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  1. That's why they ended up adding the assist action, so potentially everyone can get rid of most +# conditions. And nerfed stunned. Of course everyone wants an automatic 'remove all conditions' range 14" action on a tough versatile model with stat 7 3/4/6 damage track but...that's not going to happen.
  2. And ten thunders too...I think every faction has this thread...
  3. Just give replace armor piercing with critical strike 😈
  4. Or a bonus action that gives him +1 walk?
  5. If you can't kill them, slow, stagger or distract them. And choose your schemes well. Why I have this deja-vu feeling?
  6. If a model doesn't die it slows the game all right, but that what tanks are for
  7. Maybe give them easy access to analyze weakness?
  8. Not that I know of. But since they are not adding conditions and people seem to be having problems with it this might be a solution. Maybe.
  9. Guess nobody ever used the monkey paw I guess.
  10. But if they do good things and you change them...are we sure they'll still be good?
  11. If that's so problematic, turn ncc into tokens. It won't save space on the card and it will still clutter the card/board (depending on how you like to track tokens) but it will clear so many 'it's not defined' issues. Analyze weakness: the target gains 2 analyze weakness tokens. For every such token the consider the armor and/or shielded condition to be 1 point lower than how actually is. Remove all analyze tokens on this model at the end of the turn. I think it's still not worded perfectly but you can grt the idea.
  12. Since it doesn't say it's a condition or a token, people assuming things should just read the rules again without assuming anything in the first place. You just need to track it correctly.
  13. Not sure, but was still lucius activation, regardless of who was performing the action.
  14. Of course you can give them the rocket launcher. Just bring von schill along 😉
  15. Seems like one of the first beta version of the viks. They changed a lot since then.
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