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  1. The smoke upgrade is a good option, if it actually blocks los then( cant remember if it does) it would mitigate the gun line a bit 18 treat comes from the austringers focus attack that are not a shooting attack so no face in the crowd ability unfortunately they also ignore terrain and do not require lols. On average 2 of them kill a single medium wound model a round with impunity. The guild riflemen are there to block a lane between the los blocking terrain which becomes a complete kill zone. With Captain Dashel they get to focus as 0 action and they keep there focus thanks to hold. Via
  2. Yes I would love to take Yu and are giddy like a small child for the release of the samurai!^^ I do not like to proxy stuff and play with unpainted things. Tottaly getting the Fuhatsu, seams fun^^
  3. Thanks for the reply! Yes the Torokages stas are amazing! They just haven't worked for me in Me2 yet. This comes down to 2 things 1: they need to charge through impiding terrain( IE a failed charge)2: I cant hit what I am striking at. To elaborate about point 2, they have a MI:5 with a + which means as soon as a defence 6 model gets in there way I will miss it. The flip will go down some ting like this: I flipp for attack drawing a 10! Sweeet money shot! Opponent draws a draws a 11. Dam! I need to cheat in my 13 in my hand to hit him. Which I do, opponent counter cheats with his 13 and nothi
  4. Hello! I brought out my ten thunders for Me2. I usually play ressers but have dabble in Thunders in Me1.5 and beta. My great fondness for Miasaki and her flexibility in taking on various schemes are what drives my hand in picking Thunders! The 50SS list is pretty much her box sett, 1 ten thunders archers and Yamaziko. This is the point were things go south for me. I feel that my 3 Torokage an Ottoto never really do any thing( particulary Ottoto) . They are usually the victim of spells our lead poisoning around turn 3, in 4 games the 3 torokage have killed: 1 mechanical pigeon, 1 ronin. Ott
  5. Good day! Of the crews shown I prefer Seamus crew, it has a good solid blue( I would have a bit more defined shade but that is perhaps the photograph). The shading on the bag is solid(odd but it drew my eye) and the basing is great. I am afraid to comment on Nicodems crew. The punks skins are great, in fact I come to regret panting mine in a old fashion zombie flick blue when I saw your Crew. But the undertaker himself and Mortimer is more difficult to judge, the flash takes away all the shades/highlight of the black. Would it be possible to repost a better photograph of Nicodem?
  6. Hardly old chap! I have been entertaining guests. Shame that I were not able atend todays game. Here is doxie: Another Punk: And a WIP Copycat:
  7. The humble Punk zombie. Lovely model, but I botched the union jack t-shirt and for some reason the teeth are black?
  8. God evening my fellow lads, lassies and living impaired! A wargamer for some years, I have started with Malifaux and it is smashing! With only about 6-7 games under the spats and I am in, hook line and sinker. I choose everyone's favourite dandy serial-killer, love how tough the bastard is. The alternative model screams evil dead and I am afraid that my painting skill are no contender for this sculpt, none the less it was fun to paint. In retrospect the hat should have been blue. The avatar is dripping with character and was one of the most interesting painting experience I h
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