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  1. After reading it again i totally agree with this. I have played it wrong until i must admit.
  2. Aaah, thats good to know Thanks
  3. If playing a similar list, i Would probably go for a hunter or austringer over the pathfinder. Hunter for slow and pulls, and austringer for card discard....really love that trigger. Another nurse could come in to play aswell, but NOT as often as the other two i Think. It Was a really fun Way to play him, since most of what i did Was focused around not fighting. I dont play him around prison at all, but more as a support buffer/speed bump if needed. Its also fairy Nice if you have the cards, to take your nurse and give the doctor +2dg, and then scalpel sling him in to a heavy High wound/low df model. 4 attacks With week dg. 4 is nasty. And ofc auto poison for htk targets.
  4. Had a game the other day with McMourning. I was playing against 10T, and the strat was Extraction. I took covered breakthrough and exhaust their forces. Misaki took exhaust their forces and Hunting Party. He brought something along the line of: Misaki (3 upgrades) Lone Swordsman Katanaka sniper Thunder Archer Toshiro Ototo I brought: McMourning Nurse Heartsbane Judge Orderly Deathmarshal Austringer Pathfinder Nurse I went for full out control and didnt want to do alot of killing. We ended the game in turn 4, as we ran out of time. game would have ended 10-4 to McMourning. I had Ototo stand still turn 2 and 3 thanks to nurse Heartsbane, and Misaki paralyzed turn 3 and 4 thanks to the nurse. I also boxed Toshiro one turn to make sure he didnt start summoning. Lessons learned: it is very hard and card intensive not to fight. This control type crew works best against elite crews. I was lucky with a few flips and card draws, which made my life a bit easier. I was very happy with nurse Heartsbane, and she quickly got a huge mark on her back. She is very card intensive, and suit hungry. Still have not gotten anything out of the Pathfinder. Love the Austringers mainly for their discard card trigger and their deliver orders. Nurses are fantastic...so many ways to shut down models. 1 Deathmarshal is alwasy good. Orderlies are good scheme runners. With a nurse they can go up to walk 8, and you can push them around with McMourning without worrying about poison, since they heal a bit. McMourning actually didnt do much this game appart from pushing people around and taking a charge from Ototo. All in all it was a fun game, and a type of crew i don't usually run.
  5. I noticed it while i was trying to assemble her. I followed the assembly picture, and when i got to the part where i needed her arms, only one of them was there. I haven't cut it off or anything. You can see a clear difference from my cuts, to the place on the sprue where the arms should have been.
  6. After unboxing Hannah, and starting the very extensive assembly, i have found out that she has no left arm to hold her book. This is annoying me quite a bit i must say. Have anyone else experienced this?
  7. Looking good. Have my own Relic Hunter box set laying around, assembled and collecting dust :)Nice work on the bases, simpel and effective! I like it. better get some greenstuff of my won to star doing stuff like that.
  8. Both the BB Shaman and the DoppeltgÃĪnger/Copellius combo seems pretty fun actually Have to look in to those. I like to have the option to field several different crews with the same master
  9. So...im looking to expand on my Lynch crew, possibly with some "fun" additions So far i have the following: Mr. Lynch Huggy Mr. Graves Mr. Tannen 3xIlluminated 2xBeckoners 3xDepleted (have not used these much yet) 2xStitched together 3xTerror Tots On top of that, ofc. a lot of mercenaries, amongst which Hans have seen the most play time. I allready have the dobbeltganger on my "to buy" list, but i am also looking for some fun additions, possibly in the scheme running/manipulation category. Do any of you smart people out there have any good ideas? best regards Seb
  10. My only little "problem" with Ama No Zako is, that the hazardous terrain that is generated allso counts for my own models. This can be a problem if you want to tie models up and summon in to melee, as the summoned models can end up dieing from it, before they actually do anything. I Like Umbume because she can stay right behind the front line of you own models, and still be annoying with her aura if needed, without affecting your own crew.
  11. As have been Said, it is more about getting some synergies Down. I do not intend to blindt play this list in every possible scenario, against every possible master. Some times though, you Will be looking at lists for a fixes list tournament, which Can handle most strategier, and be allround in its purpose. To elaboreret this specific list, it is intended for the not so killy games. Games Were interactions and Schmeme markers are more important than killing my opponent. I am looking for fun/synergies to put in the Crew, for various purpose. So for eksempel, when i Was told that Ama no zako could be a pretty good killy addition, its a good point, because it could maybe add to the potential of the Crew.
  12. Thanks. Its from this kit: http://www.waylandgames.co.uk/kromlech/miniatures/orc-operator-and-goliath-mine/prod_21411.html Fairly cheap, and the model is, as you mention, perfect for the Steam Trunk.
  13. Resurrectionists Crew - 50 - Scrap Molly Squidpiddge -- 6 Pool +Forgotten Path [1] +Tear of the Gorgon [3] +Terrible Knowledge [1] Datsue Ba [8] +Spirit Whispers [1] Jaakuna Ubume [6] +Unnerving Aura [1] Rotten Belle [5] The Drowned [6] The Drowned [6] The Hanged [9] Here is the list. Think it could be fun to play, with different kind of summoning and movement stuff...but will it work? My initial thought is that it might lack a bit of damage, but i dont know for sure, since i havent had a chance to test it yet. The Hanged is supposed to act as a "bodyguard" for Molly and hold the center, while the rest of the crew runs around, annoys the opponent and solves schemes. All sorts of advice and comments are welcome. Seb
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