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  1. I think probably the answer to your question is never. They just came out after all. Abyssinia is a mixed bag. The Mehal, Crows, and Electrocutioners look amazing. The rest....
  2. One of them buckled at room temperature? I made a comment in a different thread about the spears of various Abyssinia models. Tried the hot water and they just bent right back after a bit.
  3. I mean after playing with the demo versions I did expect better, but that's not a huge deal. And the detail quality of the armor isn't too bad honestly, I was just hoping for a better face. The awesome art gets lost in whatever happened there. In terms of bendiness, the Basotho are much worse though again the majority of the detail/design is pretty solid. And I should add, the Mehal and Crows are pretty amazing in terms of pre-assembled models.
  4. Yeah i was a little disappointed in the soft (maybe a resin blend?) plastic they ended up going with at first. The demo versions were certainly much harder plastic than what actually was delivered. Fortunately the quality is still very high for the most part. Lord of Steel isn’t so great, I would say average and the bendiness did no favors to the model. But, the rest of the Abyssinia models are quite sharp in details and the spears/machetes are not bent. Haven’t really inspected the Cult yet.
  5. Just an update I got all my stuff yesterday. Double commander (Abyssinia and Cult), all is there and mostly in excellent quality.
  6. Yes for sure, really expensive. But also really, REALLY, metal. A gigantic walker with buzzsaw hands. Yep. Kidding aside, they are only two SS more than Electrocutioners. STR 5 is very nice. I think your reasons are legit, but for me I want to test whether the long range guns are needed in a faction with rail gunners (only 6 less range).
  7. I think he will have a bunch of what you listed from the commander level. Multiple adjuncts and the Basotho cav, plus a second commander for fun. @beergod I am with you on the Steel Legion. I am not yet sold on the Mech Infantry (will want to proxy them more). I think my first two additions will be Steel Legion and a unit of Electrocutioners.
  8. At the risk of noobishness, are there any guides for assembling the Wyrdscapes buildings? I didn't get any in the boxes (got the two support sets and Solarium at the con, and ordered the other two main buildings online), and didn't see any on the website either. Thanks for any help!
  9. Oh yeah, and there was awesome artwork of the new models in the back of The Other Side rulebook. Yes, they will take all my money.
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