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  1. mephiston_l

    Gaining Grounds Bugeater Primer

    sign me up I will be there.
  2. mephiston_l

    Shameless Seamus 1

    Front view
  3. mephiston_l

    Shameless Seamus 2

    Finally finished
  4. mephiston_l

    Shameless Seamus 3

    Left side
  5. mephiston_l


  6. mephiston_l

    Tara crew

    First turn I used pull the void on Bishop and launched him forward at reactivation then used him to walk forward 2ap and flurry on a waldergeist ignoring armor. around turn 3 I used Tara's Temporal shift to give a Mature Nephilim fast along with some of her crew. next since he was now under the affects of the "Dead of winter's" price of haste -2 wp. I then used "Pull the void" with a high card and trapped the MN. with the use of Eternal moment, her reactivation I launched the fast and burning MN with echoes of the void back at its master Lilith flying over the illusionary forest, managed to swing once and hit with positive flip that the MN gets. The MN was then no longer fast it activated under my control. next turn after all his cards were used up I picked off Lillith with Hans only hoping to slow her I flipped two severe and no stones to save her. second shot I neutered the MN so he could not do melee atks. I still lost the game due to strategies. But it was a heck of a first game using Tara. ---------- Post added at 10:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:29 PM ---------- 2 questions. 1st If the Nothing beast armed with the "Voiceless words" upg, buried with Glimpse the void trigger. was placed in base contact with a voiding wretch that got killed but before it was removed. Would the "into the void" from "voiceless words" upg come into affect since the void wretch would now be in LoS? 2nd question. Could Tara (activating first) use "Eternal moment" then on her reactivate use "Eternal journey"? she was first to activate after all.
  7. yeah my Herald of Obliteration just came today. Almost 2 weeks since my inquiry but I am happy. Thank you Nathan! :1_Happy_Puppet1:
  8. AAAHHHH!!! So got my order today. Freaked out cause the main thing and most expensive item I ordered wasn't there. No Herald of Obliteration even though it was initialed on the sheet. Instead I got a rule book I didn't order. Already placed in a form telling them whats up, but WTH. Viks came and Miss Step was there. somewhat happy :Paralyzed_Puppet:
  9. mephiston_l

    To anyone building the Judge...

    Mazel tov! It's a girl Judge!
  10. mephiston_l

    M2E open beta forum, you will be missed....

    I like toast and make it very well. *grin* :slap: I mean yes they will be missed.
  11. mephiston_l


    I was planning on including her with the original post and when I taking her picture I noticed I didn't finish her weapon. I am still deciding if I should leave the orange base color or go solid black.
  12. mephiston_l


    Per request. Had to paint them separate from the model then glue them on. Just didn't want to go with a plain fan.
  13. mephiston_l


    My first posting of what I have painted. Your thoughts? Yeah or Nay!? What say you?
  14. mephiston_l

    Does Avatar Kirai fit on Zen base?

    Unfortunately, placing her snug at the base of the stairs (only way she fits) her hair will over lap the edge. I am trying to find a way to bend her hair to look like it is flowing down the edge. Beside that the rest of model looks really nice on that base.
  15. mephiston_l

    Demos and Dead Heat with the Orcs

    Wow all this time I lived not too far from this place and didn't even know about it. Checking it after work today. Sorry I missed the event the other day.