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    Tara, Mei Feng, Ramos, Nicodem, Leveticus
  2. New test Beta ME2 between Viktoria pack the terrible thief of life Mc Mourning Battle Report : Viktoria Vs McMourning http://fredraider.blogspot.fr/2013/08/malifaux-viktoria-vs-mcmourning-sauvez.html
  3. Pics of 2012 Edition Malifaux : Demo Table & Terraclips
  4. In the south west of France, Midi Pyrénées Region, Tarn et Garonne, Bressols 28 & 29 September 2013 ME2 demo table !
  5. Nicodem Avatar Viktoria Avatar Lilith original
  6. Small message of France, it also makes ME2 ! Battle Report: Mei Feng versus Mc Mourning http://fredraider.blogspot.fr/2013/07/deuxieme-beta-test-me2.html Battle Report: Mei Feng versus Seamus http://fredraider.blogspot.fr/2013/07/premiere-partie-de-malifaux-en-seconde.html
  7. Salut, ouais, j'ai utilisé la Trad Google et je pense bien que cela doit être du charabia pour les amateurs de shakespeare. Mon niveau en anglais ne me permet pas de voir les grosses erreurs de trad. The French community is there, the game we like because we are passionate about western and steampunk. In the south of France from Bordeaux to Toulouse we have small communities of players Malifaux. Personally, I was seduced by the style of the figurines is really cool!
  8. Hi all, I'm a player Malifaux in southern France, in the Tarn and Garonne, not far from the city of Toulouse! I also play at 40K, Warmachine and Eden. A Malifaux, for now I have a troop of undead, led by Nicodem and starter of Viktorias with his avatar. I was captivated by the universe steampunk and mechanical with the card game.
  9. The undertaker Nicodem just had a discussion beyond the grave, with the late Deputy Treasurer of the Guild, Marcus Klopp, peace to the soul of this brave officer! After the funeral with great pomp, Nicodem and Mortimer had disturbed the peace of the brave man funeral. After a short interrogation rule of the late Deputy Treasurer, Nicodem was right, it was not an agent of the Treasury model, Marcus had amassed a small fortune in jewels he had carefully buried the limits of the suburbs of Malifaux not far from Angel's Grove Cemetery. Nicodem and his small cohort stumbling left and smelly aisles of tombs to venture into the swamp to the place indicated by Marcus Klopp. Nicodem providing methodical and had thought about taking a poor miner bent and gamy for the thankless task of excavation required ... ---------- Marcus Klopp had not only revealed his secret to the grave only Nicodem. The famous pathologist of the Guild, Mac Mourning also had knowledge of the secret. At autopsy mandatory Assistant Treasurer, the practitioner had also initiated a chat with Marcus. He had reached the same result. Very discreetly, chartering a funeral car of the Guild, Doc Mac Mourning, his faithful Sebastian, her two assistants and his flesh golem arrived in the small station decrepit and forgotten Angel's Grove. With an imperious gesture, McMourning ordered his creature fashioned to lead the way! Roll diagonally. Shared strategy: Treasure Hunt. Special sets: former Monument, bag and pierrâmes cemetery. No special events. Combines Nicodem: Precious pieces - announced. Bodyguard: Nicodem - announced. Combines McMourning: This is a good donor - announced. Resentment on Sebastian - kept secret. Jean Philippe had finished his starter McMourning and was determined to test it. Moreover, his figure Killjoy stamped for some time to join the fight. For my part, The Carrion Effigy and Crooked Man would join the team of notorious undertaker. McMourning seized the initiative in the first round despite the brawl pierrâmes, because the speed of action would be partly instrumental in the ownership of the treasure! Construct the Flesh, aka Frankenstein, doped Joker ^ ^, rushed to the treasure chest, the same excess as attract imperiously by the nearby presence of enemies! My minor hunchback and decrepit threw a spell of land subsidence which caused little damage to the Flesh Construct. In the process, as he shot the famous spell "Well", any figure ending his trip in less than 2'' of the latter to a risk of falling fatally in or be very bad! In subsequent rounds, the magic well had the effect of slowing the advance of McMourning to the treasury, while the troops of Nicodem limping approached slowed by marshes around! Each turn, my minor hunchback devoted his energies to revive the