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  1. Does anybody know if there are any good TTB-centric podcasts or YouTube channels out there? I've got a ton of Malifaux podcasts I listen to, and there's a ton of RPG content out there, but I'm wondering if there's some solid TTB specific content out there for me to consume. Thanks
  2. Hey, quick question about combat encounters. Is there any sort of like, "formula" people have come up with for building combat encounters? Is there some sort of magic number of total rank value to shoot for? I feel like I often see like, "one (5) minion per Fated, but upgrade one to a (7) Enforcer!" in Penny Dreadfuls. So for 4 Fated that would come up to a rank value total of 22. So if I wanted to do a mix of a Henchman and some peons, are we shooting for 22 as well? like 3 Peon (4) and 1 Henchman (10)? And I imagine the formula is a bit different as the Fated level up? Or is there a tot
  3. Haha ok, that all sounds good. Definitely gives me some ideas about how to handle some of these potential cheese areas. Thanks for all your help.
  4. Had a couple more questions come up from my game last night. - Basically, how do actions and abilities with an AP cost work in narrative time? Specifically, these situations came up and I wasn't quite sure how to handle them in the moment. The "Assist" action costs 1 AP, adds ranks to a buddy's check. In dramatic time, there's obviously a tradeoff here: I sacrifice one of my actions to make your action more likely. Cool, makes sense. But in narrative time, is Assist allowed? My hunch would be yes, but it seems strange to me that in effect that essentially would turn into "my notice checks
  5. Good stuff. A lot of that makes sense, and what I was thinking. "Stick to the listed skills unless a compelling reason can be explained." Seems like a fine line to walk with Ongoing Challenges. If participation becomes optional, I'd hate for it to become "Hey, Jimmy has +6 to Athletics, let's just have him do the whole thing!"... Not fun. But yeah, between narrating reasons that everybody has to participate (Plus I think making sure time is a factor...) it sounds like there are definitely ways to keep the stakes high, the story fun, and keeping it from becoming just a flip-fest.
  6. Here's another question for the more experienced Fatemasters out there, regarding Ongoing Challenges: I really like this concept in the game, so I want to make sure it's something that my Fated find interesting and fun as well. When we did the Ongoing Challenge in "Bad Things Happen", by the time I had read the allowed skills to the Fated, I realized a couple things. First of all, at least two of my Fated had no training in the skills listed. Which brings me to a general question about skills in this game. Are you allowed to make "untrained checks"? I suppose even if a Fated has no
  7. Wow, those are some great answers. Thank you for taking the time to respond! I especially love all the ideas about how to handle the marionette. I think that's my biggest anxiety/worry is the Fated doing something I'm totally not expecting, but taking a minute to brainstorm and come up with consequences (good and/or bad!) seems like it will lead to some fun future adventures. Will be hard to weave some of that in with the already written Penny Dreadfuls, but I'm sure there will be time in self led sessions or just in between scenes, etc. Thanks again!
  8. Hey! I've finally worked up the courage to run this game with a group of friends and I have a few questions about how to make the experience as smooth and fun for everyone as possible. We ran the "Bad Things Happen" adventure in the book, and I'm planning on running a few of the Penny Dreadfuls to get a feel for the game before I start making things up as I go. But one of my first questions: 1. I am pawing through "Til Death Do Us Part" which sounds like just an awesome introduction to the world of Malifaux (3 out of my 4 fated are brand new to the world), but one of the first things I no
  9. Sweet, thanks for the advice. Yeah on first glance, it definitely seems like "everything needs to be burning, why on earth are you not taking models that hand out burning!?!?!" so it's good to hear that in practice, it's not quite as required Now I just need to wait for a new plastic box to come out, because how freaking cool is the picture in the crossroads book??? Damn.
  10. All solid sounding advice so far, thanks guys! Just curious why Kaeris specifically is coming up? Seems like she really wants things to be burning and none of the guys I have inflict burning (except of course my ringer gunsmith ). I like the recommendation cause I want Kaeris anyway, just curious what I should emphasize when i get her.
  11. And just to clarify, when I say synergize well with, I obviously don't mean during a game (as two masters obviously can't be in a same crew), but more like a master that is different enough that when I declare Arcanists my opponents don't know what strategy to prepare for, but can also take advantage of some of the models I already own. Thanks again.
  12. Hey Guys, So I've been running a Rasputina crew as one of my crews for a while now. I really enjoy them, but have a quick question. If I declare Arcanists as my chosen faction I only have one choice. And if the people I normally play with hear me choose Arcanists, they know what I'm bringing and can (hopefully subconsciously), choose some counters for me. It would be nice to have a master that complements her nicely so I have choices! I also don't want to spend a fortune on new models, so would be nice to use a master that can make some use out of the models I already have. Here's the Arc
  13. Hey so this came up in a game today, how exactly does "Dammit, Calm Down!" work? Does Ophelia negate anyone within four inches of her to cause the misfire when they miss, or does she negate the damage people take (acting as sort of an upgraded Used To It). Or both? We played it as both, but were unsure. If it just negates the misfire, then when she's the closest model and not within four inches, she gets targeted with the full Woops. Which doesn't really seem to make sense when the rest of her family has "Used To It". Anyway, thanks for your responses!
  14. Hi guys, new Malifaux player here, and I'm just looking for a couple of clarifications on some of the rules. 1.) When Ophelia uses "Ooh, a Girl!", how does that push work? Does there have to be a completely unobstructed path in between her and the target, or can a gremlin even clear large walls, etc. in an effort to satisfy his lust? Based on my reading of the rules and errata it seems as though they can traverse any terrain to get into b2b, but this seemed way too good so I wanted to clarify. 2.) Companion. Ophelia has a (0) ability that lets a friendly gremlin activate immediately afte
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