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  1. I might be a hardcore Neverborn fanatic now, but it was the first preview of Misaki's box set that got me into Malifaux. Anyone who thinks Ten Thunders is out of place in the genre probably has a very white washed view of history. Even if we exclude America and the rail road workers or all the immigrants on the west cost, we still have England and the Opium Wars or the British Raj in India, both very much in the correct time period for Malifaux to be inspired by

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  2. On 8/12/2018 at 1:07 AM, Code 3 Slophauler said:

    I get what they were going for but it is a little too much for me with daughters in the house, if they were going to update any models in Mah's box that would be the one that gets me to repurchase it.

    What I've seen, and what I plan to do with mine, is put Trixiebelle sitting. Without the pose, I find the sculpt much more to my liking. And more Gremlin in my mind, but that's personal opinion.

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  3. 15 hours ago, edopersichetti said:

    Yep indeed - perhaps the devs felt that Lilith's playstyle was a bit too much all-in-one (she is one of the best masters out there) and so decided to simplify. I 100% expect Nekima to be just smash and beat face but few tricks, and Titania to be plenty of tricks but very little smashing...so two distinct playstyle which are going to be suitable for different situations.

    Eager for the beta too!

    I don't know that I agree that she was one of the best masters out there. Certainly nothing like Wave 4/5 Sandeep, Nicodem, Collodi, etc. But I do agree she was very flexible. She was a hybrid, not the best at fighting, but still good, not the best at supporting tricks but still good. This meant in the hands of a skilled player, she could adapt to the fight. I liked that.

    I know some folks prefer the "Oh, I'm going to take the best face smasher for this strategy" and then next round "I'm going to switch to the best trickster for this strategy" kind of game play. But that wasn't me. I'd rather keep my master and adjust the crew around my master. I agree that Lilith was maybe too flexible and independent from her crew and that needed to be reigned in, but I still hold out hope that there can be a middle of the road hybrid master playstyle out there. Not just "Oh, it's this strategy, time to put this master away and pull out this other one". 

    I still expect to see Lilith and Collodi back in the future. Whether it will be in Neverborn or not I'm not sure, but I think M3E Book 2 will bring us them back. Of course, they'll likely also be transformed, so I have no idea if she'll have that same playstyle, but I can always hope.

  4. I loved Lilith for her tricks & sword. I love a master that can play in the backfield and manipulate the board & her crew, but when in a pinch, completely smash face. I don't like the pure backfield support masters that melt when they get into melee, and while I enjoy the smash face masters like Misaki, they are a little boring compared to a more intellectual puzzle like Lilith. You shouldn't use Lilith as a pure beater master, she just doesn't have the durability to survive extended combat, but the combination was great. 


    That's largely why I'm concerned with Nekima as a master. I think she's going to be all rage and beat face. No subtlety. It's the whole reason Lilith was able to triumph over Nekima in the first place (in the fluff I mean). While the cyclops were interesting, I don't have a lot of interest in Euripedes, because while playstyle is king, I still like a heavy dose of fluff with my master choice. Dreamer has gone backfield summoner per the teaser text. Titania is expressly described as being very tanky. I feel like that quintessential "melee murder glass cannon but with a load of misdirection/tricks" that attracted me to Neverborn is in danger of going missing in 3E. 


    I'm 100% onboard for 3E and think it's definitely needed. I'm very eager for the beta and seeing what happens with the game. I doubt any of the changes will make me quit playing or reduce the fun I have with Malifaux. But I am concerned that my allegiance to the Neverborn will be sorely tested. I already play quite a bit of 10 Thunders and a little Arcanists/Outcasts on occasion, but Neverborn have been my true love since I settled on a primary faction. 

  5. As to all the card size comments. Why does everything think it's just for art? We've only see the front side of cards. We all know current Malifaux cards have a lot of text on the back. I think it's hasty to assume it's "a marketing decision" or "just for the art" rather than a technical one to fit more rules on the back, and then they might as well fill the extra space this gives them on the front with eye-catching art that will attract people to the game.

