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  1. Like I said, lately he started using the Vickys as his Master, and VS as a henchman. So he was still able to get a pool of 8. And He can quickly sling shot the Vickys out there, then pull them back real quick when they get hurt. It also didn't help that last game his objective was slaughter. With the exception of losing my Rogue Necromancy, I was able to keep my numbers up. But it doesn't matter, the more I summon, the more he has to kill and get points from. I find luring his people to me is pretty easy. Two belles can make a single model move a long way. And most models have less than 7 wp. Even if VS uses Hardass, it doesn't matter, that's only vs moral duels, not all wp duals. Grave Spirit and Crooligan were things I was thinking of for def. The Crooligan is something that I can at least summon. All in all, I seem to do ok defensively, it the offense that I have problems with.
  2. I just thought I'd throw up my general 35 stone crew list and see what people thought. Obviously I change it a little as is needed depending on my objective, but this is kinda the base idea I'm starting with: Seamus, Molly, Rotten Belle x2, Zombie Punk x2, and The Hanged. The biggest downside with this list, is that it only gives me a pool of 2. But I've found I tend to not use my stones much anyway and they just sit there.... Before that I was using Seamus, Molly, Rotten Belle x3, Rogue Necromancy and Necrotic Machine. I like the idea of the Rogue Necromancy, and I figured it's dmg output would be nice, but it's easy to hit, and tends to just get shot up and/or killed before it can really do anything. With no way of healing it, it tends to go down, and stay down. The person I tend to play against the most, has been using Von Schill, Freikorps Librarian, and more recently, the Victoria's. Between the Slow to Die, and easy healing from the librarian, I've had a hell of a time Killing anything. Any time anything gets hurt, he just heals it all. So I figured The Hanged would be nice to deal with the healing (and do some dmg on the way to. His Ca isn't bad, and if I'm using on guys inside of Seamus's Trail of Fear aura, then it should be pretty easy to hit with. Then the other idea is once they have no healing, to use the Belle's to luring them into the whirling blades of the Punk's. That will also be useful against my other friend who plays the Ortega's, as he has a tendency to just sit back and blow me away with ranged. Anyway, any thoughts?
  3. I like the ability, because it seems like a nice way of getting a charge for 0 AP. I've read a lot about using a Rotten Belle's Lure spell to get off No Escape. One post I read was talking about using it on a model, and then luring them within 6" so it goes off. As I understand, that wouldn't work, because they would have to already be within 6" for it to target them in the first place. What I really want to know, is when does No Escape actually go off? Is it as soon as the targeted model would start to move (but before it has actually moved), is it after they move, or is it any time they are moving? Cause if it goes off as soon as they would move, then you can't use it on a model that's already in his melee range, because he can't charge them. And does the target model then finish it's move after? If so, would that mean that if he uses it to charge a model that's moving on it's own (and not pushed), that after the charge attack, and it tries to continue to move off, that he would then get a disengaging strike against it?
  4. I'm trying to get a complete list of what Molly can summon into play. So far I have Rotten Belle, Madame Sybelle, and Dead Doxy, Necrotic Machine, and Crooligan. Anything else?
  5. My question is this: When you have a model with two melee weapons of different ranges (for example, Rogue Necromancy, has Claws with a range of 2 and Fangs with a range of 1), can you charge with the shorter melee weapon when you're in range with the longer one? So again using the Rogue Necromancy as an example, if he's in range of a model to use his claws, but not his fangs, can he charge with his fangs?
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