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  1. Thx! And cards for them are still missing as far, as I see.
  2. Thx for the info and suggestions! Any timeline (even approximately) when the box will be fixed?
  3. Hi all. I'm having a problem here. I have the Wild Ones Mc Cabe set and am I missing something or is this set invalid (impossible to field) im M3e????
  4. Well, You see, I'm asking here because i was a becker of this pledge and there was no info on this since canceling of the project.... And there was 200 minis at "just minis" pledge level.
  5. Hi guys. If this topic have arisen before sorry, I couldn't find any recent news. Does anyone know when (if ever) the miniatures that were supposed come out along with Fall Schematic be released?
  6. I think everybody proxes a model or two from time to time. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion. I was talking about someone that proxes whole crew. I don't think someone like this would buy the card deck. As for the other part of Your post - I never said it's money less well spent. But it's all metal. I prefer to buy minis than cards. If I wanted cards, I'd play MtG or something
  7. I know how it went with PP when they changed editions. For quite a long time we had free pdf versions of the cards available. So we didn't have to buy all the fraction decks at once. At the moment I have decks for all the fractions I play, but to buy them it took me about 2 years as I was buying them one at a time, from time to time. But I still could play the fractions I didn't have the deck for. If there haven't been this free pdfs I would just have a lot of paperweight that wasn't good for anything else. I would probably sell them and never bought anything new for this fractions. It could also antagonize me to the company altogether. Would it be a loss for the company? I guess, it would. In my opinion it's the same with Wyrd. That's why I'm in for the free pdf. I'll most likely buy the fraction decks, but at a slow pace. It doesn't hurt so much to buy one deck and some minis once every few months as it would hurt to just buy 4 or 5 fraction decks at once One more thing. Some people stated that releasing pdf with cars would be benefiting proxing people. Tell me, does anyone believe that such person would buy fraction deck if there wasn't pdf? Come on, seriously? If I prox my crew I would buy fraction deck for it?
  8. Bla, bla, bla.... When I hear all of You, Henchman, say all this stuff about preferring Wyrd not to publish free pdfs with Mk II cards, I'm wondering how stupid do You think we all are? Guess what, we know it is all PR. Nothing more... :/ Now on the topic itself. I'd like to have an OPTION to either buy or print new versions of the old cards. Why? Because buying all the decks for all my fractions at once would be to much stress on my budget. It's enough, that I have to buy new book (and I have all the previous books). I certainly hope Wyrd will release both - decks and printable pdfs with cards for Us, players and supporters to choose. Whoever wants to buy them will buy them. Who don't want to buy them will find the way to get them anyway. To play we still need to/had to buy minis. And ones done by Wyrd are great enough not to seek replacements for them Summarising: I fully second the author of this thread. Wyrd, don't be greedy like certain other, well known company from Europe!
  9. Thanks. I knew there is a reason I like this guy
  10. I don't want to start a new thread, so I'll ask here. I've benn playing Von Schill for a while but it never occured to me: if I use a healing flip as his slow to die action he stays in game??? And how many times per turn can slow to die be used? Every time he dies? (I'm at work and don't have any rules on me ).
  11. Hi all. I'm Norbert. I live in Poland, Warsaw (so if someone live around and would like to play...). At the moment I'm playing Arcanists (Kaeris) but I kinda like all of the fractions. Especially new Thunders set caught my attention and I can't wait to get my hands on them. My biggest dream is to become a Henchman, finally organize players at my area and bring the new people to the game. I found a store that is willing to help (by hosting events) and I hope Wyrd won't turn me down
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