magic well. Despite the risks, I tried to approach with a Zombie Punk, in the worst case, it would revive! He was actually paralyzed at the approach of the hole and cut with a jigsaw by Sebastian! Poor Sebastian was killed the next round in its approach, falling into the hole, with a beautiful Black Joker fired for it! In addition, death by accidental fall of Sebastian condemned the implementation of the second camp combines McMourning. My first mistake was to go to the fight against the creature McMourning, I would far rather draw from the Treasury of the marker in the vicinity of baiting with my troops! My image of the Raven flying over the marsh, was offered to the construction of flesh! A sudden peak in meat doubled, poor effigy was taken down! My minor hunchback was meanwhile cut by McMourning with his scalpel drinker life! Nicodem managed to move the special decoration and passed the Tombs to revive part of the Crooked Man and Zombie Punk! Fortunately, the decoration was not too far from camp Nicodem because Mortimer exhumed corpse of the marker for my side and combines McMourning markers were quickly picked up! No teacher was interested in "pierrâmes" bags that were far enough away from the challenge of the game! At the end of the fifth round, I missed my unfortunate combination of a quarter of a table, that of my opponent, marker or corpses lying around not long on the ground! Combines quite difficult to pass in front of a réssurectionniste. For its part, JP had no trouble to validate its special combination McMourning. Only in the fourth round, a good nurse of McMourning was sacrificed for the appearance of the terrible pestilent and Killjoy! It appeared near Nicodem which was very distressed by this attention! The enormous mercenary undead Unborn was "Pop" at the feet of two Zombie Punks! It was a chance that did not refuse! There was from them, beautiful bursts of katanas towards the necrotic flesh Killjoy! While the amazing creature was left critically wounded, injured his black blood acid in turn, strong zombie punks seriously considering the number of attacks inflicted! This is Nicodem who completed the huge undead with a crazy "Décrépir" who treated in a more punk for the Zombie! Too bad for JP, he too had little time to test his new acquisition! Nicodem was not endangered then, I managed my second handset. In the fourth and fifth round, there was no threat around the marker treasure, Dr. Douglas McMourning worked to pick it up and sprinter in his deployment zone! Victory against McMourning by 6PV 2PV for Nicodem.
  10. From a quick gesture, Seamus tore the placard placed at the entrance of foul sewers and gesture angrily crumpled it and threw it disdainfully over his shoulder. This announcement was a calligraphic N red on black, brand obsolete and old fashioned undertaker of the damned Malifaux! The sewers were to everyone and not exclusively to that austere and limped Prince of the Dead ... Seamus took a long drag from his Cuban cigar, pushing somewhat the miasma of sewers. He turned his gaze to Mrs. Cybelle, the madam cravachait plump rumps décaties beautiful, playful little forward in the mud ... Yet they were doing quite the jades, Seamus suddenly thought, rolling gait on the sidewalks of the Malifaux had seasoned for the task! Then, in a soft splash, torn and rotting faces appeared on the surface of sewage. A thin smile appeared on the lips of Seamus, "Well, well, friends flooded lowland, I'm sure a quick tour of the sewers you will be a tremendous benefit, you may find your breath of yesteryear. Seamus went in .. a great laugh that echoed through the tunnels ... The huge three-headed beast, a conglomerate of several creatures, was hiding in the sewers of Malifaux channels. She was quite strong and silent when it was moving in passageways. The animals feared like the plague, flying and crawling away from her at her approach! Death walked with her. Then she heard noises, echoes of not ... Prey on legs, in a funereal silence, she moved toward them in a whisper from beyond the grave ... "- Hey, Boss, you think our big cat musty went that way ..." retorted Mortimer passing a grimy handkerchief on his forehead glistening with sweat. Behind him stood Nicodem, leaning on his cane carved, its mechanical prosthesis did not help much to move in these muddy tunnels. The undertaker straightened his round glasses and black, as if trying to