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  1. Threadnomancy. I'mmmmmmmmmmm BACK baby! I have come back to the Malifaux fold after an extended stay in Battletech and Alphastrike. Coming soon: The Graveyards and Underground Cave / Mines. This will bring me to a total of 12 different tables with modular terrain, making every game different. I have even had to make a chart for players to flip a card for the type of terrain the game will be played on! I hope to have the Graveyards tutorial / blog up within the week.
  2. This how we worked it out. And yes, the terrain was also impassable (big crate). Thanks all, been out of the game for a while and still fuzzy on some things. Loving it!
  3. Hello and hope you can all help answer a dodgy question for me. Charging is done in a straight line and LoS... But what if part of a models base would cross blocking terrain? This happened in a game where a 50mm model was attempting a charge at a 30mm model. Using our laser line markers it was clear that half of the 50mm models base would crash into the blocking terrain if it charged in a straight line...however it still had line of sight... Can it still legally charge? We went for yes, but am not sure if that was right. I hope that is clear what is happening. I can try and get a digram up later if needed.
  4. Thanks. The 'pushes do not count as moving' was the part that kind of got us... We went for what seemed right and 'play as intended' rather than 'as written'.
  5. Hello everyone! I have recently been getting Malifaux up and running in my area again and so far have had positive responses to the newer rules. We had a situation the other night were I would appreciate a point in the right direction... Long story short: A gremlin piglet was on a ledge 3 inches high when the Judge used his power (pass judgement, I think) to push the model closer and therefor off the ledge. Does the piglet take falling damage? We went with "yes" (if you were 'pushed' off a ledge you would fall and get hurt). What do you think? Is there a printed rule that we missed? Thank you for your help
  6. Just out of curiosity have all the books been sent and tracking numbers issued? I have not received an email yet. Thanks for your time.
  7. http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/82437-building-malifaux-one-table-at-a-time/?hl=%2Bpagan+%2Bwolfe#entry460714 I will just leave this here. I also had some articles in the chronicles a while back. Happy building!
  8. Nice, thank you for the photos.
  9. Well, that really is just disappointing. You cannot buy the ttb deck (although it sounds pretty average in reviews compared to what we thought we were getting). "That's right gaming room buddies, you get 2 wooooooooot!" Only you don't. I get it, the arcane deck is pretty, just who else gets to change orders without consulting the customer? And here I was getting all excited about this game and company again only to find that it is the same old blam.
  10. Another pack with one limited kickstarter ttb deck and a non limited arcane deck. Get the feeling they ran out of the limited decks? Hmmmmmmm. Concerned now.
  11. Hmmmm, would be interesting. Was kinda hoping for two of the limited kickstarter only ones...was going to put one away with my collection. Yes, I collect rare playing cards
  12. Ahhhh yes, so it is. Thanks. I kept seeing that as Miss Terious (which I missed out on as, being new to kickstarter, thought you needed the funds up front and didn't realise they billed you at the end... Have one already though, so no tears). Thanks very much again for your sharing. By the way, how did you end up with the arcane deck? Is that part of the normal through the breach pack or an added 'thanks'?
  13. Just noticed, this looks like a gaming room set... Did you get Santana? Pretty sure that was one of the rewards, or did I just dream it?
  14. Well, it has been a while as life has a way of knocking your hobby time off the rails from time to time. I have fixed the second link in the OP. It seems to be working for me now. Ahhhh, Malifaux, how I have missed the.
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