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  1. The way I see it, it'd be nice to have PDF versions of some of the new cards, when they become available. I could read them on my phone, for example, when I should be working. If not, also fine; let's not kid ourselves, I for one will be buying the M2E rule book, a faction deck (if that's the way it goes) and probably new models as well as soon as they become available regardless. I think a lot of people will. Fighting for the privilege of free things? From a business? I work at a business, I can't give out free things. But Wyrd is a way more awesome company than the one I work for,
  2. After a quick search, I can't seem to find a similar question. Voodoo Dolls are types Construct, Insignificant and Totem (Zoraida). Do they count as Dolls at all? If so, can anyone provide a link to errata or thread? If not, too bad. Some of Collodi's abilities would be very nice there.
  3. Hello all, I'm relatively new to Malifaux, having played a grand total of 4 games now. After a bit of research and testing via proxy, I settled on starting out with Lilith as she suits my play style quite nicely (I like 'em fast and killy, but with a few tricks as well). So I bought Lilith's brood and some pals to go with them, which are now in various stages of being assembled and painted. I'm one of those guys that really likes to paint models, but I'm nowhere near great at it, or even all that good. Nevertheless, I pick away at it in what little free time I have (I work crazy/weird hours
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