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    Reading, writing, art, apologetics, Sculpting, teaching, and miniature wargaming and all the good stuff that comes with it.

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  1. Pretty cool you managed to make them! They worked perfectly apparently. The font is actually Code bold or Market deco... Can't remember but they do look alike.
  2. Scale shenanigans! That's why I exported them on different formats.
  3. yeah! I've got two, a General store, and an ammo store. with more to come.
  4. Could be the scale during import, I've included several kinds of files, maybe another format? Just checked it in illustrator, it's correct there.
  5. Oh yeah, it's because the name of my local business is Märchen, which is the name for the narrative tradition of the "wonder-tale". And nope! They are 30 and 50 mm. and the double ones for terrain effects are 50 x 100
  6. For those with access to a laser cutter: I started a while ago a Patreon project that's pretty unique: I basically create laser-cut terrain plans for YOU. You tip me 1 or 2 dollars (your choice) per design, and you also get a lot of free stuff just for being there. I've recently started designing stuff for Malifaux, you might want to check it out at: https://www.patreon.com/marchen?ty=h
  7. I just added it! hope you like it. And here's a fixed link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5q6tnljqfgvypbj/AABR5f0rCWJHnN8YnRl2IIjTa?dl=0
  8. Be sure to share the pictures of your tokens when you're done! Cheers!
  9. Hello everyone! I'm back with more tokens. this time: a Re-done Focus, new BLAST marker, and Ice pillars + Flame wall. Again, download here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c3x354csgsrx25d/AADgSgoqo0n1ugoRWfarCFLda?dl=0 Cheers!
  10. Alright, thanks to your feedback, I've added new tokens to the Laser cut file. Here are version 2's additions: Remember, RED AREAS will be sunk, and will appear darker. Get to your local Fablab and make AWESOME tokens! and let me know please. Download all files, here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c3x354csgsrx25d/AADgSgoqo0n1ugoRWfarCFLda?dl=0
  11. I must congratulate you on your rapid, steady and unstoppable growth in quality. Even in something "tangential" like Wyrd chronicles. It REALLY looks like any professional magazine nowadays, and is as enjoyable as ever.   Is there a way to collaborate with articles for it? I haven't found a suitable email to ask this.
  12. I use my own set I designed, and you can too if you'd like: Grab a laser cutter and use your favorite material with this file: https://www.dropbox....ens_wood_v1.eps You should get something like this: http://wyrd-games.net/community/uploads/monthly_10_2013/post-11243-13911931169835.jpg
  13. Man don't let that stop you. Grab Inkscape it's free. It is indeed all the markers in the picture and that includes one of each: Supply Wagon Soulstone bag Blood Dynamite Dynamite (lit) Paralyzed Corpse Scrap Claim Jump Soulstone Treasure Evidence Brilliance Poison Blight Burning Soulstone.
  14. Any vector editing program. Adobe illustrator is to me one of the easiest. You can also use Inkscape and Autocad. And not only Fablabs, A lot of Architecture supply shops, design and invitation shops do this too.
  15. Gotta love me some Ras. As a big fan of the character, I was excited by the 2e design, so once the re-designed box was out, I grabbed the Icy posee. And then forgot all about it until a while ago; here's the painted Rasputina. I have to say: Wyrd's new scale REALLY threw me off balance. It reminded me quite a bit of Infinity and it's small as it gets miniatures.
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