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  1. Malifaux returns to What-Khan in 2016! Located inside the Mercy Sportscore 2 Complex, at 8800 East Riverside Blvd., Rockford, Illinois 61111, What-Khan is a three day event taking place Friday, October 21st through Sunday, the 23rd. Malifaux events will be held the Friday night, and all day Saturday. There's a lot going on at the convention, including a silent auction, door prizes, and lots of vendors; Be sure to check out http://www.what-khan.com for all the details. Registration must be completed on the What-Khan site in order to participate in the events, and badges can be purchased for the entire weekend, or just a single day. Friday, October 21st, from 2pm to 11pm: Open gaming, demos, and the Divergent Paths global event will be available all day. Come play some games, mingle with your fellow Breachsiders, and have some fun. Saturday, October 22nd, from 9am to 11pm: Tournament day! This will be a three round tournament, scored Gaining Grounds 2016, at 50ss, locked faction, for up to 16 players. Rounds have a 1:45hr time limit with a 20min break between rounds, and a 1hr lunch/dinner break after round 2. The floor opens at 9am, check-in with the TO opens at 9:30am, and games will start by 11am. Open gaming will be available after the tournament is over. Round 1 - Extraction, standard deployment Convict Labor, Hunting Party, Exhaust their Forces, Search the Ruins, and Mark for Death Round 2 - Headhunter, standard deployment Convict Labor, Show of Force, Exhaust their Forces, Catch and Release, and Frame for Murder Round 3 - Interference, stand deployment Convict Labor, Hunting Party, Exhaust their Forces, Undercover Entourage, and Detonate the Charges
  2. I've tried that set-up a few times. When it works, it works great; hazardous terrain at +1dmg can really add up, stick decaying aura (?? the upgrade that deals 2dmg if an enemy starts and ends its activation in the aura) on Jaakuna for more fun. On the other hand though, jaakuna tends to be a bit squishy and can be taken down pretty easy under concentrated fire; i also have trouble maneuvering her into position effectively, and im using belles/doxies to move her when they should be moving my opponent.
  3. Idea - add a little QR code with all boxed models, scan the code to add the cards/upgrades from the box to the app. Option to buy all of a factions cards/upgrades for $x - i think the same is done in the Warmachine app (warroom?).
  4. So what about those Axe-men? What are they actually called, and whats up with the changing ht mechanic?
  5. Spot on Nathan. Exactly what was lurking in the back of my mind when I saw Luther. On a side note, I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyways...
  6. Not the Donnie Darko bunny, of that I'm sure. I keep thinking its from the Twilight Zone movie, the story of the little boy with the crazy powers.... idk, it'll come to me eventually, probably in some horrible nightmare.
  7. I feel like I've seen that rabbit somewhere else maybe.... The Twilight Zone movie, or some other 80's-ish horror flick?
  8. The Yan Lo's beard shirt does kinda look like its flipping me off though...
  9. Malifuax is returning to What-Khan in 2015! Located in the Indoor Sports Center at 8800 East Riverside Blvd., Rockford, IL, What-Khan is a three day event beginning on Friday, October 23rd and running through the Sunday the 25th. Malifaux events will be held every day of the convention, and registration on What-Khan.com must be completed in order to participate. An entry fee to the convention will apply, but there are no entry fees for any Malifaux events. Visit What-khan.com for additional details and registration info. Schedule Friday, October 23rd, 2pm until 11pm: Open gaming, demos, enforcer brawls, hardcore henchman battles, and story encounters will be available to all players and attendees of the convention. Saturday, October 24th, 9am until 11pm: Tournament Day! This will be a three round tournament, scored Gaining Grounds, at 50ss, for up to 16 players. Rounds have a 1:45hr time limit with a 15min break between rounds, and a 1hr lunch/dinner break after round 2. Prizes for first and second place, and a raffle will be held after the tournament. Raffle tickets will be awarded throughout the day, and there will be a bonus round allowing players the opportunity to earn more tickets. The bonus round will not affect tournament scores. Check-in will start at 10am, and cards flip for round 1 at noon. Round 1 - Guard the Stash, standard deployment. Schemes: A Line in the Sand, Distract, Breakthrough, Take Prisoner, and Plant Explosives.Round 2 - Interference, flank deployment Schemes: A Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Bodyguard, Power Ritual, and Plant Evidence.Bonus Round - Enforcer BrawlRound 3 - Extraction, close deployment. Schemes: A Line in the Sand, Distract, Murder Protege, Vendetta, and OutflankSunday, October 25th, 9am until 1pm: Open gaming and demos will be available for all players and attendees of the convention.
