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  1. @Icarius, that red and black is great for the Freikorpsmen. I enjoy it a lot. I did something similar with the bases of my Super Dungeon Explore minis - there's a mechanic in the game where each model has a color affinity, and it matters for placement, so most of them have their affinity on their base. Does make it handy for organization, except when there's a dual affinity - "Do I put the yellow/red between the yellow and red? There are far too many of them to fit; where should I overlap them..?"

    Anyway, @Franchute, here's my pledge from (last) month: the Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits for 28ss. Funny story, they were finished March 4th, but I started working and then I lost my camera and spent a week looking for it before giving up and using the cell phone. Ugh.


    I swear, he's blonde. I did a stippling across LCB's body that came out really well, but after a day of trying and failing to get any good pictures with the damn phone I give up. Here's the proof they're painted.

    Maybe next month I'll find the camera.

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  2. So my Cassandra fell to the hardwood floor and then was kicked by my wife across the floor, where the sword broke apart. We spent three hours scouring the room and found NOTHING.

    Now, I'm looking for a replacement. A plastic Cass from the boxed set, a metal one that you don't want because you bought the plastic set, or even the bit by itself. I'm not picky.

  3. On 3/20/2018 at 8:31 AM, Nathan Caroland said:

    Because I like getting my toes dipped back in the early days to play around.

    Because I could.

    Because I was curious again about metal and some other things I'm messing with.

    And because even more bluntly, I've got my plastic people up to their eyeballs between finishing up TOS, continuing with Malifaux, knocking out the new Wyrdscape - and I don't need to add on top of it at the moment. 

    It was a bit nostalgic to go through the process of cuts and having metal in hand again - and the damn slivers of little metal everywhere. :)


    I just have one question:

    Iron Wind Metals for the manufacturer?

    Because I still remember almost a decade ago, opening up a metal Sue for my Deadlands collection, and smelling that unique pewter odor which belongs only to IWM.

  4. So - great spirits, almost a YEAR ago? - I wrote a little post about Seven Roles of Malifaux Models and How To Use Them. I liked it, and it proved helpful to a couple of friends who played the game with me at the time - until the gamestore closed down, but that's another story.

    So I was wondering how I go about trying to get an article into Wyrd Chronicles? I'd probably have to expand it a bit, and it DEFINITELY requires revision - I want to change the references about a master that can do a bit of everything to Sandeep, now that I've used him!

  5. "And in a language they understand..." I can't be the only one who snickered at that. I remember over twenty years ago hearing two people tabletalking in Klingon at a Battletech Grand Melee. Didn't help them any, they just got ganged up on by everyone else.

    More seriously.

    In the fiction, we do see situations where multiple Masters team up, and there ARE lots of other games that have 'upscaled' play sizes not necessarily BALANCED, but still endorsed. X-Wing has Epic (which is honestly more like a real wargame than the regular size!), Warmachine has its multiple Warcaster sized games, and one of my fondest wargaming memories is a lost weekend spent on ONE Battletech battalion-on-battalion game. If you've never played BT, the game pretty much tops out at 8-10 miniatures on a side, and we had close to fifty in each force!

    Something like, "60 Soulstones, can hire a Master at 15ss cost" and label probably Von Schill and the Viks as mercenaries. Or maybe 75 Soulstones.

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  6. Whew. Decided to take a break after doing a lot of commission work these last two weeks (Bretonnian Knights - boring! Plaguemarine terminators with scythes - almost interesting! Blood bowl orcs - looking forward to crushing them with my goblins!) and paint some stuff for me - namely, the Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits for 28ss this month.


    LCB's wip pic did not turn out well (and who the hell thought it was a good idea to SCULPT THE BOTTOMS OF FEET THAT NEED TO BE FLUSH AGAINST A BASE?) but the Dreamer's did just fine.
    He's blonde, but it's so ash-blonde that it doesn't photograph well outside a lightbox.

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  7. @Franchute, I got 'em finished up - then I posted on a local gaming facebook page, "I do commission work" and got flooded with requests. Bretonnian Knights of the Realm, Plaguemarines, and a Bloodbowl Orc team - the last of which is the only piece that actually interests me. But still, earning a few hundred dollars (provided the Bret and Plaguemarine customers are satisfied with these initial pieces and commission more) does make me feel better.

    Here's the Alps, bringing me up to 24 Soulstones (Bandersnatch, 2x Insid Madnesses, 3 Alps).

    Quite terrible, actually, but I really don't care about these guys at all. I just insisted that they be finished before I tackle the Dreamer and LCB next month - in between painting for other people. I actually hate doing commission work - there's nothing that murders a hobby faster than doing it as your job IMHO - but until I get a regular job it'll do.

    Just as long as I don't have to do 150-ish Zombicide zombies in a month again, along with the heroes.

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  8. So, I'm not... necessarily HAPPY with how the Insids turned out, but they're OK. I painted their orifices white with a yellow tinge to make them look more glow-y, and I got the Bandersnatch done for a total of 15ss so far.



