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  1. I have a vastly updated list with wants and haves. Cash is king but I love a good trade. Add shipping to offers. Check the google dock because my trade list includes Warhammer, Wrath of Kings, board games, and my wants list is long. See a full list in the google doc, but malifaux previews in the message body here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aScCV0L2bg385Hc-6x7znsUdnAu9z7CrI7x_FBo0kGY/edit?usp=sharing HAVE: MALIFAUX - There is a mix of painted, unpainted, half assembled, nos. Ask for details. https://imgur.com/a/UrHRS Neverborn $165 Starters: Pandora, Dreamer, Lynch, Zoraida, metal 1e Collodi, metal 1e Zoraida, metal 1e Dreamer Tannen, Graves, Beckoners Ten Thunders $30 Starter: The Thunder, with nice custom bases, half assembled Gremlins $160 Starters for Brewmaster, Zoraida, metal 1e Somerteeth (with warpig), metal 1e Zoraida, Burt, old Pult, new Pult, old Taxidermist, Nightmare Golem, Piglets, Effigy WANT Malifaux Colette (regular), Colodi, Molly, Seamus, Reva, Yan Lo, Transmorits, Hamelin boxes (crew, Night, Cats), Trans red Coryphee, 1e metal nightmare Teddy, all Resser alts, Misses, Pride, Tortoise and Hare, play mats, most one-off Resser boxes. Ripples of Fate, Shifting Loyalties, Broken Promises, both Generalist Upgrade Decks, Campaign Deck, one-offs for masters in this wants list.
  2. Ah, the list of Ressers in my original post is what I already have, to weed out redundant offers. Transparent Bete is in my collection already, I'm sorry to say.
  3. Bought stuff I don't use a long time ago and want to get rid of it. Not enough time to play, honestly, so more interested in models I think are cool and fun. Southern Califnoria, USA; Pasadena to be precise. Make and offer, cover shipping. USA only. There is a mix of painted, unpainted, half assembled, nos. Ask for details. PICS: https://imgur.com/a/UrHRS HAVE Neverborn Starters for: Pandora, Dreamer Many misc. old metal models. See pics. Ten Thunders Starter: The Thunder, with nice custom bases Gremlins Starters for Ophelia, Somer Teeth, Brewmaster, Zoraida, old Somerteeth (unopened, with warpig), Mah Tucket (unopened) Burt, old Pult, new Pult, old Taxidermist, Haulers, Merris, Nightmare Golem, Gluttony, Piglets, Effigy, alt Gator About a third painted pretty well. (Special note: I have much more for sale and trade that isn't Malifaux. A few board games, Warhammer AoS and 40k, Wrath of Kings, LCGs, etc. If you want more info I can PM you or link you.) WANT All rulebooks except tiny manual. Ressers: Lots, honestly. I have the following, and am interested in anything else: Kirai, Nicodem, Canine Remains, Mindless Zombies, Necropunks, Transparent Bete Noir, old Graveyard Spirit; especailly interested in Alt McMourning and Nightmare Tara. Arcanists: Colette Crew, regular and Carnival, all models to make them good, plus any show girls in general. Pride. Alt performer. Neverborn: Puppets crew and accessories to make them fun and good. Outcasts: Hamelin crew plus extras, Night of Rat in particular. Again, with cool extras to make 'em fun and good. Additions for my Jack Daw box. TTB: Core book 2e. Supplement books.
  4. I'll look into it and give you a quote in a couple days, but I imagine it'll be outrageous. I'll give priority to local sales.
  5. Puppet Wars Pawn 1, 2, 3, Puppet Deck - boxes show wear, everything inside is in great like new condition. $60 http://imgur.com/a/Mda90 Second, the Malifaux RPG, Through the Breach. These books have slight shelf wear from limited use but are otherwise crisp. The items I have for this game are: Core rulebook, the Fated Almanac Two Penny Dreadful adventures, Innocence and Nythera GM kit with the screen and character folios (which are garbage by the way, too glossy to write on) http://imgur.com/a/iuoZp Total asking price for that lot is $65
  6. I will be running two Through the Breach one shot adventures on Saturday, May 7 at Game Empire Pasadena! I will be starting games at 10:00AM and 7:00PM. Please sign up for games on our Warhorn page: https://www.warhorn.net/events/pasadena-dnd/schedule/2016/05/07 You can find out more info about our regular RPG day on our meetup page: www.meetup.com/pasadena-dnd/ - Victor Game Empire Pasadena, 1795 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106
  7. I will be running an intro one shot Recruitment Drive at Game Empire Pasadena on Thursday 4/14 from 6:30-9:30. Message me if you want to join, there are a couple spots left!
