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  1. I've used Ashigaru to great effect against some opponents and in the right circumstances they are absolutley amazing, especially paired with Toshiro. Gokudo are just fantastic scheme runners and I can't wait for their box to come out so I proxy all the time. I don't know if there is one particular matchup that I've struggled against. I have run Yan Lo what I consider very light on stones at 4 and 95% of the games I have wanted at least 2 more stones. I have also had absolutely abysmal luck in both hands and flips recently so a lot of stones go to drawing extra cards.
  2. The whole not taking stones thing is something I really dont understand. How do you get away with it? Maybe its just a difference in metas but mine tends to be hyper aggressive so if I start the game with no stones or even only like 1 or 2 my opponent is going to put so much pressure on my master and henchman that they will fold.
  3. I dont think its overly heavy handed personally. I think the reason they dropped the regen is because there is already GST if you want that. If I can essentially get that for free just by ripping it off Manos why would I ever pay 2 stones for it? Thats what I think their thought process was at least. My go to list for Yan Lo has been this Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Yan Lo Totem(s): Soul Porter Hires: Manos, The Risen Chiaki, The Beacon Yin, The Penangalan Izamu The Armor Gokudo Gokudo 2
  4. I did not know that, thanks for the info.
  5. I agree, although I never got to play with the demise Eternal version Manos has shined for me in every game. It could be a meta thing as we have several TT players but his anti demise aura has been a thorn in people's sides. Even if that wasnt coming into play hes surprisingly sturdy, super mobile and still hits pretty hard. Yin has been a great utility piece for me. He can tarpit fairly well, but has overall been a better schemer/antischemer for me. His upgrade is also usually the first one I rip off and give to a Gokudo before it runs off to score me points. Izamu is just a big scary beater and I love him for it. Its been weird because usually if I have a big beater like that I have trouble using them because I'm afraid of them dying before I get use out of them. Izamu honestly hasn't killed much for me yet but has soaked up so much AP from my opponent that its swung games in my favor. In terms of Yan Los exponential play style, I do agree that turn 1 for him can be a little lack luster. I however dont feel he has to wait until turns 4 and 5 to do anything. By turn 2 his defenses are on par with many other masters and if you need him to start getting involved he can. By turn 3 he has reached critical mass and if your opponent hasn't put serious effort into killing him by this point they might as well leave him to do what he wants. I have committed Yan Lo turn 2 by out maneuvering my opponent and forcing them to activate models that could threaten him early before I send him in. I'm not trying to say that Yan Lo is the end all be all, but he and his crew are just so solid at every aspect of the game that I'd easily take him to every tournament. Maybe thats his role? I usually like to have 3 masters I can play at a tournament so having 2 masters that are hyper specialized for scheming or killing and then having Yan Lo as my solid pick for matchups I'm not sure about or if the pool is well rounded.
  6. I will admit that I am new to the faction so you can take what I say with a grain of salt. Maybe I have missed the threads, but it feels like the resser forums are sleepin on Yan Lo. I have about 10 games with him now and he is just a super solid leader and his keywords are strong as well. Ive gone up against Shen Long, Misaki, McCabe, Asami, Parker Barrows, and Marcus. I've been able to pull out ties against players who normally crush me. That's whats really sold me, like I'm still learning him and I'm putting strong players on their back foot. Yan Lo and his crew are deceptively fast, very tough, can dish quite a bit of damage, and can scheme fairly well. Now I did start playing him after the FAQ and Errata so maybe he had really bad matchups before that I didn't experience or have yet to. Give me your thoughts though. I'm having a hard time not choosing Yan Lo for every game.