    Next, the Alps. Talk about boring minis, that I will almost certainly never use. But their lack of paint tasks me.

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  9. It's the glasses that catch my eye more than anything else - I've done that for some commissioned Battletech minis before, that graduation is a beast to do and @Piccio pulled it off most expertly. Bravo!

    Unfortunately, my painting hit... a snag. While the impasto worked very nicely on the Insidious Madnesses, unfortunately my attempts to impart a 'glow' incorporeal effect via white ink, with some parts being corporeal (and thus not white inked)... did not work. Just plain did not work. I'm not sure whether to attempt a salvage via drybrushing darker purple, trying to re-emphasize the 'glow', or to just give up on the idea and try a more traditional inking, with a strip-and-repaint if that also fails. At least the Alps are cruising along, and the Bandersnatch is just about done.

    I'm feeling a bit discouraged. Here's the Insid next to Pandora. Is it as bad as I think, or am I just being overly negative?


    Ehh... I'll try the salvage idea tomorrow. Tonight I'm in a 'ragequit, table flip' mood.

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  10. @Amdor, the trick with orange is to start with a medium brown mixed with a touch of red, and, do a below highlight coat with a very light brown (like cocoa), then move onto orange - and don't skimp on the color, because man, those robes the Buddhist monks wear are BRIGHT, and the High Rivers match it. Of course, me, I get lazy and just do orange with a brown ink wash... but I'm lazy. :D 

    So here's my pledge for January: 3 Alps, 2 Insidious Madnesses, and a Bandersnatch (21ss). My plans are to use impasto blending of various purples on the Madnesses, then have them 'glowing' with a white ink and ground effect. Failure? Possibly. The Alps, a flat purple with yellow-brown robes and accessories because honestly, I don't see using them much. For the Bandersnatch... I'm conflicted. Get fancy? Just do a black-to-purple blend going up the body? I feel like the latter is the way to go, even if it's boring. Maybe I'll find a pillar or something that the shadow can extend from. I don't like the guy that the 'snatch comes with.


    malifaux paint contest jan.jpg

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  11. July, August, September, October, November, December...

    Wow. It has been six months since I was made homeless and had to put my stuff in storage. Finally had to BUY a place in order to have a roof over my head - the housing situation in California is past ridiculous and heading on towards disastrous, but my wife doesn't want to leave until her grandma dies. Reasonable, she's a nice old lady.


    I'd like to sign up for Master, if that's ok. I don't have the same amount of unpainted miniatures, or the friends I'd doing commissions for - well, at least til I find a job and buy into Ressers! - so no Emissary for me this year.

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  12. Okay, TECHNICALLY I woke up at 5ish to a text alert on my wife's phone that I couldn't find - turns out it was just a weather alert - but two hours later, when I heard a skittering sound across the hardwood floor and heard her say "Oh, no... Aaron?" I had a feeling that bad things had happened.

    Yesterday, we had friends over to paint miniatures, so my paints and other stuff were on the kitchen table, rather than in my studio. I pulled Cassandra off the shelf to make sure that the Coryphee matched her dress (I wanted them dressed the same as her, like my Mannequins match my Performers), but my paintboner evaporated five minutes after applying brush to mini so I set it aside and didn't clean up right away when our friends left (because we had to leave the house, but excuses excuses). So I have no idea when Cass took her tumble - was it during the night and a cat knocked her over? This morning, when I scootched the table back to its normal location and started picking up my painting stuff?

    And her sword/hands are missing.

    We swept the floor. We moved furniture - even the fridge. We even checked the living room, because my wife's kick had propelled Cass a fair distance.

    Nothing. It is gone.

    I am... disappointed. Not upset or angry, not really, because it is an unfortunate amount of my own damn fault.

    I mean, it's not like I'm going to be able to play Malifaux any time soon; my local gamestore closed down and my friends who play the game either moved two hours away or don't have time, but... losing it still doesn't make me happy.

    Sorry for posting something so relatively unimportant, but I just needed to say SOMETHING about it. If it doesn't show up in a day or two, I may make a new Cass out of the TTB minis, or possibly post in the trade forum, but for right now... *sigh*

    Bye, Cass. I guess that Carlos will be taking your place if I do get a chance to play any time soon.

    malifaux-arcanist henchman cassandra.jpg

  13. On 6/8/2017 at 6:27 AM, Sybarite said:

    Well considering Carlos isnt even out in stores yet, some of us still play with other models ^^

    Yeah, wasn't Carlos supposed to be out this month? I want him quite a bit.

  14. On 5/7/2017 at 11:50 PM, Fictor said:

    People will kill me but, IMO, post-errata the better choice to do with Colette is put her in a box and let others do the job xD

    But her job is giving Minions and Showgirls the ability to Interact as a (0). And spreading her AP around to other models with bonus movement on top. And being nearly impossible to kill short of "ignores triggers".

