decade ago, opening up a metal Sue for my Deadlands collection, and smelling that unique pewter odor which belongs only to IWM.

  4. So - great spirits, almost a YEAR ago? - I wrote a little post about Seven Roles of Malifaux Models and How To Use Them. I liked it, and it proved helpful to a couple of friends who played the game with me at the time - until the gamestore closed down, but that's another story.

    So I was wondering how I go about trying to get an article into Wyrd Chronicles? I'd probably have to expand it a bit, and it DEFINITELY requires revision - I want to change the references about a master that can do a bit of everything to Sandeep, now that I've used him!

  5. "And in a language they understand..." I can't be the only one who snickered at that. I remember over twenty years ago hearing two people tabletalking in Klingon at a Battletech Grand Melee. Didn't help them any, they just got ganged up on by everyone else.

    More seriously.

    In the fiction, we do see situations where multiple Masters team up, and there ARE lots of other games that have 'upscaled' play sizes not necessarily BALANCED, but still endorsed. X-Wing has Epic (which is honestly more like a real wargame than the regular size!), Warmachine has its multiple Warcaster sized games, and one of my fondest wargaming memories is a lost weekend spent on ONE Battletech battalion-on-battalion game. If you've never played BT, the game pretty much tops out at 8-10 miniatures on a side, and we had close to fifty in each force!

    Something like, "60 Soulstones, can hire a Master at 15ss cost" and label probably Von Schill and the Viks as mercenaries. Or maybe 75 Soulstones.

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  6. Whew. Decided to take a break after doing a lot of commission work these last two weeks (Bretonnian Knights - boring! Plaguemarine terminators with scythes - almost interesting! Blood bowl orcs - looking forward to crushing them with my goblins!) and paint some stuff for me - namely, the Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits for 28ss this month.


    LCB's wip pic did not turn out well (and who the hell thought it was a good idea to SCULPT THE BOTTOMS OF FEET THAT NEED TO BE FLUSH AGAINST A BASE?) but the Dreamer's did just fine.
    He's blonde, but it's so ash-blonde that it doesn't photograph well outside a lightbox.

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  7. @Franchute, I got 'em finished up - then I posted on a local gaming facebook page, "I do commission work" and got flooded with requests. Bretonnian Knights of the Realm, Plaguemarines, and a Bloodbowl Orc team - the last of which is the only piece that actually interests me. But still, earning a few hundred dollars (provided the Bret and Plaguemarine customers are satisfied with these initial pieces and commission more) does make me feel better.

    Here's the Alps, bringing me up to 24 Soulstones (Bandersnatch, 2x Insid Madnesses, 3 Alps).

    Quite terrible, actually, but I really don't care about these guys at all. I just insisted that they be finished before I tackle the Dreamer and LCB next month - in between painting for other people. I actually hate doing commission work - there's nothing that murders a hobby faster than doing it as your job IMHO - but until I get a regular job it'll do.

    Just as long as I don't have to do 150-ish Zombicide zombies in a month again, along with the heroes.

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  8. It's the glasses that catch my eye more than anything else - I've done that for some commissioned Battletech minis before, that graduation is a beast to do and @Piccio pulled it off most expertly. Bravo!

    Unfortunately, my painting hit... a snag. While the impasto worked very nicely on the Insidious Madnesses, unfortunately my attempts to impart a 'glow' incorporeal effect via white ink, with some parts being corporeal (and thus not white inked)... did not work. Just plain did not work. I'm not sure whether to attempt a salvage via drybrushing darker purple, trying to re-emphasize the 'glow', or to just give up on the idea and try a more traditional inking, with a strip-and-repaint if that also fails. At least the Alps are cruising along, and the Bandersnatch is just about done.

    I'm feeling a bit discouraged. Here's the Insid next to Pandora. Is it as bad as I think, or am I just being overly negative?


    Ehh... I'll try the salvage idea tomorrow. Tonight I'm in a 'ragequit, table flip' mood.

