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  1. Yeah for real, that would be awesome.
  2. So I have been very outspoken about how the model quality in TOS is not good, and led to me leaving the game. Because of that I wanted to make sure I posted here to say they have really made an effort to fix the issue. The quality of the models in the two player starter is EXCELLENT. I am incredibly excited that Wyrd has listened (or maybe was always going to change, either way) and has taken steps to fix a huge issue. Glad to be back in the game, looking forward to supporting the game for quite a while to come!
  3. Any stores out there going to start up groups?
  4. We all just have to wait while Wyrd toys with our emotions..... In all seriousness, great promotion, thanks for doing it!
  5. The original material, as discussed in the Kickstarter updates, was not that bendy stuff. Also, I played with the first run of models at Gencon and can say for sure it was not the same materials at all. I can't really remember but I thought the material switch happened close to the end of the process and caused the delays?
  6. Really the materials need to be whatever the original plan was, before the switcheroo happened and we got the soft plastic. If that got fixed, I am back in hardcore.
  7. The list for companies at Unplugged came out, and I did not see Wyrd on it. Did they just make a mistake, or are yall not coming this year? edit- Was not sure which forum to put this question in. Right one @Kyle?
  8. I loved the Low River Monk last edition. I feel like they still benefit quite a bit from McCabe, and given how many comments on McCabe I have seen here that seems like a big positive.
  9. That list seems brutal for Turf War.
  10. I think part of my hesitance with McCabe in the list is just the sticker shock of hiring a 16 ss model. That is a holdover from 2E though.
  11. I haven't gotten any 3E games in yet, about to start up with a regular group though so I am wondering what people have been using to have the most fun with her? Right now I am wondering if Jorogumo are an auto include regardless of strat or scheme. I guess they probably are? Any help and advice would be appreciated!
  12. Yeah so I guess that is my main concern. With a team that is already by their own admission stretched thin, they now have to keep track of what has and has not been shipped through a different system than the one they normally use. Also, at some point I would expect Wyrd to just give regular updates on the status of missing books/models rather than wait as long as possible for each info drop. It looks like whatever issues they had with the books were not resolved this week like they expected.
  13. The things you have said re this sale have mostly been wrong so far, including the parts where you tried to say there was no problem with the books. I would have thought that might convince you to make less strident statements. If the books were not sent in a different box at the same time with the same shipping number (and I guess this is my best case scenario) how do you think the new shipment will function, logistically? Those books have already been marked fulfilled. The tracking number they were assigned has been marked as delivered by usps.
  14. Yes they did say that. I can tell you didn't order any books during the sale did you? My order was not split into two orders, one with models and one with books. The entire order has now been marked as fulfilled by Wyrd, and delivered by USPS. That includes the books which share the same tracking number as the models, and which as far as I can tell were not fulfilled, shipped, or separated into a different order.
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