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  6. 13 minutes ago, Snowhateswinter said:

    Malifaux is my favorite game, and I was super excited when I saw m3e on the website. Then I saw that nonthematic crews will have penalties. This, in my humble opinion, will take away all of the game’s charm. I loved the ability to have so many models to choose from, but this won’t be a factor anymore. No tournament player will penalize their crew so it’ll be the same crews time and time again. On top of that some masters have very small thematic crews at the moment, which would penalize them further. I’m holding out hope that the penalty will be an OKAY model you can only take in thematic crews, or an upgrade you can only get in thematic crews, or maybe even the WM/H method of getting a few bonuses for thematic crews without removing competitiveness of nonthematic crews, but from what I’ve heard it looks like you’ll have to pay more for nonthematic models. If this is the case I’m afraid you’ve lost me and my gaming group.

    Mason has mentioned that they've ensured that each keyword has enough support, meaning we'll likely see more models with keywords than they have today. Things like Lelu and Lilitu already had several because they overlapped several crews, I can easily see them expanding this to more models. So it might be premature to say some master's won't have enough models.


    Additionally, if they expand the keyword pool big enough, then even playing "in theme" will resort to diverse crews. I understand your fear. From 1E, I have always wanted to be a Rasputina player, but I always hated playing with the very specific set of models that she wanted. I loved Lilith because I could leave all my Nephilim at home and pick a diverse list and still be competitive. I don't like the idea of "net-listing" a pre-packaged crew. But if I had 30 models to choose from for a master that were "in-theme", that probably is enough for diverse lists.


    One of the reasons M2E has started to show some cracks is balancing huge model pools. When you have 100+ models to balance with a master, it can really make it challenging. Not to mention it can really restrict design space. "Rasputina could really use a model that does XYZ, but if we give her one, it will make Marcus WAY too powerful". So it's easy to see why they are doing that, and cleaning up the cross-faction hiring stuff by using keywords, but I do share your fears. I hope it's a wide keyword and not too narrow "you get to pick 7 of these 9 models to play with each game"

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  7. As a primary Lilith and Collodi player, I'm very much interested in the Dead Man Hands stuff. And I am frequently participating in tournaments like Adepticon, so it's of interest. But I see a perfectly plausible "sky is NOT on fire" reason for it.

    At launch these masters have Dead Mans Hand stuff. They can be used in tournaments if the TO allows, and I might even expect that most tournaments would allow it right at launch to ensure 3E participation. Then in the future, when these masters get reintroduced as M3E Book 2 masters, their new incarnation with new crews, new abilities, new everything are tournament legal. Boom, easy solution.

    If Dead Man Hands crews were "default legal" as some have said, then there would be two versions of Lilith legal, or they would have to make the old versions illegal at that time. It's a much cleaner decision to make them non-standard at launch, when people are starting fresh, than to pull the rug out from them a year into 3E.

    This is all hypothetical of course, but optimism is just as good of a future predictor as pessimism. 

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  8. 15 hours ago, Lalochezia said:

    Where is the story about Lilith? I need to go read that.

    I picked up Broken Promises the other day but I'm not all the way through it. Or is it in TTB somewhere?

    Lilith's story that I referenced and leads to her current status imprisoned (I'll try to avoid more spoilers) is in the most recent Wave 5 book. Broken Promises.

    It also has the stories about Ramos, about Misaki, etc, so well worth it for the fluff alone!

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  9. The conspiracy reasons folks come up with for why certain masters leaving is funny. Can't it just be literally because of the storyline? In a year after M3E releases, there will be a new book. And in that book will be new models. There's nothing saying we can't have an undead Nicodem, a risen Lilith and whatever happens to Collodi come back for M3E Book 2. At least that's what I'm hoping the plan is.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Kyris said:

    except for the fact that using their dead man's hand method. they still do have to support all of those masters.