  10. What-khan.com has been updated to include the full details about the tournament, and registration deadlines have been extended until November 1st.
  11. The What-Khan gaming convention is coming to Rockford, IL for three game packed days during the weekend of November 7th - 9th. Malifaux will be available all three days, and will feature a tournament on Saturday the 8th. The convention will be held at the Indoor Sports Center, located at 8800 E. Riverside Blvd, in Rockford IL. Player and tournament registration, as well as all other juicy details about the convention, can be found on their website - www.what-khan.com Friday, Nov 7th: Starting at 2pm and running until 11pm, there will be open gaming, demos, story encounters, Enforcer battles, and 'Hardcore' games available. Come play for fun and maybe learn a few new tricks or tactics. Saturday, Nov 8th: Tournament day. This will be a four round tournament, scored in Gaining Ground format, locked faction, with fixed strategies and schemes. All four rounds will be at 50ss, with a 1-1/2hr time limit. A lunch/dinner break will be held after round 2. All models must be painted to a tabletop standard, with a three color minimum. Proxy/'counts as' models will be allowed for models without an official release. There are 16 total spots for players, and registration must be completed on the What-Khan website (above). The floor opens at 9am that day, player check-in with the TO will open at 10am, and games will start at 11am. No entry fee for the tourney itself, and prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place players. Round 1: Stake A Claim, w/ Line in the Sand, Distract, Protect Territory, Plant Evidence, and Make Them Suffer Round 2: Turf War, w/ Line in the Sand, Bodyguard, Assassinate, Outflank, and Plant Explosives Round 3: Recconoiter, w/ Line in the Sand, Assassinate, Breakthrough, Entourage, and Vendetta Round 4: Squatter's Rights, w/ Line in the Sand, Distract, Bodyguard, Frame For Murder, and Power Ritual Sunday, Nov 9th: Starting at 9am and running until 1pm, there will be open gaming, demos (possibly including Evil Baby Orphanage), story encounters, Enforcer battles, and 'Hardcore' games available.
  12. Phase 4 Final Results: SK - 38.3 SW - 36.4 AM - 32.4 MB - 32.1 OB - 29.3 J - 28.1 CD - 23.5 Results also available on Black Dog's page - www.facebook.com/blackdoghobbyandgame
  13. Nightmare Von Schill. I picture him standing on a turnbuckle, in full shirt ripping action, with a knife clenched in his teeth.
  14. This will be the go-to thread for all things Malifaux related happening at Black Dog Hobby and Game, with the first post being updated to reflect current or coming events. Black Dog Hobby and Game is located at: 1957 Harlem Rd Loves Park, IL 61111 Coming Soon: November 27th, 2016 - Join us for a 3 round Enforcer Brawl tournament! The tournament will adhere to Gaining Grounds standards, but scoring will be cumulative across all three rounds to determine rankings. The event will not be locked faction, players are free to bring whatever enforcer they prefer to each round. Players will also be allowed a 'side-board' enforcer which they may swap into the battle when they respawn during a round. However, this swap is only allowed once per round, so if a player decides to swap out their current model for the side-board model, they must use it for the remainder of the round. Players should also be on the look out for interactable loot markers during each round for a chance at more prizes!
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