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  9. @Amdor, the trick with orange is to start with a medium brown mixed with a touch of red, and, do a below highlight coat with a very light brown (like cocoa), then move onto orange - and don't skimp on the color, because man, those robes the Buddhist monks wear are BRIGHT, and the High Rivers match it. Of course, me, I get lazy and just do orange with a brown ink wash... but I'm lazy. :D 

    So here's my pledge for January: 3 Alps, 2 Insidious Madnesses, and a Bandersnatch (21ss). My plans are to use impasto blending of various purples on the Madnesses, then have them 'glowing' with a white ink and ground effect. Failure? Possibly. The Alps, a flat purple with yellow-brown robes and accessories because honestly, I don't see using them much. For the Bandersnatch... I'm conflicted. Get fancy? Just do a black-to-purple blend going up the body? I feel like the latter is the way to go, even if it's boring. Maybe I'll find a pillar or something that the shadow can extend from. I don't like the guy that the 'snatch comes with.


    malifaux paint contest jan.jpg

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  10. July, August, September, October, November, December...

    Wow. It has been six months since I was made homeless and had to put my stuff in storage. Finally had to BUY a place in order to have a roof over my head - the housing situation in California is past ridiculous and heading on towards disastrous, but my wife doesn't want to leave until her grandma dies. Reasonable, she's a nice old lady.


    I'd like to sign up for Master, if that's ok. I don't have the same amount of unpainted miniatures, or the friends I'd doing commissions for - well, at least til I find a job and buy into Ressers! - so no Emissary for me this year.

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  11. Okay, TECHNICALLY I woke up at 5ish to a text alert on my wife's phone that I couldn't find - turns out it was just a weather alert - but two hours later, when I heard a skittering sound across the hardwood floor and heard her say "Oh, no... Aaron?" I had a feeling that bad things had happened.

    Yesterday, we had friends over to paint miniatures, so my paints and other stuff were on the kitchen table, rather than in my studio. I pulled Cassandra off the shelf to make sure that the Coryphee matched her dress (I wanted them dressed the same as her, like my Mannequins match my Performers), but my paintboner evaporated five minutes after applying brush to mini so I set it aside and didn't clean up right away when our friends left (because we had to leave the house, but excuses excuses). So I have no idea when Cass took her tumble - was it during the night and a cat knocked her over? This morning, when I scootched the table back to its normal location and started picking up my painting stuff?

    And her sword/hands are missing.

    We swept the floor. We moved furniture - even the fridge. We even checked the living room, because my wife's kick had propelled Cass a fair distance.

    Nothing. It is gone.

    I am... disappointed. Not upset or angry, not really, because it is an unfortunate amount of my own damn fault.

    I mean, it's not like I'm going to be able to play Malifaux any time soon; my local gamestore closed down and my friends who play the game either moved two hours away or don't have time, but... losing it still doesn't make me happy.

    Sorry for posting something so relatively unimportant, but I just needed to say SOMETHING about it. If it doesn't show up in a day or two, I may make a new Cass out of the TTB minis, or possibly post in the trade forum, but for right now... *sigh*

    Bye, Cass. I guess that Carlos will be taking your place if I do get a chance to play any time soon.

    malifaux-arcanist henchman cassandra.jpg

  12. I think it's pretty much assumed that any Master can count as a Claim Jumper for themselves - none have less than 3" of walk and all have 3 AP, so including them would be redundant.

    Maybe including Masters that can redistribute their AP in some way to help other models accomplish it would be valid though - or other models that give Fast as well.


    Student of Warfare for Outcasts hands out Fast!

  13. 1 hour ago, Dogmantra said:

    Fingers likes pretty much all of these situations very much.

    Wow, yeah, Fingers would be awful - pretty much any Chatty model would close the game down until it's killed, and Fingers takes some killing. Maybe I should ban Chatty, since it kills the entire purpose of this variant? Bonus interacts are one thing, but shutting them down entirely would lead to too many stalemates.

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  14. 17 hours ago, Gnomezilla said:

    Tail 'Em just means automatic 3 points scored against melee crews, thus skewing the pool even further towards shooting.

    Our last Henchman Hardcore had Mark for Death as one scheme, which penalized shooty crews and resulted in a lot of melee crews gunning for the full 10 points.

    A good point. What about adding Dig Their Graves to the pool? Or Search the Ruins, to keep it even more centralized? Hmm... Search the Ruins... i think I like that better than Covert Breakthrough because we want the action centralized, not really spread out.

    Search the Ruins, Accusation, Set Up. Pick two.

  15. So I got to thinking about a more Interact-based Henchman Hardcore around the core of a 3 Squat Mark version of Squatter's Rights - with three, it would be a case of only one player can score from it a turn, making it a much more tense affair, with control circling around the middle. But I started wondering what two Schemes to pair with it? It seems like there's nothing that quite fits...

