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  1. I really can't add much more than what was so well said here.

    Some additional things I'll add are play as much as possible and don't end games early (i.e. prior to turn 5 unless someone is tabled). You can always learn something from a lose or a win but ending a game early means you may have missed seeing something and therefore not be prepared for it in a tournament game.

    Last but not least, make sure to practice schemes (and strats) that you know you have trouble with. That way if they're in a pool and the options aren't great you know you've figured out a way to handle it. This is even more important in 2016 since a lot of us are still getting comfortable with them.

    ...oh and make sure you and your group start taking the trip to other stores/locales (which I know you already do) to get some even more variety of opponents.

    See you on the gaming table bud!

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