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  1. That's why they ended up adding the assist action, so potentially everyone can get rid of most +# conditions. And nerfed stunned. Of course everyone wants an automatic 'remove all conditions' range 14" action on a tough versatile model with stat 7 3/4/6 damage track but...that's not going to happen.
  2. And ten thunders too...I think every faction has this thread...
  3. Or a bonus action that gives him +1 walk?
  4. Maybe give them easy access to analyze weakness?
  5. Guess nobody ever used the monkey paw I guess.
  6. But if they do good things and you change them...are we sure they'll still be good?
  7. Of course you can give them the rocket launcher. Just bring von schill along 😉
  8. Seems like one of the first beta version of the viks. They changed a lot since then.
  9. I too guess it's missing the part of giving out blight and kill the rat.
  10. Collodi's creator is of course a nice old man named Pinocchio.☺️
  11. I often use a line in the sand and it works. I use a ronin on each side (or two on one side and something scarier like bishop on the other) and start leaving markers while getting to the center. Bodyguard can be good too, even if risky (even lazarus can die).
  12. I need to read the howling wolf tatoo again...and start to play it!
  13. It's lethal only for us lowly humans. Rats are way up the evolutionary ladder
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