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  2. CaladanCid


    #1- Lilith #2- Mature Nephilim
  3. CaladanCid

    10T - ALT MODEL

    #1- Yin #2- Ototo #3- Yu
  4. CaladanCid

    What are these models previewed at Gencon?

    Oh yeah, and there was awesome artwork of the new models in the back of The Other Side rulebook. Yes, they will take all my money.
  5. CaladanCid

    What are these models previewed at Gencon?

    The Henchmen at Gencon told me those are from the upcoming new factions for The Other Side.
  6. CaladanCid

    No Love for TTB Core?

    I cannot wait to get the new book. Also, Wyrd did me a solid by releasing it in July. That way I don't have to include it in my Gencon budget, and the shell game of hiding the true scale of my hobby addiction from my wife can continue. Excellent.
  7. CaladanCid

    Starting Army

    Yeah in one commander games, the Legion has to be the centerpiece and keeping them around is priority one.
  8. CaladanCid

    What do you like about Abyssinia?

    After playing cult almost entirely during the PT, I made the switch to Abyssinia because of how unique they are. Love the different vibe of the models, the Crow Runners are some of my favorite war gaming models period.
  9. CaladanCid

    Starting Army

    My only concern with the Steel Legion is the cost. In an already elite army, that puts a big dent in the available pool.
  10. CaladanCid

    Starting Army

    What did everyone pick up from the KS for a starting force? So far I've just got the Commander pledge plus a box of Electrocutioners. I am thinking of running mainly infantry to offset the high cost of squads. Any thoughts on essentials or multiple units to purchase?
  11. CaladanCid

    Beacon of Knowledge Box - Somewhat Baseless Wondering

    Oh yeah. Duh. Thanks!
  12. CaladanCid

    Beacon of Knowledge Box - Somewhat Baseless Wondering

    Quick question. Why does Banasuva have a cost? He has to be summoned so will never need a SS cost, or am I missing something pretty important?
  13. CaladanCid

    Is there any advantage to taking Mei Feng in Ten Thunders

    Obsidian Oni are great with her, as is Toshiro summoning Komainu. The Shadow Emissary is a standout with her and Toshiro for summoning antics. As said above, Recalled Training is cheap and nice.
  14. CaladanCid

    Newish player(s) from Herndon, VA

    Have you found a good store to play at in the NoVA area? I just moved back here and none of the stores around seem to even carry a decent selection of models.
  15. CaladanCid

    TTB Groups Near DC

    Just like the title says, are there any TTB groups near the DC area? Moving there soon and would like to look into new gaming places/RPG groups. Thanks!