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  1. strigoi

    Airbrushing malifaux?

    Hi all, Well i am looking for a quick way to paint and have been told numerous times that airbrushing will speed things up? So my question is, can you airbrush Malifaux? I know you can airbrush warhammer but the examples i have seen in person are a lackluster in detail to say. ie space marines, tanks and tyranids, which an airbrush seems to lend itself to quick well. Now that Malifaux minis have much more detail and the portions are more realistic, can it be done with relative ease? If so What Airbrush would you recommend i already have a compressor and a cheap AB which i only use to basecoat with. 1) Can you airbrush malifaux mins? 2) What Airbrush would you recommend? 3) Any tips or even examples of what people have done? Thanks!
  2. strigoi

    Honest Feedback please :)

    Aw Thanks all im always so miffed with my painting and i totally agree i need to take better photos hehe. I shall post more up to date pics of my crew and cassandra was my first malifaux mini i painted out of the crew. I really thank you guys for your encouragement, i kind am doing two crews atm ressers, which are my speedpainting crew and arcanists my better standard painting Thank you all!
  3. Hello guys been painting a few months back and thought id post them up for you guys to judge them This is a very different painting style than im use to, so im still learning how to blend the colours in as i have been changing over to p3 as of recent.
  4. Hello all, Well ive been really getting into my painting as of recently but noticed a lot of praise for future floor wax for a gloss shine, but its not available in the uk. So the question is does anyone know of any alternatives or where i can buy it online? Thank you!
  5. Hello all I think i cheated in a game by accident. Can someone clarify for me if a young nephilm goes up to a belle and kills her, the nephilm gets a blood token but does the belle leave a corpse counter behind? If she does im a dirty cheat and texted my mate saying im scum! Thank you.
  6. strigoi

    nicodem needs help beating lady j

    Thanks guys! I do have another question what should i buy for a nicodem crew and how much of it as im still new to the game.
  7. strigoi

    nicodem needs help beating lady j

    We both got shared slaughter and ive only had three games with nico in total.
  8. Hi all I was playing against lady j yesterday and lost two games with him and was loosing corpse counters. So can someone tell me the best way to deal with lady j and her crew when using nicodem? Thanks
  9. strigoi

    Demo games in Derby UK

    Thanks for a great game! hopefully i can round up some folks and convince them to game and give this very cool system a shot.
  10. strigoi

    Demo games in Derby UK

    Count me in! i have showgirls and have no idea how to play the game
  11. Hello All, Can someone tell me where to get good malifaux terrain from that isn't Terraclips or GW, im after sturdy and not quite as expensive stuff. Any constructive advice is always welcome, also i can not make terrain as i dont have the room or tools or patience lol. Thanks!
  12. strigoi

    H: LED Ice Pillars!

    Hello Can i ask how much 6 LED's with switches will cost and get posted to the UK please Thanks Strigoi
  13. strigoi

    Painted Guild crew for sale

    Hello, is it £80 per crew or for the whole lot? if so maybe interested.
  14. strigoi

    Model Tragedies - By other people.

    Lol are u sure hes using it as a bed and not a kitty litter!?
  15. Hello all! im relatively new here on the forums, so sorry if i have posted in the wrong section of the forum. Ok i have purchased the showgirls set, and i have to say i am somewhat stressed and intimidated by one part of the model and that is painting the stockings/leggings. Can someone help me as i have no idea how to do them, i can paint everything else but not a clue on leggings. Any easy solutions? Thanks Sunny