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  1. As far as realism, apparently current .22 rifles have an average effective range of 150 yrds.
  2. Nightwatch is my favorite, followed by Hogfather. Death is my favorite character, though, Granny Weatherwax is pretty legit. I had also been enjoying the Long Earth series he had been writing with Stephen Baxter. The fourth book out of five is due out soon. I'm not familiar with Baxter's independent work to have any sense of how well he'd finish the series off without Pratchett.
  3. I never got an email with a tracking number, but I did get my book so, meh? Also, it's pretty awesome.
  4. Is Nightveil Saloon's name some kind of homage to the Welcome to Nightvale podcast? Or is it just a coincidence? That's pretty much my only question. Looking forward to playing it sometime.
  5. The fluff in the first book (1st edition) mentioned that all the botanists went out to study Malifaux's flora, but they never returned. I actually had an idea for a costume model that would be a neverborn/archanist academic who returns after being missing for so many years and uses different plant toxins and a blow gun to turn people into vodoo zombies.
  6. I was referring specifically to the Nephlim and Woes. I could have been more specific, however. Ama No Zuko wandered into Malifaux from Earth. We don't know if the Oni originated on Earth as a species or if the went to Earth from Malifaux or elsewhere. From bits of fluff I've heard, Shenlong spent quite awhile on Earth before returning to Malifaux. It's possible that the Oni were created via magic of Malifaux. Regardless, the fluff did say that magic existed on Earth before the first opening of the breach, so anything is possible at this point, until explicitly stated by Wyrd.
  7. The neverborn didn't choose their new appearances. The form of the neverborn was inflicted upon them by the cataclysm. The common theory is that earth's mythology is inspired by the creatures of Malifaux and not vice versa. Zoraida made a deal with the Neverborn for power, and that's why she helps them, as far as I'm aware.
  8. Oh, my collection of beta files were all jumbled up and I wasn't even looking at the right ones. So, umm, never mind.
  9. Maybe I'm just blind, but I can't find Sammy in the final rules.
  10. In an interview, they stated that there would be more generic upgrades released in the beta, but they want people to spend adequate time testing new models and model specific upgrades first.
  11. I think it takes a special kind of crazy to choose to be that deadly with a rock.
  12. As far as the Grave Spirit goes. It could be an entity that came from through the portal to the world of death. Where as the Gorgon is just a death themed tyrant.
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