    Until I hit on the idea of having a cut-down version of regular Malifaux, where instead of 5 different Schemes to choose from there were 3 - you still pick two and hide 'em, but now it introduces variables that you can design a list around. Three wasn't enough, though; I wanted two about Interacting with enemies, and two for Scheme Markers. These are the four I was thinking about and why, all of them from GG2017 (mostly because the book ones require reveal/hide and I actually don't care for that mechanic too much).

    Tail 'Em: With only four models, it makes moving one out of LOS a difficult proposition - unless you can kill the only models in LOS, it's not too hard to scheme off of, and introduces a reason to NOT take double Henchman lists (I'm really fond of pairing Angel Eyes as leader and Candy w/FGF in HH..)

    Accusation : So Don't Mind Me models would be powerhouse choices for this format. Accusation hurts them because their typical game (Not caring about engagement for Interacts) ends up HURTING them - if they can't kill or get away from the model engaging them, they're freebie Accusation scorebait.

    Covert Breakthrough: Because deployment zones are so far forward, it's not hard to drop a couple of Scheme Markers to score from this. It also makes an excellent counterbalance for...

    Set Up: Oh, gee, your opponent has that one model based around removing counters? Or a Doppelganger? Well, then, this is the Scheme to pick and psyche out that you're going Covert Breakthrough - or do both!


    I mean... is this a bad idea? It seems like a much more interesting game than traditional HH which is all about killing and getting in the middle - so it favors tanks and beaters exponentially.

  16. 1 minute ago, Astrella said:

    I mean, there's a perfectly fine medical basis for it; and other treatments would dream to be as successful as transitioning is in alleviating dysphoria.

    I know actual hermaphrodites exist, and until very recently a doctor's main method of 'dealing with it' was to force them into female through surgery before the father or mother saw too much of the child and that was WRONG, but far too many of the trans people I've met are just... well... deeply unhappy with themselves. I mean, yes, misery is a human condition, and at least they're not doing something harmful like joining a cult or using illegal substances to correct that misery, but I still think it's still in the same general category of magical thinking: "If I do this one thing, my life will be perfect."

    But that is just my personal feeling. I'm not gonna look at the trans person sitting at my Deadlands table on Mondays and say, "Sorry Emily, your life is a lie and you need to wake up and learn to be happy with your dick." She wouldn't thank me, I could be wrong, and anyway her character is hilariously fraught with options for a cunning GM and I'd be sad to see it leave. A Texas Ranger who managed to pull the 1 in 27 chance of owing a life debt to the Men in Black Dusters from the Veteran of the Weird West table? Amazing.

    Y'know, I'm grateful for talking about this. It really helped cement my feelings about Emily. Even if I think she's deluding herself, so what? We all have to lie to ourselves, or else the pitiless weight of knowing that our lives are without meaning and that the uncaring universe turned for billions of years before our existence and will turn on, unchanged, after our deaths would drive us to suicide. Thanks to denial, I'm immortal, but I'm not sure how the rest of YOU deal with it. :P

    3 minutes ago, Kyris said:

    seems to me, that the people who are most interested in fighting "heteronormity" here are also the ones who are pushing it the most.

    Maybe we should all stop assuming that "a character is straight unless it's made explicit that they're not" and start assuming that "a characters sexual orientation is undefined until it's defined", yes?

    What happened to being able to like posts? I'm sad it's gone.

    I think that the attitude of the Malifaux writers is "Sex is unimportant to most of the characters until the moment that it is." That's fine. I'm not saying that they HAVE to have someone who isn't cisgendered, but if they did, it should adhere to some core ideas to make it more than just a boring token meant to appease a certain demographic.

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  17. 4 minutes ago, bertmac said:

    Could be Seamus I mean he likes to dress his Belles up in frilly dresses but seems to not be sexually interested in them. Perhaps repressed trans issues!

    The man only cares about death and is thus beyond issues of sexuality. Like I said, I think that he uses prostitutes to, in part, show the hypocrisy of the people - the fact that they're easy targets and make very shocking shock troops is no doubt part of that too. He COULD be, but it wouldn't be very interesting and it would undermine his existing character in a boring way.

