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  1. So this is where I'm surprised and maybe it's just because it is early in the edition but she seems to be flying under the radar. NOVA only saw her appear in 3 games the entire tournament. If you haven't played her yet try out a list like this and you and your opponent will see that it really is not a fun game. Z Bad Juju w/ Pact First Mate w/ Pact Grootslang 2x Silurids 2x Will O Wisps Grootslang and silurids are your main scheme runners, any big stuff send Juju and First Mate. Keep a wisp near Z because if anything gets close to her including enemy masters you make the voodoo doll attach the upgrade to the model you want to shut down, then hit it with the wisp to auto give them Distracted, Stunned, and Slow. Even masters will be gimped hard with all those conditions especially if they are dependent on triggers.
  2. The main 2 changes I see her needing is her Obey and this would apply to any model with the ability is that she cannot Obey an enemy model to take an interact action that impacts the strategy. So no forcing enemies to take 3 irreducible dmg and chuck a corrupted idol, no forcing models to drop the explosive markers they are carrying, and no flipping turf markers through enemy models. This could also be fixed through GG by simply adding that into the strat descriptions. Obey is already a very strong action and Z's is above and beyond other models with the action. Dont get me wrong I understand shes a master but at a stat 7 she can force through the obeys burning her hand to do so but then getting to draw a whole new hand after doing so, which leads me to the second change. Her free action. This could be changed in a few different ways but I think there are 2 fair ways. Either A) change the wording to be Z may discard up to 6 cards for each card discarded in this manner her opponent must also discard a card, then each player may draw a number of cards equal to the number of cards they discarded. Or B) it stays the way it is but remove the part that forces your opponent to discard and draw. If you go with option A then Z can use her high cards to force obeys through but then wont be drawing as many cards but still gives her the opportunity to mess with her opponents hand. Option B allows her to get a whole new hand but removes her ability to mess with her opponent's.
  3. Zorida needs to be fixed... Coming from a long time Neverborn player Z is broken and needs fixing. Now I understand that the popular opinion right now is that everything seems to be broken to a degree but Z in my opinion takes the cake. Her Obey has insane range and should not be able to force enemy to take interact actions that involve the strategy. Worse case scenario that I have seen in an actual game: Z from out of line of sight and a significant distance away obeys through a swamp fiend to make one of her opponents models walk up to a corrupted idol marker and chuck it onto her opponents side. It lands in base contact with another enemy model which she then obeys to throw it a further 3". Now that shes dropped 2 models to half wounds and made it pretty much impossible for her opponent to get that marker back, she does her free action to draw a whole new hand meanwhile her opponent has to dump a hand full of face cards. Then she wins initiative because she has 2 models with the pact upgrade, forced the marker to drop on the side she wants and makes her opponents models do it all over again killing 12 stones worth of models and basically guarnteeing her opponent never scores the strat. Now I understand that this is a worst case scenario but its honestly not that far from what she can do on any given turn. Having played several games both as her and against her now she is just not a fun play experience. There is no strategy that she is bad at. There are no schemes she struggles to accomplish. And in many cases she makes both strats and schemes far easier to accomplish. I play Neverborn both for fun and competitively and I don't think she should be this good.
  4. That and card draw, and anti scheming. They are amazing for 6 stones. I ended up converting a guild sergeant.
  5. I'm not saying it cant work, but honestly I've never had the need to use Perdita's obey, and if I did plan on using it I'd take the Jury over the emissary to get that job done. In my experience Perdita works best deleting at least one enemy model a turn. My main issue with Santiago is that his damage output is only ok and hair trigger now puts him in direct competition with Perdita for high masks and I'd much rather give them to her. Jury might be able to mitigate this issue, but in my experience Perdita crews are very card intensive so pitching cards to get the trigger on such a weak damage spread doesnt seem worth it to me.
  6. Against any summoner the key is to pressure them early on. If you can force them to use cards in defence then thats cards they arent using to summon models. If you let them have free reign then it's gonna snowball pretty quickly. Perdita definitely has the tools to do this as she's highly mobile and can ignore a lot of defensive abilities. It sounds like some of your issues may be in not fully understanding your opponents lists but thats easy enough to fix. Spend more time going over your opponents list and if its a friendly game feel free to ask your opponent what the general idea of their list is, if they arent a complete tool they'll tell you. For Zorida the key to her doll trick in my meta is usually iggy since you can stack so much burning. Iggy does to a stiff breeze so just kill him and you neuter the list pretty hard. In terms of your list, you have a lot of elite models that all want to eat your hand. I know guild tends to go elite heavy, but consider dropping some of your bigger models for things like the brutal effigy, monster hunters, investigators, hounds, austringers. Hopkins is still a terrible model in my opinion and santiago is too expensive for what he does, again in my opinion. The brutal emissary is also not that great in predita lists.
  7. So what are people using as legal proxies? I've been using proxies in all my practice games recently because these guys are amazing but, none are tournament legal.
  8. Last I heard it was ruled that the models with these rules do not count as twice their soulstone cost.
  9. Went 4-0 at my last HH with Phiona, Franc, Jury, and a Reporter. The most points scored against me was 3 and that was only once and I scored full points for all except the last round where they ran their leader away the whole game so that one ended 4-1.
  10. Ill start by saying that I think mercs are great with Nellie, but honestly after a few games with Mctav and the others I switched to pure guild lists and havent looked back. The only merc I still take sometimes is Hannah because I love me an 8 card hand.
  11. I saw that. 8" isnt the change needed.
  12. So you decided not to fix Misaki?
  13. Yea Franc just makes Ryle a pain in the ass to remove when hes power looped to a Guardian. Im not saying it's the end all be all competitive net list. Just that it was entertaining to hit that hard.
  14. I haven't had a chance to fully test it, but I did run a list that you can get Ryle and Franc charging in, Ryle already has a big damage profile buffed by Debt and Franc gets the free ram upgrade plus with Debt is doing min 6 dmg.
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