  7. I've been stuck on Yan Lo. He and his crew just seems to be able to accomplish everything. Gokudo have been amazing as lodestone carriers in Corrupted Ley Lines. Give them some sort of defensive tech(my current favorite is Yins upgrade) and by themselves they now have 17" of movement. Yin can either dive into your enemies crew to be a nuisance or hunt down flankers that might try to snipe your Gokudo. Manos is doing a similar job or scheme running. Meanwhile Izamu absorbs as much as he can while killing as much as he can until Yan Lo is ready to join the fray. Or go there more defensive route and bring Toshiro an Ashigaru and a mindless zombie and force your opponent to waste AP walking into your crew.
  8. So I'll get this out of the way first. Shen long needs to be fixed. Not going to complain too much because I definitely misplayed some stuff that ended up costing me, but Shen, his totems, and Samurai are dumb. So my plan was to try and bait him into over committing either Shen or Misaki but that didnt work and I actually ended up some what trapping myself in a funnel of terrain. Some key take aways though, Mcmourning is a monster! Wow his main attack is scary, and I think against most other crews he would have been nearly unstoppable. That being said, Shen eats him alive. I like the overlapping synergy of Yan Lo's crew and definitely see the potential. Ended up calling the game after turn 3 because he was going to wipe the floor with me but definitely learned a lot and had we reset and played again I think it would have been a different game.
  9. Yeah I was originally going to take Kirai as my leader but I felt the crew was too fragile for what I was likely going against. Ikriyo is great but she can definitely give away points if you arent careful. The list I ended on is Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Yan Lo Totem(s): Soul Porter Hire(s): Dr. McMourning Sun Quiang Izamu The Armor Ashigaru Komainu My opponent's list is Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Shenlong Totem(s): Aspiring Student Aspiring Student 2 Hires: Samurai Trained Ninja Samurai 2 Trained Ninja Misaki Katanaka Masked Agent Wandering River Monk I'll let you know how it goes.
  10. Just to be clear I meant I'm looking at bringing Mcmourning as a second master into the Yan Lo crew.
  11. I have zero games with Yan. I was thinking of taking Mcmourning. I know hes expensive but he should reliably eat a samurai a turn and has a decent shot of hitting Shen as well. Theres a fair chance my opponents list will be Shen 2x aspiring students 3x Samurai, 2w/ Trained Ninja, 1w/ Silent Protector Yasunori w/ Silent protector
  12. Alright so I have a game tonight and I'm playing against one of the strongest players in my meta. I've declared Yan Lo and he's declared Shen Long Deployment: Wedge Strat: Reckoning Schemes: Harness the Ley Line, Assassinate, Take Prisoner, Claim Jump, Vendetta So this looks like a knock down, drag out fight. Harness might cause the crews to spread a little but I have a feeling its just gonna be a big brawl in the middle or hes going to try and keep his distance. My opponent is known for running 2 or even 3 samurai usually with Trained Ninja on 2 of them. What would be your crew going into this? And what would you pick for schemes? For the sake of argument, assume that I have every model available.
  13. All valid points and my plan is to practice with one master until I know them and their crew inside and out. The only issue is my meta has been experimenting with a tournament rule where you can only play a master once. They are always 3 round tournaments so thats why I was asking about 3 masters.
  14. Hello, I'm switching things up and have decided to hard switch to Rezzers for my competitive play. Looking at it through that lens, what are your 3 must have masters/crews for competitive play?
  15. So this is where I'm surprised and maybe it's just because it is early in the edition but she seems to be flying under the radar. NOVA only saw her appear in 3 games the entire tournament. If you haven't played her yet try out a list like this and you and your opponent will see that it really is not a fun game. Z Bad Juju w/ Pact First Mate w/ Pact Grootslang 2x Silurids 2x Will O Wisps Grootslang and silurids are your main scheme runners, any big stuff send Juju and First Mate. Keep a wisp near Z because if anything gets close to her including enemy masters you make the voodoo doll attach the upgrade to the model you want to shut down, then hit it with the wisp to auto give them Distracted, Stunned, and Slow. Even masters will be gimped hard with all those conditions especially if they are dependent on triggers.
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