focus on the difficult task of tracking ... - Its sewage is to me, I will not let a beast vagabondée against my will ... "Nicodem issued via a vial of perfume under her nose dry and thin. - Hey, Boss, I think we're not alone here ... As an inveterate smoker of Havana, I feel the characteristic aroma of a Cuban cigar in 1742, rolled on the thigh of a young lady of General Cigarillos Export ... Mortimer said sniffing the air stinking sewers. - Oh, no, it still Seamus, will you finally stop having the fidgets with his harem of cad. I hope that our fat cat is going to fall on ... Nicodem blew exasperation. With Jean Phillipe, we played our first party at Indoor Malifaux, thanks to the addictive Terraclips "Sewers of Malifaux." First mounting large format, we struggled a bit in the first assemblies of parts. It's a bit tedious, it took an hour and a half to complete the playing surface, with some bridges and balconies for the 3D effect. Nevertheless, we were pretty happy with the outcome and quality of modular Terraclips. We reviewed the sight lines, cutlery, travel on stairs, ladders, difficult terrain, long jump and high, falling ... The band at Seamus: CopyCat Killer, Mrs Cybelle, 3 Roten Belle, 3 Drowned. The band at Nicodem: Rogue Necromancy, Mortimer, 2 Punk Zombie, a Crooked Man. Roll diagonally. Shared Strategy: Taking aim Special decorations: Monument ancient, cemetery. Seamus tricks: Keep Well - kept secret. Grudge - Roten Belle # 2 - kept secret. Combines Nicodem: Bodyguard - Nicodem - announced. Part of a murder - Rogue Necromancy - kept secret. Seeing a lot of bridges in my corner of the game that led all the central balcony, I took this option could have been more impactful had I better have my figures. Because with the option Indoor, appears narrow corridors and therefore forced single file here rather quickly rub unfavorably ... I placed Mortimer head and there he would have been better if I place it in the end group ... Because he dug up the corpse at every turn, to allow Nicodem generate zombie decerebrate which were very useful to slow the approach of Seamus the center ... So, this trio was slowed but equally, he had a good line of sight ... Not easy, the tactics of these gateways ... My Crooked Man, as in the previous part, was very helpful! He put a well on top of a staircase leading to the goal net and stopped the advance of Seamus. JP still remembered the disastrous fate of Sebastian. He should have taken the risk to come forward but anyway its approach was not jeopardized because the bulk of the Belles and Seamus décaties déboulaient by a walkway! My big three-headed corny necromantic arrived quickly at the center, with its displacement "Stalker" super interesting interior. I walked towards the drowned ... Big mistake on my part, they are a resilient disarming. They hit mega-soft, they fought hard on more than a dozen attacks to drop my corny ... This is the same putrid explosion of one of them who actually completed my creature ... The Drowned (Drowned) are ghostly, they are formidable wall passes and levitate above the channels, they are cut to the inside in fact! They cross their buddies, walls, fly over difficult terrain, JP had no trouble to make a rush with them! My technique containment center functioned correctly but after the death of the Crooked Man shot by Seamus monstrous. In the next round, the figurines down the steps were quick to get to the balcony. Because the well was no longer valid and practicable steps! Resuscitation of the Crooked Man came too late, he was strong and thereafter held to struggle under her parasol a Beautiful décatie. My mindless zombies could not rivaled the power of Seamus, who cut them quickly with the utensils affectionately in his school bag! I succeeded with a Zombie Punk cut a Beautiful décatie but it did not escape the bullet of Seamus! To my surprise, even managed to slay Nicodem Mrs. Cybelle with two spells "Décrépir" punchy! JP was a little jaded from his first use of its Copycat Killer, the recoil would have plunged the poor totem in a vacuum, the gateway was close enough! However, on lap six, the mass was over, I had no more figure around the objective marker! ! By Seamus victory against 6PV vs 3PV. Conquered by the Malifaux Indoor appointment was made ​​for a new game in the sewers ^ ^ Sorry for any translation errors in reading.
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