    I'm not sure any Arcanist Master plays as well into an Interact-heavy pool as Colette. Hell, I'm not sure ANY Master plays as well into an Interact-heavy pool as Colette. If it involves Scheme Markers, she does it, while making the rest of her team even more killy in the bargain. ESPECIALLY in GG17, with things like Dig Their Graves and Mark For Death requiring Interacts before the killing starts, she's clutch in a lot of situations.

    If you think she needs to Prompt a single model three times in order to use her, then you never knew how to use her in the first place.

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  15. 23 minutes ago, MetaphoricDragn said:

    Snow Storm, Ice Dancers, Silent Ones would fit your limits and work quite well for Tina.

    You basically need these three to use Raspy as a solo master - there's no settling for just two here.

    1) Ice Dancers are fast moving Scheme runners that can get across the board in a matter of a turn or two, and dodge attacks very well - which covers a gaping hole in Raspy's basic crew box.

    2) Snowstorm moves your own crew around faster - especially Rasputina, saving her AP for things more important than a lousy 3" Walk. You could replace this with Arcane Emissary, who never counts as being engaged for purposes of Raspy's Ice Mirror ability, but I think Snowstorm is overall better.

    3) Silent Ones are famous for being the only real source of heals for Arcanists, and in Frozen Heart crews can lay out heals even while attacking thanks to a trigger on their attack.

    A lot of people also like Angelica and Blessed of December, and those two are also very good adds, but the three that MetaphoricDragn mentioned are the key adds for Rasputina.

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  16. On 4/7/2017 at 2:17 AM, Trixter said:

    I was faced with a serious issue. I'll need to deal with experienced Guild player (Sonnia/Perdita/Lady J) in typical GG matchup. I expect enough LOS blocking and different cover terrain. But really worry about durability which isn't strong side of Colette crew. I'm ready to loose one / two models per turn. But I still don't realize how to score 10 VP before 4th turn end (after which I assume I'll have no models to score).

    If we only talk about scheme pool (without strategy) - which two is the best for Colette under Guild's pressure? What models you'll suggest and with which roles?

    Considering that there's a whole big thread in the Guild section partly about how Frame For Murder is basically free VPs for their opponent? I'd start there. Colette also avoids the pitfall of being super killy so she's unlikely to give away the full VP amount on it.

    Inspection would force them to make some hard choices about hunting down models and splitting their crew - and Guild may not have the mobility to move for both corners and maintain a presence in the center.

    Dig Their Graves would also be surprisingly hard, I'd think, since they'd have to carefully plot where to drop the Scheme Markers in order to kill your guys whereas you can spray them across the table for free and spend your AP killing.

    Set Up would be good for much the same reason.

    And of course, there's always Claim Jump. Always.

    Colette is surprisingly hard to kill, and so is Cassandra provided you always have Southern Charm up. One horrible thing I did to a beginning Perdita player was charge an Oiran into her and nail her with the No Witnesses trigger so she couldn't attack any Showgirls.

  17. One thing I've been pondering, now that there is another decent Showgirl beater and we don't have to reach out of theme, are Oiran. No Witnesses (can't declare Attacks against models with the Showgirl keyword!) combined with her frankly insane Cg range and cheap (for the potential effect) price can be devastating. I can't wait to get Carlos so I can try with a pair of Oiran as guided missiles to cripple offensively oriented lists on the crucial turns.

    But maybe that's just because I want the kunoichi; however, I want a ton of minis so I can't really say that much about it. 

    5 Colette DuBois w/ Arcane Reservoir, Cabaret Choreography, Nothing Up My Sleeve
    9 Carlos Vasquez w/ Stunt Double
    10 Cassandra w/ Smoke & Mirrors, Recharge Soulstone
    6 Oiran
    6 Oiran
    7 Coryphee
    7 Coryphee

    Replace the Coryphee with a Performer and two Mannequins in an interact-heavy list instead, with Practiced Production on Carlos - or drop one Mannequin to bring Colette's reserve to 7 and really fish for high Tomes turn 1-2. That's why Arcane Reservoir and Nothing Up My Sleeve are both there as well.

    It's not as though it's a one-trick list either (Colette? One trick? Hah!) the Oiran have Lure to give to Cassandra (who can stone for the Crow and at Ca8 isn't an easy resist). I think two Oiran are necessary because they're high-priority targets and you really want to lock your opponent out.

    Dammit. Now I REALLY want Carlos. *whinewhine* when is he released??

  18. Performers also make good mercenaries apparently, though I'm not sure who needs them - Guild McMourning? Lure and Poison is right up his alley of needs. Brewmaster could be fun. What do Outcasts have with a lure effect? For my Widow Weaver HH list I used one, but that's more a function of my limited model supply than anything else - no Beckoner. You might save one of them to be painted up in more of a 'mercenary' scheme.

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