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  1. Barbagianni

    Hamelin the Ratatat king

    I too guess it's missing the part of giving out blight and kill the rat.
  2. Barbagianni

    Waldo's Weekly - Rapid Eye Movement

    Collodi's creator is of course a nice old man named Pinocchio.☺️
  3. Barbagianni

    Seamus Summon Question

    Back in my day, viktoria could
  4. Barbagianni

    Guild Scrip Paper Prop

    Now I know what rubbe is going to do...
  5. Barbagianni

    Viks in 'non-killy' strats/schemes

    I often use a line in the sand and it works. I use a ronin on each side (or two on one side and something scarier like bishop on the other) and start leaving markers while getting to the center. Bodyguard can be good too, even if risky (even lazarus can die).
  6. Barbagianni

    M2E Viks

    I need to read the howling wolf tatoo again...and start to play it!
  7. It's lethal only for us lowly humans. Rats are way up the evolutionary ladder
  8. Barbagianni

    FAQ request: kill credit

    Same thing happened to me (well, my opponent) with collodi and his 'puppetty' actions. We actually decided that the credit goes to the model dealing damage...but sewn fate is a different situation.
  9. Barbagianni

    Hamelin in 2nd Ed

    And the guy in the mini store told you nothing about m2e? Shame on him.
  10. Barbagianni

    M2E Wave 2 Masters

    Because wave 2 rules!
  11. aCollodi will be...the malifaux child!
  12. Barbagianni

    Guild, what are we/they about? Any intro to be given?

    I'd bring the austringer in almost every guild list...
  13. Barbagianni


    I don't think someone like Lucius would risk being identified from his clothes...unless, of course, he pays good eyes to coppelius to wear his clothes...you know, just to muddy the waters.
  14. Barbagianni

    Pandora and her Df stat

    What happens when an attacking model can force to resist with Df or Wp? Can Pandora ignore it? (thinking about bishop here)
  15. Barbagianni

    steamborg executioner???

    It's very killy, especially if you have luck/can cheat with the decapitation, but I managed to bring him down with a couple of ronins with relative ease (actually, he killed the gunslinger and a ronin, so I guess it was a tie). And I'm not sure, but wp based duels might be trouble for him.