  18. Ironsides is a boring idea for a simple reason: being a lesbian isn't such a big deal to at least 80% of the potential audience. But calling out a man as gay questions their masculinity to a fair bit of the potential audience - and the masculinity of someone who admires them. Because of it having a greater impact, I'd DEFINITELY prefer calling out a man as homosexual.

    So if we were to go full fujoshi, what male characters would make sense as potentially gay?

    It would have to be someone about whom there existed no hints about straightness to avoid retconning, whose masculinity is already unquestioned (that leaves out Lynch, because he already comes across as a bottom!), and that to whom being gay would be in incidental part of their character - just something that is, or was, a part of his life. It would also have to be just one or two people, not a sudden flood, because people who are solely homosexual aren't a massive part of the population.

    Making a new character who is gay is also bad IMHO, because that smacks of tokenism. It should be an ESTABLISHED character, someone we're already acquainted with.

    It'd also have to be a subtle reference. I think that the culture of Malifaux is inherently prudish, even about hetero relationships; I can't imagine Sonnia saying, "Hey Lady J, you look a little tired; should the Judge have laid off his gavel after the second hour?" It might also be why Seamus is so shocking; he shoves all that hypocrisy in their faces by attacking them with the women who service the urges culture pretends does not exist.

    I think Ramos tops the list. Sex may not matter to him any more, but a throwaway line about, "Even before I discovered power, women were of no interest to me" would help cement it. We've already got Cassandra walking towards him in nothing but stockings and a smile with no reaction, so the basis exists. But that might be seen as an easy out; after all, if he's not active he's not much of a threat to insecurely masculine folks. So yeah, he could be gay, but it's not very interesting overall. For that reason, things like Montressor or other beings beyond sex are out of the question.

    That's why Von Schill captured my imagination. An unquestionable badass who's been part of Malifaux for better than ten years real time? The only thing we know about his off-duty time is that he plays questionably legal drinking games with a bunch of other shady-looking men from all walks of life. It might be a little hard to weave organically into a story; the aforementioned interview was a bit silly, but what about Hannah and VS looking over some new recruits training with something like,

    A predatory smile crept over Hannah's face as she watched the men struggle through their turn on the obstacle course, the mud clinging to their skin. "I do prefer the ones with muscles."

    A matching grin was half-hidden by Von Schill's mustache. "As do I."

    She sighed and threw up her hands. "Whoever would have thought my CO would also be competition?"

    would be interesting.

    For newer recruits, Parker Burrows and Mad Dog, maybe, but I feel like they're a little TOO new for something like this. They'd go from "Bandits" to "Ass Bandits" and that's not very interesting.


    Abuela sighed happily as Perdita scrubbed harder. "Who would have thought I would live to have such dutiful grandchildren?" She glanced coyly over her shoulder. "I wonder if I will be blessed to hold great-grandchildren? Certainly not from Santiago."

    Perdita stiffened, and her motions stopped for a moment before continuing. "He would marry and do his duty by his family, if we asked him."

    "Yes, but it is not where his heart is..."

    And then have a massive Neverborn attack on their citadel.

    Note that my wife is sleeping right next to me and my reaction to homosexuality is, "Well, if it's important to you than fine, whatever" so I've got no real dog in this fight to demand 'representation'. (If I'm being 100% honest, I find transgender folks as boorish as anyone else who thinks one dramatic change will suddenly inflict happiness upon them and fix all that is wrong with their lives, but it does me no personal harm so they're free to do whatever they want.)

    I'm just thinking about it from a "What would be both interesting and not too abrasive at the same time?"

  19. 1 hour ago, Seadhna said:

    I'm surprised no-one mentioned Hoffman who is giving off a very Catholic-school-for-boys vibe

    I think Hoffman spending all of his life as a polio cripple - and  in the shadow of a handsome, capable older brother - excuses him from much information about his sexuality, one way or the other.

    6 hours ago, bertmac said:

    Just showing it does exist in some form. 


    I believe Ramos is essentially asexual or gay too as the girls in the star always try and fail to distract him.

    It's specifically Cassandra who was trying to get a rise - literal or figurative - out of Ramos. While I always interpreted it as power being the only thing that arouses him, it could well be that in his younger days he preferred XY over XX. The only possible counter argument is the dance with Rusty Alyce in one of the early Wyrd Magazines, but he had hired Levi and her to do a job and it was part of the contact...

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