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  1. On 12/26/2019 at 12:35 PM, cchase33 said:

    Are there any groups playing 3e in the NH area still?

    There's a group of us that play Tuesdays at Midgard Games in Derry NH. If you want to coordinate a game, let me know. I can get some of the old regulars organized and do a meet and greet if you're interested. I PMed you with more info too.

  2. It's a shame you yet again didnt plan for captain con. This year especially as it will be host the first ever ToS tournament. What gives? Every year it's something that gets talked a out get never attended. It has hosted the biggest Malifaux events in US and this year the first official ToS. Why aren't your vendoring there?

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  3. 6 hours ago, Ludvig said:

    They are multiple markers but I would further clarify that they are the same "blast effect". The attack doing a blast is the blast effect, the number of markers is just how big the blast effect is basically.

    Exactly but this is only the case because all Blast Markers are placed at the same time. If anyone wants we can close this thread as it's been answered. Thanks all.  

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  4. 2 hours ago, solkan said:

    Specifically you're wrong.  If the effect says :blast:blast, that's one Blast effect with two markers.

    If you read the paragraph after the one you quoted, it talks about models covered by one or more markers;

    So you can complain about the first sentence being a little misleading, but that's it.

    Perfect, this is what I was looking for. So the reasoning is simple, because the blasts are placed at the same time they are all multiple blast effects needing to be resolved at the same time and therefore the Attacker gets to choose.

    Thanks guys, was being daft on this. The way we played it is as we just discussed but I was having a moment where I couldn't explain why (except that it just felt 'right').

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  5. So I'm pretty sure I know the RAW on this but wanted to get others feedback.


    1. Peasant has 1 wounds remaining
    2. Shenlong has 1 wound remaining
    3. Sonnia blasts and moves the first Blast Marker her 2"
    4. To reach Shenlong the 1st Blast Marker has to touch the Peasant (which will kill it); obtaining a Soulstone
    5. The 2nd Blast Marker hits Shenlong but now he has a soulstone can he use it here?

    I know this is a corner case because most of the time (Sonnia) can place a marker where it would hit Shenlong first. Now I know in the rulebook we have that attacker gets to choose the order.


    Pg. 59 SRB: "In situations where the order that models suffer damage matters, the Attacker may determine the order in which the affected models resolve the blast effects."

    A blast is defined as:


    Pg. 58-59 SRB: "A blast is represented by a round 50mm base. A blast is placed by the Attacker so that it is touching the target’s base, but not overlapping it. If multiple blasts are generated (such as bb), each blast must be placed so that it is touching, but not overlapping, at least one other Blast Marker. Blasts may be placed into areas the Attacking model did not have LoS to."

    So therefore in the scenario defined above the first 'blast' (represented by a 50mm Blast Marker) will have to hit the Peasant first before the second 'blast' can be placed touching Shenlong. Does that mean the Attacker can't choose the order (e.x. ideally attacker would want Shenlong take the damage first)?

    So as it seems per RAW the Attack can choose the order when a Blast Marker his multiple models but not if two models are affected by different Blast Markers from the same attack what is the order?

  6. We'll be running a league at MIdgard Comics and Games in Derry New Hampshire for the duration of the Homefront Campaign. For more information on Homefront, please read here (https://www.wyrd-games.net/homefront/).

    By participating in the league you'll have access to guilders, and I'll be getting us a prize kit to distribute for everyone who participates.

    Please post here or on the Facebook post on the Midgard "Looking for Group" page to sign-up. Can also chat with us on Discord here (https://discord.gg/NWDVC2A)

    Participation is meant to be SUPER simple. You just need to submit your games normally through the Homefront submission form and then send me a quick message with the score and who played. I recommend having one person submit via Homefront and the opponent submit to me the results. In the end who ever has the highest League Points / Differential / Victor Points (LP/DIFF/VP) will get a prize. Another prize will be given to a faction that wins the Homefront (ties broken by LP/DIFF/VP), and a prize if your chosen Syndicate wins (ties broken by LP/DIFF/VP). 

    • Only 1 game per week will count for the league (remember Homefront lets you play up to 5 per 2-week span). If you play a second game and want to replace a previous game just shoot me a message.
    • Our weeks will follow the Homefront weeks
    • You can play any size game
    • You can play any strategy and schemes you want
    • You can play story encounters
    • No painting requirements
    • Have fun!

    So please post here or on FB with your Name, Faction, Syndicate

  7. 5 hours ago, Adran said:

    No. The Changling has the surprise range of the unfocused action. Since he can't spend the focus until he declares the action he does not have 24" with Surprise. 

    The changeling can take the shot at range 24", because the changeling may take the action by spending the focus and in doing so that means the target ended with in the range.  

  8. We're back again in 2018 with CaptainCon. This year its Feb. 2-4. Book your hotel now (you can cancel for free 24 hours before without a fee). Tickets will go on sale soon and more information will be posted. With that said we will be running a 2-day 5 Round Gaining Grounds 2018 Malifaux event and Manny will be running Quick and the Fated as well as Pig Hunt. We will likely do a Henchman Hardcore too. 

    Come join us for some of the best Malifaux gaming a weekend can buy!

    Make sure to reserve hotels for CaptainCon Feb 2-4! The room code is "CON" and you can cancel up to 24 hours before check-In for no charge (http://www.crownehotelwarwick.com/) Even if your only partially thinking of going good to get a room now. Rates are cheap too.

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  9. 2- Day Live Free or Die Cheating 2017 50ss GG Malifaux Tournament

    WHEN: Oct 7-8 

    WHERE: Stark Brewery Manchester, NH USA (500 Commercial St, Manchester, NH 03101)

    Ok everyone Live Free or Die Cheating 2017 Tickets are up. Every year we give away something unique and this year the plan is a Malifaux deck (pending Wyrd approval). Widget Wizards will be around again and providing prize / trophy support. So don't miss this one!

    We are of course hosting this again at a Brewery in Manchester NH. Stark Brewing Company, will provide us with a banquet hall and a private cash bar with full service to the kitchen for food. If you have any questions let me know! More info here (https://lfodc2017.eventbrite.com)


    The rules packet will be live in the next week but it will be very similar to last year with a special separate painting competition (here is the 2016 packet for reference until the 2017 is posted). If you have ANY questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  10. Just over 3 weeks away. Hope everyone is practicing and making those videos or their teams! 

    I know @Rhadge is working hard to make sure everyone has everything they need. If anyone needs help with their team please let him know as he'll make sure you're all set.

    Wyrd will be providing event support for this expect some cool prizes/giveaways!

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