  8. Our first Malifaux campaign starts Sunday, November 1.Use the rules from the Shifting Loyalties book to generate you crew. You will need access to those rules for these games, physically or digitally. We will use the following special rules: Visit the 'Doc and No Avatars. There will be no entry fee or prize support for this campaign. However, with the experience we gain from it, we will launch a second, longer campaign in February 2016 using the competative rules, with an entry fee and prizes. Each week will switch on Sundays for the four weeks of the campaign. Campaign events will be posted here on that day. Games may be played at any time during the week. Any number of campaign games may be played each week.Post your rosters and RSVP on the Facebook event here and update them with all of the changes made during the league. You can get in touch with me here if you have any questions or comments! -Victor E. Game Empire Pasadena, 1795 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106
  9. Hello Souther California Malifaux players! Local Henchman Victor here... I will be at Game Empire in Pasadena, CA on Tuesday nights at 7:30 ready to run Malifaux demo games for you and your friends! Anyone who is interested can show up and learn to play. Now I do have friends and family that love me and want to spend time with me when I'm free (I think?) so if you want to let me know ahead of time that you're interested that would be helpful, but by no means necessary. Tuesday is our intro board game night, too, so there is plenty of fun to be had in addition to Malifaux! Thursday nights are hobby night at the store, so you can come on by and get some of those crews painted-- with expert advise from staff and fellow gamers if you want to up your painting skills! There will be two opportunities to play in Through the Breach one-shots the first Saturday of May. Stay tuned for a new topic once sign up goes live. You can get in touch with me here if you have any questions or comments! -Victor E. Game Empire Pasadena, 1795 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106
  10. Trying to unload some METAL Neverborn for a buddy, No M2E cards. METAL Neverborn: Collodi - Painted 2x Marionette - Painted 3x Wicked Doll - Painted 3x Wicked Doll - Unassembled 2x Stitched Together - Partially Painted Zoraida - Partially Painted Voodoo Doll - Painted 3x Silurids - Partially Assembled Coppelius - Painted Teddy - Partially Painted/Partially Assembled Dreamer - Partially Assembled Lord Chompy Bits - Partially Painted 3x Daydreams - Partially Painted 3x Alps - Partially Assembled The lot goes for $130 shipped in the US. PM me if you are interested. Some pics of the NB: http://imgur.com/a/TNoDN
  11. I have some items for trade or sale. Chaos Space Marines and Tyranids aren't my jam, as it turns out, so I'm sticking with Necrons. Age of Sigmar gave me a chance to get into Fantasy easily, so I'm picking up some Skaven as well. Arena Rex and Wrath of Kings make some really impressive miniatures, but it's never going to be played or get support in my area. We just don't do Kickstarter mini games 'round these parts. Malifaux on the other hand is picking up steam, and I'd like to jump back into it with both feet. Most offers of Malifaux will be seriously considered, but plastics only please. Some items have prices, so make offers. I will link to pics where I have some, but please ask for more if you want to see something. Most of the Nids havent been photographed because I am lazy and there are a lot of them. I will part out the 40k armies, Arena Rex goes as a lot, each Wrath of Kings army can be purchased separately but not parted out. Pasadena, CA for local trades. Chaos Space Marines: 40-45% off retail. Pics: http://imgur.com/a/6LLYh 1 Warpsmith (painted) 1 Terminator Lord (painted Iron Warriors) 3 Kranon (one unassembled, one painted Iron Warriors) 5 Possessed 15 Chosen (Dark Vengeance) (two painted Iron Warriors) 40 Cultists (Dark Vengeance) 5 Terminators (primed black, one axe missing) 2 Chaos Spawn (some paint) 20 Chaos Marines (most primed red, mixed bolter or pb/ccw) 1 Marine with lascannon (primed red) 1 Vindicator (painted Iron Warriors) 2 Rhinos (Space Marine, will need some hatches, bitz, and spikes to finish) 3 Hellbrutes (one DV painted with autocannon, two DV not finished) 2 Chaos Codex 1 Khorn Daemonkin Cards Black Crusade core and GM screen ----- Tyranids: 30-50% off