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  1. At which point I would ask why you would even bother going through the aggravation. I'll buy the decks whether or not you can grab free PDFs, but I can see the other point of view. As a new-ish player who frequently has to reference enemy cards to understand how abilities work, I would prefer my opponent have the cards as well. Passing phones/tablets, ratty sheets of paper across the table doesn't see very.... elegant?
  2. Danube

    Danube's Guild Crew

    Been a while since I posted...I've been plugging away at painting - only problem is that I keep jumping from one model to the next without finishing. Right now I have 2 Marshals, Lady J, Nino, the Executioner, a Watcher, Sidir and 2 Austringers in various stages of completion! In terms of what I have actually finished, these are the models and the techniques I wanted to try out: First is the test run on a Marshal, where I wanted to give NMM a go. Chains, spurs, gun etc were all painted in this style and came out pretty well, if a little flat. Next is my Guardian. I wanted to take what I did w/ the Marshal and apply it on a larger scale, so the gold was done in NMM. I also wanted to give OSL a real try, and give oil washes a try to make it look extra grimy. I still don't know how to take decent pics, but let me know what you think...
  3. Danube

    Supply Wagon Model Ideas?

    For those in North America, Advanced Deployment makes a very cool (and very affordable) supply wagon token/model.
  4. Danube

    Perdita & SS management

    Thanks for the advice, everyone. Ozz - I used your suggestion in my last game, and that really helped to get a better feel for when/how to burn soulstones. I'm definitely going to stick to that approach for the next few games.
  5. Danube

    Terrain Norwegian style

    Awesome. I really love the damaged inn, in particular.
  6. Danube

    Danube's Guild Crew

    Thanks for the encouraging feedback, everyone. SpiralngCadavr - The Skaven were going to be a Clan Pestilens-themed army with lots of plague monks, which is why I went with lots of green. At some point I planned on doing a 40K Deathwing force, so I wanted to figure out how to work red in there without coming across, as you said, too Christmasy. It took a few tries to get a combination that I was happy with, although sadly, I never finished the Skaven or started the Deathwing! Viruk - I follow your paintlog closely and really appreciate that you take the time to provide your thoughts & encouragement in others' threads. Nighthater - I am trying to capture a dark and dirty style Western style (perhaps not successfully, but that's my goal!) which perhaps is resulting in washed out colors. I need to figure out how to apply richer, more vibrant colors while still capturing that feel... Argentbadger - thanks for the compliment on the glowing eyes, as it is the part I thought I executed the least successfully. I tried to blend the green from the eyes into the cowl more subtly, but I think I could have done a better job. I'm going to put some extra focus on that when I do the 3rd stalker. I haven't made much progress on the Austringer. Once I primed the model I realized I missed a mold line all the way from the one shoulder to the tip of his finger...had to sand it down and re-prime
  7. Danube

    sybarite's burlesque performers

    I love how vibrant your colors are. They leap off the screen. Great job.
  8. Wow - as others have said, great job with the reds. It looks very rich and realistic, without being overly dark.
  9. Danube

    Danube's Guild Crew

    While I'm working on my Guild Austringer, I figured I would post a few pics of my earlier attempts at painting. The first models I painted were some Warhammer Skaven. All I did here was prime, base coat, and stain with Minwax. After that, I painted up some 40K Dark Eldar. I wanted to learn how to use an airbrush, so I figured models with large areas of the same color would be a good starting point to get a basic feel for how the tool works. Once I blocked out the base colors I just stained with varnish again. Coming from larger scale game systems, I just wanted to get my stuff painted as quickly as possible while still looking decent. Once I moved on to Malifaux, I really wanted to slow down and force myself how to paint without relying on Minwax as a crutch. I do have to admit that it can be frustrating at times to spend a long time trying to shade and highlight JUST right and have it turn out worse than if I'd just stained the models...but it is also a lot more satisfying when it is done!
  10. Danube

    Perdita & SS management

    I typically run Perdita with a 3-5 stone cache in 35ss games and almost always end the match with multiple stones leftover...and the feeling that I wasted opportunities to positively influence the outcome if I had managed them better. I know it is largely a situational decision and my judgement will improve through experience, but I am wondering how some of the more experienced Perdita players tend to use their cache?
  11. That Chompy is amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Danube

    Danube's Guild Crew

    So work and family pulled me away from my hobby for quite a while, but I have been able to carve some time out recently to get back into painting and playing. Since I've been away for so long, I am basically starting from scratch again. I figured I would start with something easier and concentrate on the basics (i.e. brush control) and start with a couple of Witchling Stalker models. Overall, I am pretty happy with how they turned out. The glowing eyes on the stalker with dual witch blades didn't come out as well as I'd have liked, and I definitely need to hit them with a few more shots of matt varnish. Like I'd said before, I started this log in the hopes of getting feedback from this community, so I would gladly welcome any input that you guys could provide!
  13. Danube

    Foz paintlog (first time painter)

    I'm relatively new to painting myself, and this is one of the biggest tools I've found for improving my skill. Snapping a pic and seeing it magnified on your screen is a great way to catch things you missed the first time. Not only does this help me to find things I need to go back and clean up, but also gives me an idea of things I should focus on in future models. Great first attempt...keep it up!
  14. Danube

    Mako's Crew(s)

    Awesome work...really looking forward to the guide. I think the cream white would look nice...it would help to accentuate the laces without saying 'HELLO! LACES HERE!!' the way a red might. Inspiring, none the less.
  15. Danube

    Danube's Guild Crew

    Here's my completed Santiago. With work and family obligations, I'm currently on a 1 model/week pace, which goes back to what I was saying earlier about my new-found love for skirmish-level gaming! Overall, I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. Although you can't really see it in the pic, they eyes are the closest I've come so far to doing a decent job. This time I did the eyes first and then painted the face around them, which really seemed to help. Speaking of the face, the skin seems to be off on him. I'm not sure what it is...perhaps the paint wasn't thinned enough? But poor Santiago's face seems to be a bit lumpy or something. Next up is Nino, and then I get to really work on my skin tones when I tackle the Executioner model. Thanks to everyone for the advice, compliments and motivation! EDIT: ARGH, just noticed that I forgot to paint his trigger finger on the left hand! I need to start taking these pictures before I varnish my models... .JPG]