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  1. As an example of the above post, the ASYLUM keyword only has 4 models and no master. It's just dr.grimwell, hartsbane, the orderlys, and nurses.
  2. On the bright side, we have a lot of fantastic FFM targets in neverborn.
  3. Imo, Iggy is an underrated FFM target in Neverborn. Not only is he annoying since he hands out burning (up to 8 a turn with the Depression upgrade) he also can kill their FFM target with burning to deny them the points.
  4. Oh, a unit that slipped my mind until just now. Bunraku have some really solid anti runner tools, imo. At least on paper, i've never actually tried them but might be worth looking into. Solid melee attack a ranged action that pulls models to them with a solid CA and trigger to stab them after a 0 action to gain focus and a trigger to add an automatic mask to their next CA action Should also be fast enough to get in range to pull runners to them.
  5. Illuminated can trounce just about any scheme runner for 7ss. That being said Illuminated can trounce a lot of things.
  6. Had anyone tried Rougarou with the new Lucius yet? On paper, they seem like they could be pretty fierce.
  7. LooKing good guys, keep it up! I haven't had a chance to play any games yet sadly.
  8. Arcanists are also very fond of the idea of making the man a werewolf.
  9. It is more about building a priority list to me. I rarely get more than 1 game a week so it would be nice to know which characters I should be shooting for and which to let pass.
  10. I flipped through the encounters at lunch. From what I can see, if we win the character this cycle, the child would become a healer. The Man would gain brilliance And The Woman would become linked to the Oiran. With this knowledge, I fully support the Man with child as a secondary.
  11. Well, we will be allowed to do all 3 encounters each cycle so why not set up a Priority list? That way if we can only get the one game in that cycle we know which one to focus on, but if we get more games we can shoot for a back up plan.
  12. I will have to check this out after work. I am just learning Dreamer and love hearing others experiences with him.
  13. Woo! Is it bad that I actually kind of liked that song?
  14. Runming Dreamer, Lilith, and Pandy, a Teddy would be a great pick up as all 3 can benefit from his presence (although, Pandy and Dreamer have better synergies with Teddy) Dreamer is tough right now as many of the models he likes a lot are not in plastic yet. Insidious Madness, Stitched Together, and the Twins (Lelu and Lilthu) are only in metal right now as far as I know. They can be tough to find. For Lilith, get a Nephilim box. Those Youngs and the Mature are scary, scary beasts in melee.
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