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  1. I am sorry as I am sure this has been asked before, but I am just returning to malifaux since crossroads release. I don’t have a FLGS in my area, what options do I have to take advantage of the Kade/Candy? Thanks!
  2. If I may be so inclined to ask Wyrd....NEVER EVER SHIP USING FEDEX SMART POST. Thank you, now a word from your sponsors. All joking aside. My experience and others I know have had horrible experience with Fedex's Smart Post. Plus it takes forever...and ever....and ever.........oh sorry:1_Exhausted_Puppet:. I am sure I am not alone when I say I would rather pay a little extra shipping than have my stuff be handled by two companies who don't like taking ownership of who lost what package. Plus I thought when I checked out in your store it was 1(one) Day shipping??? I thought something was th
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