    Without being tournament legal, even 95% casual players like myself will still feel compelled to play other masters to stay up to speed for the few tournaments we play in.

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  11. I've been playing since the very tail end of 1E, but it wasn't until I first read Lilith's story and put her on the table that I really fell in love with it. While I literally own every single master and only have a few wave 5 models that I haven't purchased yet, Lilith is still my favorite. Reading her Book 5 story made me think 3E was coming, but I didn't realize it would do so without Lilith as a legal tournament model.


    However, I'm holding out hope. Lilith isn't dead, and in a game with Ressurectionists, dead isn't gone. She's in Nythera. I was hoping 3E would see her rise transformed like Titania was, and I'm still hoping for that. I might have to wait a year for M3E Book 2 to get it, but I can't imagine the future of Malifaux with her gone forever.


    Cautious optimism. I was just starting to get into Collodi, so now I feel a little bit kneecapped, but my hope is that Nekima stepping up can fill the void. Or that Titania gets a little more interesting in 3E to make it count. Funny, 3E seems targeted at what I'm playing. After playing Neverborn for so long, I just recently got my Outcasts out to mix it up... with Misaki. Oh well, I like 10T better than Outcasts anyway :)

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  12. It's a tough spot. If the game is going to continue to grow (as in, new ANYTHING, models, books, whatever), that inherently makes it tougher for a new person to get started, because each new thing is one more to pile on. Yet, if it doesn't continue to grow, veterans will get tired of the same combo's and same toys and move on to other games. Attracting new fans is still important, but the base is the people who are already playing. You know they are customers already (easier to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one).


    It's a tough spot. As a fan, I want the range to continue to grow, acknowledging it means I'm going to get beat by combo's I've never seen before. If Malifaux stopped growing, I would eventually get tired and drift off to other games that offered new possibilities. I'd rather the new possibilities be right in Malifaux.

  13. On 3/21/2018 at 6:05 PM, Clockwork_Fish said:

    I’ve always loved Kade with Lilith.  His damage is bananas and he does well hidden away behind Lilith’s trees.  The points reduction just makes him better.

    Especially when you bring Lilitu to lure things to him for a pounce and a 4" engagement range for his bonus damage... and Serena to give him Black Blood so he's not hurt if other things do get attacked

  14. I've been using Lilith terrain lists quite successfully since Wave 5 and her new upgrade. Though I focus on Hazardous Terrain rather than simply just walls/cover.

    • Lilith with her terrain upgrades
    • Grootslang (1-2 depending on schemes) 
    • Ama no Zako (I'm still debating if this one makes sense)
    • Lilitu for Luring models to Lilith's terrain
    • Graves for pushing models to Lilith's terrain
    • Baby Kade for pouncing & a lure if I'm really desperate
    • Serena to give models like Baby Kade Black Blood & keep Lilith from nasty anti-WP conditions

    I've had the Mysterious Emissary in the list originally, but I don't think I'm getting full value out of it, so lately I've been leaving Mysterious at home. Grootslang bounce around their lairs for schemes, and can show back up in the middle suddenly for some nice positive twists to everything attacks with all Liliths markers around. And they're immune to hazardous even when Lilith isn't around, so she can leave minefields and not impair the Groot. I tried out the Cherub last night after I realized I could now shoot my own models with the hazardous terrain aura and not hurt them if they are near Lilith, but I was fighting against a Sandeep mage gunline so I didn't get much use out of it.


    The terrain list really really can restrict where enemies are comfortable fighting. When Lilitu can pull something into hazardous terrain, triggering Baby Kades pounce, and then take damage when they activate in the terrain, only to take black blood damage when they actually attack, it's pretty glorious. And it happens a lot more often than one would think. Especially if you drop a ram trigger on any Lilith's attacks for even more terrain...