retail, depending on condition. Most assembled and bare, some primed white, few with a single coat of paint. I don' t have pics of much of these, ask if interested. Pics of the old stuff: http://imgur.com/a/YdtBp Codex Hormagaunts - 80 Termigants, mixed guns - 70 Gargoyles – 60 many need assembly after being stripped Rippers - 20 bases worth at 5 a base Genestealers - 50 Warriors - 9 unassembled Warriors - 9 in shambles Warriors, old metal - 5 in need of repair Ravagers, old metal - 9 Red Terror, old metal - 1 Biovores, old metal - 3 Lictors, old metal - 4 Zoanthrope, oldish metal - 1 Zoanthrope, old old metal - 3 Venomthropes, recast – 3 Hive Guard, metal – 2 Hive Guard, finecast - 1 Carnifex, magnetized, one with paint - 2 Carnifex, unassembled - 1 Carnifex, assembled poorly, stripped - 1 Carnifex, beetle, some paint - 2 Carnifex, screamer killer, some paint - 3 Hive Tyrant, oldish metal flier - 1 Hive Tyrant, oldish metal walker - 1 Hive Tyrant, Forgeworld flier, stripped, magnets in free socket - 1 Swarmlord, stipped - 1 Trygon, Forgeworld, missing some spines - 1 Trygon/Mawloc, in need of repair, missing some spines - 2 Trygon/Mawloc, NIB - 1 Spore Mines, metal, most without base tabs - 20 Orifice markers from Genestealer sprue - 12 ----- Wrath of Kings: $400 for the whole thing, or $200 per army without any of the misc. items. Kickstarter pics: http://imgur.com/a/y3ZTo Crappy quick shots for reference: http://imgur.com/a/IWFAv Misc: Rulebook Dice Bag Twilight Knight Nasier Kickstarter + Extras: Ashmen – 16 Hakar – 3 Pelagarth – 18 Howl – 3 Longhorn – 2 Rathorn – 2 Fellhammer – 9 (one came without a right arm, CMoN can replace) Fellhammer Leader - 2 Greathorn - 1 Akan Thesh Shadrus Arikim The Bling Hakar Elsis Tagil Alayna Heska The Bloodchild Hadross Kickstarter + Extras: Deepmen Spearmen – 18 Deepman Kaxes – 3 Svridan Gutter – 9 Gutter Firat – 3 Deep Caller – 2 Calith Reaver – 2 Frenzy Hammers – 9 Frenzy Leader - 2 Orsund Cavalier - 1 Gar Ephramaki Ilva Ooroth Torvosh The Oracle of Ulloth ----- Arena Rex: Hadross Kickstarter + Extras: Deepmen Spearmen – 18 Deepman Kaxes – 3 Svridan Gutter – 9 Gutter Firat – 3 Deep Caller – 2 Calith Reaver – 2 Frenzy Hammers – 9 Frenzy Leader - 2 Orsund Cavalier - 1 Gar Ephramaki Ilva Ooroth Torvosh The Oracle of Ulloth ----- Arena Rex: $160, some paint started 60, some paint started http://i.imgur.com/hUPoXhs.jpg Rulebook Favor Dice – 10 Fatigue Tokens – 6 Lupa Urbicus Frigge Sven Septimus Bjarrhvit ----- Legend of the Five Rings CCG: $2,000 70k+ cards spanning the entire life of the game. Truly massive legacy collection, through Ivory Edition. Shipping will be prohibitive, but we can talk about it if you're interested. ----- WANT *Priority* Malifaux 2E crews: Neverborn boxes: Lilith, Collodi, Lynch, Pandora, Dreamer, Lucius Arcanist: Colette, Dark Carnival Ressurectionist: Nightmare Tara, other Ressers, University, (no Nicodem) Gremlins: Mah Tucket, Ulix, Wong, Brewmaster Other plastic LEs for Gremlins, Neverborn, Ressers, Dark Carnival Plastic figures for those factions that don't otherwise come in starters. Two-Player Starter, Crossroads Seven Big rule books, Through the Breach books Cash Money, see lots for estimates. They don't include shipping. Warhammer 40k Necrons: Wraiths, Triarch Stalkers, Lychguard, Praetorians, Scythes, Royal Court, Forgeworld, might entertain others but they are low priority. Age of Sigmar Skaven: Verminlords, Stormfiends, Forgeworld, might entertain others but they are a lot priority. LCGs: Game of Throne LCG 2nd edition, up to three core sets VS System 2PCG starter Warhammer 40k: Conquest "The Great Devourer" expansion Doomtown: Reloaded "Immovable Object" expansion
  12. I have a small group of extra Gremlins laying around that I would like to turn into money or other models! [HAVE] I have for trade a plastic Kin box, assembled, Pere painted, with a metal Pigapult, some paint. http://i.imgur.com/fGfHGj8.jpg http://i.imgur.com/qZ62PJ9.jpg [WANT] 2E crews for Lilith, Collodi, Lynch, Cassandra, Dark Carnival, Nightmare Tara, other Ressers, Mah Tucket, Ulix, Wong, Brewmaster, other plastic LEs, big books. (Basically no guild, no thunder, no arcanists except Cass) You can see a longer list of wants and a chaos army for 40k I'm getting rid of here: http://www.bartertown.com/trading/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=264340
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