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  1. Yeh I always thought our emissary was a bit meh, but I thought I was just missing something. The art for the hunters looks sweet so hope they release them soon..... What was that Wryd did you say Christmas surprises (I can only hope)
  2. I would not have thought of the Student. Aionus and Scion look really good and agree they make a good general core along with a hunter. On that, are people hiring hunters or summoning them?
  3. Hello all my fellow hired guns, I've got a few games of 3rd ed under my belt now (mostly playing TT) and I'm loving it. I've decided to return to my first love, Outcasts. In 2nd ed I played a lot of Viks, Schill and a bit of Parker. I'm expanding my outcast collection with Tara. She looks like a lot of fun (once you get your head around her bury mechanic). I've never played Tara so I'm after some advice. I've picket up her box set but what would you recommend I get to fill out her crew and why? I understand that a crew is very match up and scheme pool dependant, but I'm after some tips on what has worked for you in order to direct my purchasing. Thanks for any help
  4. Hi all, after playing quite a bit in first edition I unfortunately have barely played in 2nd ed which makes my understanding some what limited, but time to start playing again. I'm running Outcasts and mostly Viks, because i like them i just cant help myself, and we play mostly 50ss in my gaming group. When it came to fleshing out the crew (after Viks, vanessa and a couple of ronin) I looked at Taylor and Bishop, they both appear to be great characters and as they both cost the same ss can you help me work out which to choose. I know it is very dependent on opponent and schemes but I was just after a general idea of how these two BEAT STICKS go and how and if they complement the Viks. Thanks heaps for you help
  5. cheers, that will give me a few things to think about. Von Schill is a nice power house and was thinking of running him with the girls. CunningStunt- I've never used Jack Draw before, is he difficult to use?? Also I played him last night against his Pandora crew and I think there was hints of Lelu and Lilitu entering the crew. Not sure what he would take out but I'm yet to face the twins and on paper they seem quite strong. Any guidance on dealing with the hell-twins?? Cheers again
  6. Hi all, if you haven't guest I'm going up against Lilith (boo-hiss) with my Viks (the crowd goes wild). We are playing at 35ss on either a terrachips town scape or a countryside scape (lots less cover). He usually runs Lilith with a mature nephilm, blood shamen, one or two terror tots and a young nephilm (about that anyway cant quite remember cause i haven't played his crew yet). So I'm taking Viks, but else would you recommend I take into this ineveiable blood bath?? Oh and a favourite trick of his is to use Lilith's spell that swaps two target models, which he swaps the mature nephilm with something squishy and then the mature nephilm can activate and smash anything at hand
  7. Ok bigbopper I'll take a zero cache if you dont do that damn Lilith switch-a-roo lol
  8. Seazan

    Lady J and extras

    @ benw- well unless Ive got this terribly wrong, you know what... well you run (Dreamer, Perdita) haha hi
  9. Thanks Kadeton, a typo on my behalf that should be Ronin x2, I'll edit it now, cheers
  10. I agree with Spiku, if I know Im going up against Neverborne-Pandora and Zoraida- then Sue is a huge asset, but against crews who dont use WP must i think he is wasted and a Convict would be better. Although I'm yet to play against a Ress crew...
  11. Seazan


    I would have to agree with pretty much all of the above. I play Viks a lot (love them) and Ive played Hans a couple of times but have found him somewhat underwelming. If you do want to have ranged ability for the mission or scheme then I'd take the Convict or Trapper over Hans any day. Convict has paired pistols, flury, faster than you (his df trigger which has prevented opponents from even targeting him to start with), bullet proof and a pretty good spell in supressing fire. Trapper, has good range, from the shadows, bonus against beasts, scout and hunter. and both are a few points less than Hans which can give you any extra ss in your cache or squeeze in another model. And all i can say is Taelor and Misaki NOW. i NEVER play a game without at least one of them. My gaming group has learnt to fear them both
  12. Against some crews i can see 8ss cache will be a must, however, this time i tried taking a libraian for the heal flips so i could focus on using ss to hit. worked well but i did loose one Vik to a gremlin alpha strike ( but only just due to a set of realy high cards coming at me and Ophelia's double damage with reckless (I had my revenge though)
  13. Hey all, thanks for your tips. I played a recon mission at 35ss against Ophelia crew + a boat load bayou gremlins. I took Viks-ss cache 6 Convict Ronin x2 Misaki Librarian Took Stake a Claim and Breack through. Having the stones really helped, especially when going up against the little green Pedita. I ended up winning 6pts to 3pts but for a few turns it was close. the stones saved my bacon. So Thanks again
  14. Hey all, ive been playing outcasts (Viks) for a while now and ive just ordered the Lady J box set. The gaming group i play in usually run 25 or 35ss games, and was wondering what would go well with Lady J. I was looking at the hounds and on paper they look effective, but how do they fair in game. Also is the Judge worth it? Any help you could give would be great, thanks
  15. Hi all, sorry if this has been covered (if please direct me to the thread). A mate of mine plays the Dreamer crew, and plays it quite well (i dont think he has lost a game with them yet), I will be facing the Dreamer crew soon with my Outcasts and wanted to know of any tips you may have in taking him down. I've got the Viks box set, Von Schill box set, Ronin x3, convict gunslinger, misaki and hans. He generally rus the Dreamer/Chompy, 3 daydreams, and stitched together or coppelius or lelu & lilitu. Any tips, crew configuration or dirty tricks would be great, thanks.
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