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  15. I've used it in a couple of real games. Like any of the big models with fancy weapons, tentacles or other parts sticking out, it can be tricky. Keep a spare 50mm base around for when it's in real tight corners and space matters. It's not just him though, there's lot of models (in lots of games) with this problem. Turning them around so the back is what is making contact with the enemy is another potential solution.


    Rule of Cool applies though. If it looks cool enough, plunk it on the table and learn what is needed to mitigate the disadvantages of size :D

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  16. In a pseudo-tournament league format, I happened to play a game last week against a fellow Neverborn player, and we ended up matching Lilith vs Titania for one of the fluffiest match-ups yet. Except Nekima wasn't on the table and I had a pair of Cyclops fighting for Lilith instead of the other way around. If it wasn't for the fact we're both Neverborn, I would have totally said the Cyclops were massively OP vs Titania though!

    The (0) Frozen Runes specifies "scheme markers". It does't specify friendly or enemy. So unless I'm missing something, that means it works on enemy markers as well. At one point, one of my Cyclops used a 0 with seven scheme markers within 3". With her, I did 2 damage to enemy models, healed 3 wounds, slowed Titania (and discarded an enemy marker) and placed one of my own scheme markers on the table. Insane!

    Anyone else run into something similar?

    My list felt exceptionally brutal with the Cyclops to. I had Lilith with the Black Blood upgrade for a (0) heal, Serena to give the Cyclops black blood, and then the pair of them for Frozen Runes. That gives the Cyclops so many sources of healing back from Hard to Kill. Lilith and Serena both could heal them. They can heal themselves by discarding a Ram, or they can heal from Frozen Runes if they flip the right card. And with two of them, they can heal each other with Frozen Runes (or get more scheme markers with masks for the other to Frozen Runes). 

    My local meta is beginning to dread seeing me plunk a pair down on the table...


  17. 7 hours ago, WWHSD said:

    There’s no reason to think that immunity to :pulse damage would work that way. The rule that causes conditions to be removed when a model gains immunity only deals with conditions, not anything else that a model might be immune to.


    I think the difference is how we see the "immunity". If a model becomes immune to burning, the rules tell us to drop burning. But this ability isn't making a model immune to burning. It's making a model immune to conditions caused by enemy models. A model isn't immune to burning if it's from a friendly, just if it's from an enemy. 


    This is the key distinction I think. I think it is only immune to an enemy applying conditions, which is different from immunity to a condition. Since it's a condition (not enemy or friendly) that is affecting the model, it wouldn't drop off when it became immune to the enemy applying conditions.


    Granted, that may not be what is intended, but I think the scheme/strategy scoring is a more solid ruling than the "immunity causes conditions to fall off" ruling in this case, hence still believe it wouldn't fall off.

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  18. 25 minutes ago, WWHSD said:

    But it's not ownership. It's asking what the cause of the condition was. 

    But that's not a tracked item in Malifaux. For example, let's say instead of burning, we're talking poison. I give my model 2 poison, then my opponent gives my model 2 poison. End of the turn happens, I take 1 damage and my poison condition drops to 3. Now I enter the immunity aura. Do I drop 1 poison or 2 poison under your scenario? It gets messy.

    On the other hand, Malifaux already does have a way of handling the "owner" of conditions, such as for scoring schemes. And that's that the condition doesn't belong to either side. So while it's not a great point, it's at least something on the side of "no conditions drop off".

  19. 7 minutes ago, WWHSD said:

    The wording isn't saying anything about ownership of the condition. It is looking for what caused the condition.

    Per the rules you do remove existing conditions when you gain an immunity.

    Big Core, pg. 39:
    "If a model gains immunity to a Condition while it
    has the Condition, it immediately removes the Condition."


    I'd agree if they were gaining immunity to a condition. But the wording makes it seem like they're gaining immunity from an enemy applying conditions. That's a slight difference, and enough to make me think they wouldn't lose conditions they already had

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