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  1. Thank you - this is brilliant.
  2. Yep - as a new Zoraida player - see previous posts - I can say that whilst Silurids are pants at combat, if I can just stop trying to kill my opponents(!) they are fantastic at moving around the board. I would recommend that you have at least one - so far I've always taken two - in each Zoraida gang. Zoraida is not particularly killy, so I have tended to go for the non-combat schemes and these guys excel at it. Took Distract last night. Move 5" up to opponent, give him Distract, then move 7" away (and ignore any terrain) Brilliant!! Loving them lots.
  3. Hi - a quick question that came up in last night's game. Can a Silurid use it's Leap Tactical Action to leap out of combat? Thanks
  4. BurkerKiing

    My Lilith Crew

    Individual piccy's of those figures I normally use with Lilith
  5. Hi, I've just received my plastic Zoraida box set back - all nicely painted by my friendly figure painter. If you're still after what she looks like i'll put her, and the rest of the box set, in a my gallery.
  6. Hi, can I just check the location. On the calender it gives Essex but the attached map is showing somewhere between Sheffield and Nottingham. Where is correct? Thanks
  7. Hi - so I clicked the gallery upload button twice and now have two images of my figures! How do I delete the extra image (or all of them and start again)? Thanks for helping.
  8. Hi, so I played Zoraida, with Silurids, Waldgeist, Bad JuJu and a Nurse. My opponent took a guild gang led by Sonnia. As you can probably tell by my title I faced a lot of range. I don't think the scenery helped - it was quite open - however my question is still: What advice would you give to help combat a ranged gang using Zoraida? Thanks for your time and input.
  9. Hi, I've created my first gallery and uploaded Teddy. I'll upload the rest of my Lilith (and other) gang as and when.
  10. Hi, So I've finally got my Zoraida box set painted and with the two Waldgeist from my Lillith gang I have enough for a 45SS gang. I know, from what I've read, that Zoraida can pretty much work with any models. I also note that there doesn't seem to be a Zoraida Tactica. Has anyone got any advice about how to run a Zoraida gang using Silurid, Bad JuJu, a couple of Waldgeist and a Nurse. Or should I look at a totally different make-up - although this would seem to be a pity given the fact that she can work with Swampfiends. All advice greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks, for your replies. I can see your point Shadowfane. However, Paralysed is not quite the same as wasting your AP. if you are paralysed you have a Melee range of 0 and so you have no melee range to stop people leaving your previous melee range. Also, don't know if Lenny has any, but he would still be able to have taken a 0 AP after the failed duel. OK - so is the consensus that the Horror duel is taken but Lenny can still charge whether he passed or failed? Which does bring another question to mind. The Rogue Necromancy gets to make a free Ml action if anyone fails a WP duel within 6". So letc say Lenny was within 6" and failed the duel. He still charges, when does the RN get it's free attack? Thanks for your time and input.
  12. Hi there. Played a game last night vs Gremlins, and there is a character that has 'ignores all conditions'. Pretty straight forward with regards to poison, etc (I was playing McMourning); but a point came up about Horror duels (he wanted to charge my Rogue Necromancy). So, is the Horror duel still required? We played it that the player did need to take the Horror duel. If he passed fine; if he failed he wouldn't be Paralyzed (as he is immune to all conditions), but he wouldn't be able to charge the Rogue Necromancy, and had used 2AP. Were we correct? Thanks.
  13. Hi I have a Lilith grow gang: terror tots, young nephelim, mature nephelim and a couple of waldegeists. I was just wondering is there a Neverborn master who is a natural follow on to Lilith? Ie you don't have to buy a whole slew of new figures. I was thinking Zoraida (although I'm waiting for the new figure as I never liked her 1.5 incarnations).
  14. I notice Jakume isn't on Kirais summoning list. Does this mean Jakume can't be summoned?
  15. So there are some very nicely designed cards for use in the game with regards to Strategies and Schemes. Does anyone know if Wyrd has any plans to produce these? I for one would certainly buy them.
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