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  1. I don't know the details, but apparently the original poster decided to stop playing Malifaux because he didn't like something, so he edited the post to leave some childish line and took off. I'm not really a Seamus player, but if you want any advice on tactics go ahead and start a new thread with whatever questions you had and I'm sure someone will be along to answer them. It's probably better to just keep this thread dead.
  2. In the smaller games, such as with 20-30 Soulstones, I normally only hire two bayou gremlins and one mosquito, then summon the rest of what I need in. This will give you more room for hiring a slop hauler or another lacrouix. Unless you're going to be running a pig based crew, don't bother picking up two blisters of piglets, you'll only need one, and unless you're trying for it the entire game, you usually won't summon any. I also find that in a standard game, if you've gotten eight bayou gremlins out on the table, with the use of summoning, than you probably haven't been doing much else wi
  3. I like a lot of the ideas that people have put forward. I being a big mythos fan, of course, have something to say. The Cthulhu mythos is big. There is such a vast array of contributing writers that you could justify the use of just about any neverborn model, beyond that even, some resser stuff as well. While both the Dreamer and Pandora would work well, I think you should go with Pandora. While Cthulhu gets to screw with peoples dreams, keep in mind that in the mythos he isn't top dog. He's merely a profit for the outer gods. Azothoth, Yog-Sothoth, and Nyarlathotep are true gods in the
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